Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.

Child Mother DOB Certificate
Chandler, Hollie B.Hurley, Alice03/27/1911 92810
Chandler, John C. Hurley, Alice12/17/191263248
Chappell,Albert L. Council, Minnie03/30/191414684
Chappell, Alva L. Dunlap, Sallie 10/09/1914 54380
Chappell, Izetta M.Dunlap, Sallie07/08/192041963
Chappell, Jettie A.Dunlap, Sallie 03/14/1912 13720
Chappell, Kenneth F.Wright, Martha11/28/191361994
Chairfield, Annie L.Deaton, Suzie02/23/1911 7894
Charles, GladysBennett, Ina 09/13/191446074
Charles, J. E.Wring, Hattie05/22/191626179
Charles, Willis R. Bennett, Ina12/11/1915487
Charles, Woodrow W. Bennett, Ina 03/04/191714216
Chesnut, Marthy E.Hodges, Oner 10/25/1911 50701
Chestnut, Norma U.Corum, Cordie04/18/191119168
Chestnut, Olive B. Corum, Cordie 09/30/1912 46585
Chestnut, Raymond R.Corum, Cordie07/17/191435190
Childers, Roy L.Childers, Rosie08/08/191641493
Childres, ThelmaDavis, May10/02/191848197
Chipps, Lewis D. Chipps, Annie 01/05/19112886
Chipps, W. E.Davis, A. 07/21/1915 38377
Chittenden, Hattie Chittenden, Claudia 12/18/1917 61753
Chittenden, Ire 2 Quertermouse, Vina 08/18/191240913
Chittenden, Julian 2 Syner, Lena 10/12/1912 52224
Chittenden, J.2 Chittenden, Claudie 09/15/191145267
Chittenden, Katie H. Mitchell, L.06/04/191230179
Chittenden, Katie, O. King, Ethel 12/14/191761750
Chittenden, LucianTymer, Lena 05/29/191731148
Chittenden, Mary A.Chittenden, Claudia08/15/192047011
Chittenden, PaulMitchell, L. 02/18/191611486
Chittenden, Pauline N.Norell, Ester06/17/191530296
Chittenden, Warren C. Chittenden, Rosalie 09/21/192047008
Chittenden, Wayne W.Tyner, Lena 04/09/191918394
Chittenden, Willie M.Tyner, Lena 05/30/191626186
Chittenden, Eva Mitchell, L.09/23/191350705
Choppell, Alfred O. Council, Minnie08/18/191841488
Cisco, Carmon T.Mitchell N.07/30/191440687
Cisco, Fulton 2.Bradford, Anna12/24/191761773
Cisco, Fulton 2Bradford, Annie02/07/19178563
Cisco, Ophelia I.Bradford, Annie 05/08/1919 23245
Cittild, Geo 2 Flanary, Carie02/11/19158542
Clark, AlbertaSpringer, Lara10/05/191553163
Clark, Boss R.Boso, Elen03/03/191615100
Clark, Gilbert H.Coffield, Lena07/01/191336990
Clark, John G.Mitchell, Herter 01/06/1911 2884
Clark, Lois L.Coffield, Lena03/12/191113711
Clark, Lucile Mitchell, H.03/14/191318079
Clark, Robert E. Dial, Lucy07/02/191536056
Clark, Russell C. Dial, Lucy07/02/1915 36056
Clark, Samuel G. Lee, Ruth10/20/191761777
Clark, Sylva D.Mitchell, Hester 11/16/191756864
Clark, Virginia, D.Lee, Ruth08/15/191541546
Clark, Willard B. Mitchell, H. 03/10/191513879
Clark, William F.Sheets, Magnolia11/12/191155641
Clement, Alverta Hale, Pearl02/02/19178566
Clement, Anna L. Hale, Lillie12/12/1912 63238
Clement, Mary P. Hale, Pearl11/30/1918 53530
Cobb, Bethal A.Harris, Ina08/27/191838550
Cobb, DorothyMercer, Mettie04/13/191918403
Cobb, Flora D.Abney, Abby11/11/1919 58385
Cobb, Forest 2McNeely, Minnie04/11/191526999
Cobb, GraceMucer, Nittie10/19/191451664
Cobb, Randolph 1Harris, Ina09/22/191751753
Cobb, RhebyCobb, Parlee08/19/191342466
Cobb, Robert L. Mercer, Mettie 05/12/1912 24679
Cobb, Roy L. Childress, Rosa08/08/191619317
Cobb, Ruth V.Mercer, Mettie04/26/1916 2081