Livingston County Births 1911-1920

The code in the child's middle name field indicates that
no name was provided for the child
1=boy child      2=girl child
If the mother was unmarried then the child was assigned
the mothers first and last name. If the mother was married
then the child was assigned the fathers first and last name.


Please check all spelling variations of surnames.


Child Mother DOB Certificate
Adams, Charles H. Burell Ruby01/21/1919 3084
Adams, Daphna I. Jennings, Nellie 12/08/1916 62111
Adams, Daphna I. Adams, Nellie 12/08/1916 91005
Adams, James P. Vick, Eula 09/29/1919 41438
Adams, Marjorie Haynes, Anna 06/03/1916 31343
Adams, Ona M.Moran, Lillie 05/20/1913 39025
Adams, William W. Ferrell, Ruby 07/24/1920 36729
Agnew, Agness R.Clement, Maumie04/18/1914 20027
Agnew, James E. Clement, Mary 06/09/1911 29414
Aimesworth, T. 2Clement, Lina 07/12/1911 34616
Ainsworth, Hollis C. Clement, Selina 05/14/191333692
Allen, Ernest J. Tunnens, Alice 05/15/1915 27002
Alley, Jessie Parker, Susie 01/29/1920 3474
Alley, Thomas J.Deaver, Elizabeth 06/12/1911 29421
Alley, Vera I. Harris, Biddie 01/21/1911 2876
Allison, Nettie M. Albany, Rosie 01/22/1911 2864
Allison, Lizzie E. Piase, Rosa 01/09/19133808
Alsobrook Paul B.Phillips, Ethel 10/12/1913 56247
Alsobrook, Alvy Bateman, M. 08/25/191848187
Alsobrook, Elsie O..Phillips, E. 09/13/1915 47133
Alsobrook, Hubert A. Watters, M. 02/11/1913 9141
Alsobrook, Larnia C.Cobb, Vidue 05/31/1919 23255
Alsobrook, Laura Phillips, Ethel 10/03/1920 91266
Alsobrook, Leanna L. Edwards, Lizzie 07/30/191723095
Alsobrook, Linnie E. Bateman, Martha 10/27/191252253
Alsobrook, Ruth Bateman, Martha 11/20/191558854
Alsobrook, Vernia L Cobb, Vida 11/27/191656755
Alsobrook, Vernon Baswell, Effie 02/09/19149111
Alsobrooks, Hazel M.Boswell, Carry11/16/1917 56863
Alvis, Clara E. Myrick, Emma 01/13/19143802
Alvis, David L. Myrick, Emma 11/18/1917 56872
Alvis, Joseph A. Myricke Ora 01/08/19163724
Alvis, Ola M. Myrish, Ora02/24/192015287
Anderson, Margaret Richards, Alice05/03/1913 29446
Anderson, Sylvia G.Richards, Alice 05/18/1916 28414
Anderson, Willie M.Richards, Allice02/28/1911 21831
Andrews, Ernest E.Brooks, Delia11/13/191853531
Andrews, Thomas H.Brooks, Dellia 01/10/1917 3373
Andrews, Vernon I. Brooks Delia08/17/191541535
Anglen, Irvin R.Lang, Eva04/21/191420028
Anglin, Addie M.Long, Evey09/06/1911 45253
Anglin, Bessie L. Sille, Anna10/29/191353704
Anglin, Dortha A.Lang, Eva 04/21/1917 25789
Anglin, J. 1Talley, Maudie 11/23/191257812
Anglin, Lurine M.Guess, Nellie 02/02/19209147
Anglin, Orval B.Long, Eva07/24/192047029
Anglin, Roy W.Talley, Maudie01/31/1920 3470
Anglin, Rudell H.Talley, Maudie08/09/191643866
Armstrong, Helen L.Mallott, Wanell 04/27/191420034
Armstrong, Husten 1 Harris, Nettie12/04/192064217
Armstrong, W. 1Mallott, Nannie03/15/191615103
Ashbridge, Fannie E. Campbell, Nina 11/18/192058131
Ashbridge, John W.Ward, Ida03/31/1918 18085
Ashbridge, Ola B. Campbell, Ada 02/27/19158541
Ashbridge, Sarah P. Campbell, Nina11/18/1920 58130
Ashbridge, William F.. Campbell, Ada06/26/1917 31153
Ashbridge, Martha L. Smith, Florence 07/07/191235454
Asher, Homer H.Wiggins, Nannie 03/24/191315263
Asher, Oather G.Wigins, Nanie06/19/191731147
Atkins, Comer E.Hutchinson Irenie12/22/191161083
Atwell, AlbertSuits, Nora 05/18/1913 27017
Atwell, Cleo M. Harper, Eliza11/26/1919 52189
Atwell, James H.Bradshaw, Ida04/07/191918391
Atwell, Melvin M.Bradshaw, Ida11/03/1917 56858
Atwood, DorothyHill, Lizzie04/14/1918 18070
Atwood, Thomas F.Hill, Lizzie01/04/19165998
Atwood, Victor E. Hill, Lizzie01/03/19143804
Aud, Parmley F. Vick, Sallie 03/21/1913 15285
Austin, Dallas H. Johnson, Mary06/01/191129415
Austin, Fred L.McCurday, Lottie05/09/1913 27008
Austin, Hugh 1Lewis, Laura02/20/19149119
Austin, William F.Johnson, Mary11/24/1914 93746
Aydelott, Josephine Aydelott, Sallie03/04/1911 16153