Histories of The General Baptist Churches -
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Union Association 1953


Little Zion church was organized May 1, 1884, by Elder A. Pearce, Eld. H. E. Todd, Eld. M. B. Covington and H. A. Griggs. There were 35 members in the organization. Eld. H. E. Todd was the first pastor, and Jeff Taylor the first clerk.

The first church building was replaced by a frame building in 1908. This building was burned in 1946, but was soon replaced by a very nice building, and was dedicated the first Sunday in May, 1948. Little Zion church has had many great revivals and additions under the leadership of many faithful pastors. These pastors have been:

The following ministers have been members of this church: Rev. Charles Polley, Rev. L. A. Stone, Rev. O. B. Clark, and at present the Rev. M. L. Clark is a member.

The church clerks have been the following:

The church has entertain Union Association in 1888, and in 1909; also the Ministers and deacons Meetings, and the Sunday School and Christian Endeavor Convention several times.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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