Histories of The General Baptist Churches -
of the
Union Association 1953

Oakley Home church was organized in a school house in 1898, by the Rev. J. H. Dame. There were eleven members who went into this organization, and they elected Rev. J. F. Bumpus as their first pastor.
Since that time they had had the following ministers for pastors:
  1. Rev. W. A. Williams
  2. Rev. A. B. Stone
  3. Rev. W. W. Oakley
  4. Rev. Johnson
  5. Rev. W. T. Childers
  6. Rev. L. L. Todd
  7. Rev. J. Y. Dills
  8. Rev. O. L. Duncan
  9. Rev. C. J. Carroll
  10. Rev. Archie Carnall
  11. Rev. Alvin Childers
  12. Rev. Charles Polley
  13. Rev. Ray Dorris

Ministers who have been members of this church are:
Church clerks have been W. T. Jones, W. W. Oakley, C. M. Winstead, Floyd Oakley, Willis Nance, Sidney Blankenship, and Johnie Thomas.

The first revival after the church was organized there were 28 professions, and seven of the same family joined the church -- father, mother and five daughters. The church has had many wonderful revivals, and has witnessed many souls born into the kingdom of God. At the present there are 141 members.

The church building was completed in 1900 and an addition was built in 1938. They have half time services, and maintain a good Sunday Sunday School and prayer meeting.

Union Association met with this church in 1930; the Ministers and deacons meeting was held with them three times, and the Sunday School Convention was held with them in 1912.
By Johnie Thomas, Clerk

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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