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The minutes of Union Association of General Baptists state that the Shady Grove Church united with the Association in 1842 at Liberty Church in Caldwell County, Kentucky. The church records from 1843 to 1860 are meager. During this time Isaac Allen was ordained as a deacon.

Shady Grove Church was re-organized on Saturday, April 8, 1860, by a Presbytery consisting of G. P. Cavanaugh, and Isaac Henry. Charter members were Henry Wise, Isaac Allen, William Woodward and William G. Sammons. It was a union church.

Elder Isaac henry was elected the first pastor of the church in 1860 and served faithfully for many years. In the same year Henry Wise was ordained as a deacon at Mt. Lebanon Church in Webster County, Ky.

during the Civil War church activities were low and services were few. In April of 1863 the church began to function again.

The church experienced a great religious awakening under the pastorate of Rev.. M. B. Covington. Many were saved and united with the church. The last revival in the old church house was held by a woman, Sister Butler.

You would be surprised to know that among the additions to the church in 1867 was that of a colored lady by the name of Mariah Osborn. In May of 1870 she was granted a letter of dismissal from the church.

The old union church was owned by the Methodist, Missionary and General Baptists. It was sold and torn down in 1903. In the same year the present church was erected. It was dedicated by Rev. John E. Cox in June of 1905. A basement was added to the church in 1947 and a building fund was set up under the pastorate of Rev. E. Y. Laslie. He was called to his reward in September of 1952 while pastoring the church.

Today under our present pastor, rev. Carl Williams, we have bought a parsonage. The church has progressed through the years to full time and the salary has increased from $100 per year as paid Eld. I. H. Henry to $2400 a year as paid our late pastors.

The various auxiliaries of the church are: Sunday School, Christian Endeavor, Guild, Missionary Society, and Ladies Aid. We also have a Daily Vacation Bible School.

We humbly trust in God for guidance and may we have his blessing in the years ahead.

Pastors have been: The clerks have been:
The church at this time has six deacons and five trustees.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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