Memorial Biographies of General Baptist Ministers
of the
Union Association

Elder T.A.H. Laslie

Rev. T. A. H. Laslie was born in Breckenridge County, Kentucky, September 18, 1859. He was converted November 16, 1874 and joined the Methodist; was licensed to preach in 1878, and admitted to the Louisville Conference of the Methodist Church, South in 1881. After traveling three years in the Conference, a difficulty arose concerning the mode of baptism, which resulted in his joining the General Baptist in 1884. He had been constantly kept in school from an early age until he was sixteen, and after that engaged in teaching. He was first to enroll in Oakland City College, and labored with his hands on the buildings. He taught in the McDonaldwhile he was a student; also lectured for funds. He received these degrees: A.B., B.D., and D.D. Taught a total of 213 months. Held 28 debates, the first of which was with a Mr. Potter, a Regular Baptist. One of the last debates he held was with Rev. T. D. Willis of the Church of Christ. This was held with Cherry Grove Church, five miles southwest of Greenville, Kentucky, on September 13, 14, 15, 16,l 1921. This debate was published in book form by M. B. Mcdonald, assisted by a member of the Church of Christ, and it was put on sale the next year. He helped to organize and build many churches, but we have no record of these. We find that he served as moderator of Union Association, also of the General Association. He died January 31, 1934, in Lyons, Ohio, and was buried at Oakland City, Indiana.

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