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In 1908, Rev. W. A. Miller, Rev. Billie Williams and Bro. J. E. Oakley conducted a tent meeting in a field opposite what is now Poplar Street. At the close of this meeting the church was organized with thirty-two charter members. Five of the number are living -- Mrs. M. A. Head, Mrs. Addie Parker, Mrs. Allie Fitzsimmons, Mrs. Macie Rich Jennings, and S. W. Simpson.
The first pastor was Rev. Abe Rich and services were held in the city hall until Christmas day 1910 the church moved to its first building, a frame structure on Vine and Poplar streets. First revival 1911. Evangelist, Rev. J. W. Johnson, with 27 conversions. The complete cost of the first building was $1720.00.

On the second Sunday in April, 1929, this congregation enjoyed the first service in a modern, spacious brick building on West Main Street with Rev. W. T. Winstead, Pastor. Much credit is due Rev. Winstead for the success of this building campaign for he worked unceasingly at the task. The dedication service was in 1942 or 1943 when during an impressive service conducted by our pastor, Rev. C. W. Duffer, the last note of indebtedness was burned. Rev. Winstead delivered the dedication sermon.

the church has been led by the following faithful pastors:
and Rev. C. W. Duffer who held the pastorate ten years, the longest consecutive term of any pastor, of the church. Other ministers who have been, or are now members are Rev. W. H. Head (charter member), Rev. C. W. Howard, Rev. Edd Oakley, Rev. Tip Hearin, Rev. Alvin Childers, Rev. Herman Capshaw, Rev. L. O. Nichols, Rev. Carroll Yarbrough.

Numerous improvements have been made since we dedicated the church. New pews have been added. Also an elevated baptistery and an electric organ. Last year we added a modern equipped kitchen before entertaining the Women's Missionary Conference, and made improvements on our parsonage. We have just completed the much needed Sunday School rooms. We have a wide-awake Sunday School, Missionary Society and Christian Endeavor Societies.

We have been host to Union Association and the One-Day Missionary Convention several times. In October, 1941, we entertained the General Association and in 1926 and 1952 we were host to the Women's Missionary Conference. We assist Union Association in paying the salary of one missionary and contribute to the denominational budget. In 1952 we pledged $1,000.00 to the Building Fund of Oakland City College and our Sunday School gave $252.00 to Camp Brosend. Our future program is "Onward with Christ."

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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