The City Series


In the summer of 1937, James Clyde "Rip" Tracy started talking about dividing up and having a City Series.
We decided to divide the teams between the east and west side of 60 highway. Rip said that he was sure the
west side could win without much trouble, but I was from the east side and I disagreed. The planning and negotiating started. Rip told me that I couldn't play because I had played with some of the bigger boys and it wouldn't be fair. I didn't think that would be treating me fair, but I agreed not to play if they wouldn't let Loyd Reid, who was a little older, play for them. They agreed to this. Rip said that I could coach the East and we
decided that Loyd could coach the West team.    
:an excerpt from "Bubbie" Martin's Rivertown Memories

West SideEast Side
Loyd Reed, CoachBubbie Martin, Coach
James Clyde "Rip" TracyJimmy Wilson
J.L. ReidHarvey Mardis
Ted WarfieldJimmy "Buttermilk" Crawford
Russell WarfieldWillie Rudd
Freddy Lee HortenB.B. Dunn
O.T. TillyChaser Thompson
G.W. ReynoldsCecil Driskell
Charles RoeCharles Tully
Marvin YancyC.B. Edmonds
Red Foster (Salty Point)Billy Cisco (Cut-off Road)