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Union Association 1953

The Presbytery of Union Association of Generation Baptist composed of Elder T.A.H. Laslie, Deacon Guy Settle and Deacon I. J. Malin, met in the Presbyterian church in the town of Livermore, Mc Clain County, Kentucky, on Tuesday evening, November 18, 1913, and after preaching by Elder T. A. H. Laslie, they proceeded to organize a General Baptist Church.

Elder Laslie was elected pastor and the following were received as charter members:

The following are living and remain members: Verna Chapman, Minnie Nalley, Mary Lucy Malin, W. G. Davis, and Hugh Malin.

The new organization worshipped in the Presbyterian church building for a number of years; later moving their services to the Union Church building. In 1914 they purchased a lot on Hill St., on which the present church building was erected in 1918. A bell was bought soon after the organization and is still being used in the church to call the people together for worship. The congregation met for preaching services only one Sunday each month until in December,1943, when they began to have half-time service, meeting in the second and fourth Sundays, and Saturday evening before the second Sunday in each month. The present membership is 166.

A parsonage, conveniently located next door to the church, was purchased in 1944 at a cost of 3500.00. A building program is under way now, with Sunday School rooms being built at the rear of the church, giving six or more much needed rooms for class sessions. The Sunday School is growing with 150 enrolled. A junior and young people's Christian Endeavor meets regularly and the ladies have an active Missionary Society.

The following ministers have served the church as pastors since its organization:

In the forty years the church has had only three church clerks, E. A. Nalley, George Whitaker, and Virginia Sue Quigg. Four ministers have been members of the church, namely Rev. L. O. Nichols, Rev. J. O. Stewart, Rev. Roy Allen Ridenour, and the present pastor, Rev. J. P. Burch.

The church has entertained the Sunday School and Christian Endeavor Convention of Union Association three times -- in 1923, 1929 and 1941. The Women's Missionary Conference met with them in 1933; Union Association in 1935; One-Day Missionary Convention in 1938 and 1947, and the Ministers and Deacons Meeting in 1951. The Sunday School and Christian Endeavor Convention met with this church on June 3, 1953.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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