Memorial Biographies of General Baptist Ministers
of the
Union Association

The Rev. Pearcy was born in 1890 in Henderson County, Ky. He was converted and baptized at Union Hill General Baptist church under the pastorate of Rev. Charles Polley and entered the ministry in 1918, and was licensed to preach at the Tilden G.B. church the same year. In 1919 he moved to Oakland City, Ind., and spent five years in College there; was graduated in 1924 with an A.B. Degree.

He has held some lengthy pastorates at some lengthy pastorates at some of the churches, such as at Cumberland Valley for 31 years, Macedonia 28 years, Dixon 17 years, Mt. Lebanon 14 years and White Oak for 7 years. At the present time he has full time work, divided between the following churches: Cumberland Valley, Macedonia, both in Ky., and Pleasant Ridge church in Indiana.

He has helped in 38 revivals; baptized more than 1050 candidates; married 1025 couples; conducted and assisted in more than 1500 funerals.

He has served on the Home mission Board, and the Minister's Aid Board, and has been Moderator of Union Association twice.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald