Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.

Child Mother DOB Certificate
Cain, Casper L.Samms, Bertha03/02/1911 13704
Calendar, Ed Watson, Lititia11/04/191558847
Calendar, Iva L. Watson, Letecia11/16/191257805
Calendar Thos 2 Davis, Nannie 01/23/1916 3719
Callahan, CharlesHarp, Oradell05/18/192025954
Callendar, Minnie M..Hutcheson, Maggie 02/22/1911 7881
Calwdar, Mary L.Davis, Nancy10/18/191150704
Campbell, Evaline T.Walker, Dora08/09/1915 41549
Campbell, Henry 2Smith, Maggy 05/08/191626177
Campbell, Henry ISmith, Lettie01/13/19123321
Campbell, Ida P. Smith, Mollie02/16/191936526
Campbell, John 1 Smith, Mollie 07/16/191336982
Campbell, John 2Smith, Mary 10/28/1911 50705
Campbell, John L.Walker, Dora 03/15/191113706
Campbell, Lizzie Smith, Mollie 08/26/1914 40682
Campbell, Mary E.King, Katie11/21/191853533
Campbell, Naoma H.Walker, Dora10/07/191353693
Campbelle, Rudus H.Walton, Mary09/23/191246582
Candles, Jesse 1 Porter, Lake 12/11/191662115
Candless, Lon 2Myrick, Pearl 01/14/1912 3329
Canterbury, William W. Pringle, Willie 02/28/1920 92817
Caperon, MaryThornton, S. 01/08/191623107
Capron, Charlotte L. Day, Ida 07/01/1918 33610
Capron, Harry E. Thoming, S.12/20/191263251
Capron, John F. Thorning, Sarah 03/23/191115717
Capron, NinaDay, Ida 03/18/191714194
Capron, Opal C.Day, Ida08/06/191541550
Capurn, MarshallSherny, Mary 03/23/191136254
Carper, William M.Miles, Ivey03/04/191213731
Carr, Ernest O. Noell, Edith 12/22/191161094
Carrol, David H.Weaver, Ruth 11/26/191257800
Carroll, George A.Powell, Malidaa 08/14/191342478
Carroll, Homer Cowan, Maggie02/29/19209137
Carter, Helen V. Cook, Ruth11/10/191756871
Carter, TriceAlley, Florence12/10/191161088
Cash, Leonard B.McClure, Fannie03/23/191714207
Cash, Lewis R.McClure, Fannie11/22/192058142
Cash, Ottice B.Parrish, Helen 03/11/1912 13722
Cash, Otto Parish, Josie12/12/191566161
Cassidy, Samuel H.Padon, Jessie06/09/191530292
Catitta, Buce V.Herndon, Georgia03/22/191323443
Catiller, LolaFlanay, Carrie04/17/191321207
Chamblin, AlmaClolinger, Marrie 10/21/1912 52256
Chambliss, Mary J.Riley, Birdie10/27/191356245
Champin, Raleye 2Hughes, Ruby02/27/191110087
Champion, Armor A. Duley, Mamie09/23/191848193
Champion, Aubrey M.Hodge, Gertrude10/04/1917 93121
Champion, Barney P. Pringle, Lavenia01/01/19153384
Champion, Bernie E.Ramage, Maybelle 02/27/191936534
Champion, Carman N.Hodge, Gertrude05/30/191425094
Champion, Charles E. Koon, Annous 07/05/191947852
Champion, Clyde R.Rogers, Alice07/17/191235447
Champion, Emma J. Lura Driskell08/03/191543855
Champion, Ernestine Cruce, Minerva11/05/1916 56751
Champion, Geodie 1 Duley, Mamie07/18/1917 36302
Champion, Georgia O. Horton, Ora 07/15/191235446
Champion, Gustus R.Pungle, Iloof 01/29/19173358
Champion, Harmon R.Hodge, Gertie02/24/19169143
Champion, Helen L.Driskell, Lura 12/27/191365170
Champion, Iva B. Hodge, Gertrude07/07/1912 35452
Champion, JuliaRogers, Alice08/02/191440669
Champion, Louisa H.Koon, Annie09/15/191446065
Champion, Melvia C.Andrews, Alice10/08/191150697
Champion, Myrtle C..Andrews, Alice08/24/191838556
Champion, Ollie C. Pringle, Lavenia 10/20/1919 46800
Champion, Ophelia I. Riddle, L.04/30/191221479
Champion, PaulineHodge, Gertrude06/26/1919 41448
Champion, Rosey M.Hurley, Mae06/06/191432368
Champion, Wilford S.Riddle, Lula07/19/19179751
Champion, Willa B. Hurley, May09/28/1911 45265
Champion, William T.Ellis, Beatrice03/06/1920 15272