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Union Association 1953

The first record book is lost and all that is known of the organization is recorded on page 5 of Record Book no. 3, where it states the following: "We whose names follow covenant and agree with the others that we will still live in the organization entered into by our brethren on June 13, 1844." Just when the first church house or houses (as the case may be) were built, we do not know. But at business meeting in October, 1877, a building committee was appointed to build a new frame house to take the place of the old log one in use at that time.

Names of committee Jesse Brooks, J. W. Oakley, Rheca Oakley, Shady Stevenson and J. T. Frasier. The house was completed and committee discharged December, 1889.

The Rev. G. W. Moore preached the dedicatory sermon. This house was used until 1947, when at a business meeting August 9, 1947, the church voted to build a new block house. The building committee names follow:

The first service in the new church was on Saturday before the second Sunday in November, 1947. The dedicatory sermon was preached by Rev. W. M. Frisby in the spring of 1948. Union Association met with Mt. Gilead Church on the following dates: October, 1985; October, 1900; October, 1924; October, 1949. Names of the preachers that at one time belonged to Mt. Gilead: Elder L. Brackett, Elder I. H. Henry, Rev. W. A. Williams, and Rev. L. L. Todd.

The pastors were:
  1. Elder R. Head
  2. Elder I. H. Henry
  3. Rev. Alvin Childress
  4. Rev. Johnnie Wilson
  5. Elder M. Fraser
  6. Elder H. L. Echols
  7. Elder N. T. Dunkin
  8. Elder H. A. Griggs
  9. Elder J. H. Dame
  10. Elder J. N. Garney
  11. Elder W. H. King
  12. Rev. A. B. Stone
  13. Rev. W. A. Williams
  14. Rev. L. L. Todd
  15. Rev. C. L. Neal
  16. Rev. Abe Rich
  17. Rev. J. C. Brackett
  18. Rev. T. B. Jewell
  19. Rev. C. J. Carroll
  20. Rev. B. A. Carroll
  21. Rev. Carl Smith

The clerks were:

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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