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Union Association 1953

A few General Baptists living in Henderson, Ky, and not having a church home saw the need and possibility of a new church here. And after considerable prayer and meditation the General Home Mission Board was written and Rev. R. M. Barrett was sent to Henderson as field man.

Rev. Barrett labored in our midst, preaching and visiting the General Baptist people for almost three weeks and during this time found quite a number anxious for a church to be organized, so on March 22, 1925, Rev. Barrett preached and after the sermon, entered into the organization of a General Baptist Church. After instruction give on the reception of charter membership, a call was made of those who desired to enter into the organization to come forward. There were 20 charter members, of this number there are eleven still living and eight are still members of this church. Rev. Barrett present The Bible -- God's Word -- as our only rule of faith and practice. Then the church covenant was adopted -- a prayer of consecration was offered and the hand of fellowship was given, after which the new church elected Rev. Barrett as moderator and entered into the election of officers. Naomi Jewell was unanimously elected clerk. Mr. H. L. Chapman, treasurer, and Mr. Henry Denton as deacon. After which the church adjourned to meet at the call of the moderator.

Then on March 30, 1925, the church met in the home of Henry Denton for a called session, to elect a pastor. Rev. T. B. Jewell was elected and served as pastor from this time until October, 1928. Then Rev. W. R. Barnes followed, serving from October, 1928 to October 1930; Rev. L. L. Todd from October, 1930 to October, 1921; Rev. W. M. Frisby from October, 1932, to October, 1937; Rev. James Overby, October 1937 to October 1940; Rev. Charles Howard from 1940 to October 1946; Rev. Artho France from October, 1946, to March 1948; Rev. Arvel Oakley from March, 1948, to September, 1950, and Rev. O. B. Clark from September, 1950, and is now our present pastor. Also being elected for the next associational year.

Our present membership at last Association (October, 1952) was 296.

The early church worshipped in the show building down on Letcher, St., from its organization in March, 1925, until September, 1925, having purchased the present building from the Methodist people in August. Since we have had the church there has been extensive remodeling of the church from time to time -- the basement, painting, papering and many other things too numerous to mention.

While still at the show building the Sunday School and Christian Endeavor were organized.

The Henderson church has entertained the Union Association twice, the Annual Conference of the Women's Missionary Society, the Sunday School and Christian Endeavor convention, the One-Day Missionary Conference more than once, and the Ministers and Deacons meeting.

During this time, we feel that God has prospered and blessed the efforts of the church, the church having witnessed numerous conversions, having sent forth several young preachers and other church workers. And we feel that as long as we look to God for guidance, that He will continue to shower His blessings.

By Naomi Jewell, Clerk

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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