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The Princeton General Baptist Church was organized September 30, 1945, by Rev.. O. B. Clark and Rev. W. W. Oakley and four deacons from the Madisonville Church, with Mrs. Everett Creasey and a few members from Beech Grove General Baptist Church. There were six charter members, two male members, one a teen-age boy. Bro. J. W. Creasey and James Richard Thompson were elected trustees and Bro. Creasey was ordained as a deacon of the church. Mrs. Mary Thompson was elected clerk. Rev.. O. B. Clark was called as pastor and services were held in the Odd Fellows Hall on each third Sunday.

Five new members were added to the church the first year. In the fall of 1946, E. M. Jenkins was elected as trustee and Rufus Grisham was ordained as deacon. Rev. W. W. Oakley was called as pastor, beginning in October, 1946, and services, were held each third Saturday night, Sunday morning and night, in homes of members.

Rev. Oakley appointed a committee of three, J. W. Creasey, E.M. Jenkins and Rufus Grisham, to see about securing a building lot and funds for building a church. A lot was purchased and the basement of the church was built in the summer of 1947. Five new members were added to the church that year and Clara Peterson was elected church clerk. Rev. Oakley was re-elected as pastor, a piano was bought, and the members began using the basement in October 1947. A Sunday School was organized and held every Sunday morning, and prayer services were held every Sunday night. Before the basement was built, the services were held in the homes of members. In the spring of 1948 work was started to finish the church. By August the auditorium was finished and could be used. Rev. Oakley was elected pastor for the coming year, and in May, 1949, the Ministers and deacons Meeting was held in this church.

In July, Rev. W. M. Frisby was called as pastor for another year, since he had been called to the church in September of 1949. And services were held each second Sunday and Sunday night. In that year six new members were added to the church. In the spring of 1950, Mrs. Rufus Grisham was elected church clerk and the Rev. carol Yarbrough was called for pastor, beginning September, 1950, full time, in December, 1950. The church started a thiry-minute radio service furnished by the church. In March, 1951, one of our members, Bro. Ernest Hunt, was granted license to preach. On November 4, 1951, Bro. E. M. Jenkins was ordained deacon of the church. In March 1952, two members of the church, Bro. J. W. Creasey and Br. Lexie Tosh, were granted license to preach. In May, 1952, a Woman's Missionary Society was organized and there have been ten meetings up to this time.

Ministers who have been members of the church are:
Rev. Carol Yarbrough, Rev. Ernest Hunt, Rev. J. W. Creasey, Rev.. Lexie Tosh. The church is sending two more members to the Presbytery, with recommendation for license to preach, Bro. Owen Hill and Bro. Willard Walls. We are also sending Bro. Arch Walls to be examined for deacon of the church.

At this time, March 11, 1953, we have ninety-three members in the church. Rev. Yarbrough has been re-elected pastor of the church.
By Mrs. Rufus Grisham, Church Clerk.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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