Memorial Biographies of General Baptist Ministers
of the
Union Association


Rev. C. W. Duffer was born September 24, 1911, in Sumner County, Tennessee. he was converted at the age of 14, was baptized and joined the mater's Chapel General Baptist Church in Sumner County, Tennessee, in the same year., 1925. He fought the call to the ministry for the next six years. And not until he found himself in a backslidden condition, after the death of his father, did he surrender to the call to preach. He preached his first sermon in august before his 20th birthday. He was ordained September 22, 1935, by the Presbytery of the Mt. United Association of Kentucky and Tennessee. He pastored his home church for 18 months and at the same time was assistant pastor to the Cane Run General Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky. He became the first full time pastor of the Louisville church in 1938. Since then he has pastored in Dexter, Mo., Providence, Ky., and is now pastor of the General Baptist Church in Ava, Mo. Rev. Duffer has preached for over 100 revivals and sang for more than 20, over most of the denomination. Also for the Methodist and Presbyterian churches. He has preached more than 3,000 sermons; witnessed over 780 conversions; baptized 175; preached 200 funerals, and married 33 couples. He has been moderator of Union Association of Kentucky and of the General Association. In the last year he has turned down 20 calls for revivals because of ill health.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.C. Mc Donald

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