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Livingston Co School Census 1899

This material was provided by Brenda Joyce Jerome.

The following school census was found in School Census books, 
Livingston  County Clerk's Office, Smithland, KY

   Enumeration of Colored Children for Dist. No. B, 
   Livingston County         1899

Names of parents, gdns,       Name of child    Birthdate   Address
head of family or persons     age 6-20
having charge of child

Thomas Jamison                Cazlia           4 Jun 1870  Carrsville

Fannie Jamison                Francis         18 Sep 1881  Carrsville
                              Lenie           19 Jan 1884  

Joseph Barnes                 Richard         28 Sep 1886  Carrsville
                              Lenard          18 Apr 1889  

Bettie Pringle                Lottie          26 Mar 1890  Carrsville

Mollie Pringle                Lona             8 May 1889  Carrsville
                              Lloyd            4 Jun 1892

Guss Champion                 Asley Taylor    26 May 1890  Carrsville

Matilda Champion              Mary Fitch      20 Jun 1886  Carrsville

Seg Pringle & wife Pearl      Charley Fitch    8 Apr 1891  Carrsville

Earnest Barnett               Amos Barnett     7 Jun 1881  Carrsville
                              Annie  "        25 Nov 1882
                              Rama   "        29 Jun 1888
                              Edith Barnett   18 Jan 1891      

Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS