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Union Association 1953

The Old Building

New Building, Finished 1940.


This church was organized in 1866 under the name of Bethlehem Church. There were 60 charter members. In October, 1874, the church sent a petition to Union Association asking that the name be changed to Union Hill, as it was a union house of General Baptist and Methodists. Each male member was request to pay 10 cents per month for the benefit of the church.

For eight years there was no pastor, but usually there was preaching every Sunday with a different preacher. In September, 1874 a committee was appointed to request each member to contribute something toward the support of a pastor, and in October, Elder A. Pearce was elected to serve as pastor for three years.

Pastors since then have been:

Ministers who have been members of the church were Rev. Nealey Pearcy, Rev. W. M. Frisby and Rev. J. E. Samples. Revs. Frisby and Samples are members at present.

Church clerks have been:

the first Ministers' and Deacons' meeting was held with the church in 1879.

Union Association was held with Union Hill Church in 1934. In 1938 plans began to formulate for the building of a new church, and the interest of the Methodist in the old building was purchased. Funds were subscribed, the old building razed, materials were purchased, a contractor was employed, and soon the dream of a new church building was realized.

The happy congregation gathered with the pastor, the Rev. E. Y. Laslie, to hold the first service in the new hours of worship on the third Sunday in January, 1940. The church was dedicated the first Sunday in June, 1940.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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