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The First General Baptist Church of Tilden, Kentucky, was organized in April, 1882. It was organized by the following persons who had been granted letters from the Copper Springs General Baptist Church in order to organize this one:

the above persons met on Saturday before the first Sunday in April 1882, and organized a General Baptist Church near Tilden which they named the New Highland Church of General Baptist>

Elder William H. King was appointed moderator, and Brother G. N. Clark was appointed clerk pro-tem. Elder King prepared a church covenant and rules of decorum which were read and received. Elder William H. King was elected for the first pastor, and Brother W. F. Morehead was chosen as first church clerk. The meeting date was set for the first Sabbath in each month.

On Friday night before the third Sunday in April this group of people met again to complete the organization. The constitution was read and received. Brother A. J. Morehead, Brother John A. Russell, and Brother F. M. Russell were ordained as deacons. Sister Lynn was received as a member at this meeting, this making twenty-two members.

On October 10, 1893, J. A. Justice and wife donated one half acre of land, and for twenty dollars ($20.00) sold an additional one-half acre to the Christian and General Baptist churches. This land is where the Tilden church now stands (which is the present building) a new church was built on this site and called the Union Church of General Baptists. The first regular business meeting was held in the new church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in September, 1894.

Both denominations worshipped here for several years. Later the Christian denomination ceased to use the church. After this the church was called Tilden General Baptist Church.
The church has had the following pastors:

The church has had the following clerks:

Only one minister has been a member of the church the late Rev. E. N. Russell, and one licentiate now is a member the Rev. J. B. Holeman.

In October, 1919, the church entertained Union Association.

One Sunday School Convention has been held here.

In the early nineteen and forties when the government took practically all the territory surrounding the church for the present site of Camp Breckenridge, the church experienced a gloomy period. for many months it looked like the church would be lost but it was the Lord's will for the church to remain.

It was not long after this until death claimed the beloved W. T. Winstead who was pastor of the church at the time of his death. The church was very weak from loss of members, and also pastor, and for a few months the doors were closed.

In 1950 the church witnessed one of its greatest revivals with Rev. Herschell Bumpus as evangelist.

In recent years the church has greatly revived. The Rev. W. M. Frisby is the present pastor, and the church membership is still small, but about five-three active members, with a good Sunday School and weekly prayer meeting, are putting forth a great effort for the Master.
By. Mrs. E. C. Branson

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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