Memorial Biographies of General Baptist Ministers
of the
Union Association


The Rev. Fulcher's Christian experience began at the age of 20, in the month of September, and the year of 1937. It was at the Clay General Baptist church, and it was there that he joined the church.

He began to preach October 23, 1938, and the first sermon was at the Clay church. It was in the year 1941 that he received his ordination, and the hour will never be forgotten by him. the following brethren took part in his oordination Rev. W. N. Gibson, Rev. E. Y. Laslie, and Rev. C. H. Howard.

He served as minister at Clay, Sebree, Mt. Pleasant in Kentucky. Then he served at Maunie, Ill., and Georgia church, also in Illinois. At ppresenthe is the minister at Duvall's Chapel church, three and one half miles from Greenville, Ky.

While serving these churches, three of them have gone to full time. They are Clay church of Kentucky, Georgia church of Illinois, and Duvall's Chapel church of Kentucky. God has rewarded them for doing so.

In his short ministry he has preached 1901 sermons; witnessed 631 souls saved, and baptized 98. He has conducted 70 revivals; performed 18 marriages, and conducted 33 funerals. The Lord has blessed him as an evangelist.

It has been his happy pprivilegeto serve as moderator of Union Association in 1946, to be clerk of the Presbytery, and to serve as moderator of the Presbytery.

While he was working in Illinois, he had the pprivilegeand honor to be president of the Sunday School Convention, and the Youth Rally. He also served as dean of the youth of Camp in Illinois for one year.

He has attended Oakland City College.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.C. Mc Donald

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