Memorial Biographies of General Baptist Ministers
of the
Union Association


The Rev. Carroll Yarbrough was born August 16, 1916, in Providence, Ky. He started to work at the age of 9 in restaurants and other public places until he became old enough to work in the coal mines.

He never attended church until after his conversion, which took place January 12, 1945, between eleven and twelve o'clock P>M> in his home. He says "The Lord convicted me of my sins. I repented and accepted Him as my personal Savior, and it was the happiest day of my life."

He united with the Providence General Baptist Church at Providence., Ky., in February 1945. In March of the same year he felt that the Lord was calling him to preach. He prayed and studied continually until November 25, 1945, when he preached his first sermon in the Providence General Baptist church.

He was ordained to the full work of the ministry March 14, 1948, at this same church.

He has preached 1497 sermons; held 57 revivals; witnessed 756 professions; has conducted 29 funerals; baptized 80 candidates, and married 12 couples.

His pastorates have been at Enon, Free Union, Pleasant Grove, Gum Grove, and at present he has the full time pastorate of the Princeton Ky., General Baptist Church.

When Union Association met with the Earlington general Baptist Church in October, 1952, the Rev. Yarbrough was elected moderator for the ensuing year.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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