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Green's Chapel church is located 7 miles southwest of Greenville, Ky.

very little is known of its organization other than that the charter members worshipped in a log church building. In later years there was a frame building erected which is still being used, with improvements being made. The name was adopted because the ground on which the building stands was given by J. W. Green, father of the Rev. J. W. Green, and grandfather of Mrs. Floyd Murphy, one of the members at present.

Green's Chapel church came into the Union Association in 1869. since that date the pastors of the church have been the following ministers.

The following members have served as clerk:

Ministers who have been members of this church were: Rev. J. W. Green, Rev. W. A. Miller, and Rev. S. B. Dukes.

Green's Chapel has entertained Union Association five times -- 1879, 1893, 1902, 1911, and 1923.

All of the charter members have been called to their reward, the last one being Sister Nora Green, mother of Rev. J. W. Green, who was called November 29, 1923. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for all those dear ones who labored so faithfully and gave of their means, their presence and their prayers to make it possible for this generation to have a place to which to worship.

Under the ministry of Rev. Charles Polley a Ladies Aid Society was organized in October 1932, and this work is still being carried on at present.

Under the ministry of Rev. Alvin Childers the church went to half time services. That was in April, 1945.

Some of the improvements that have been made on the building have been to put in a new floor, seats and pulpit, and to change the doors in front, and add a front porch.

Since 1945 the church and community have been having an annual homecoming when friends and loved ones come together for worship and fellowship.

For a number of years this church has had an Evergreen Sunday School. A Missionary Society was organized in November, 1950, with nine members, by Mrs. Gertie Mc Graw and Mrs. Kiva Oakley, of Union Association.

The church is looking to the future, and will never been satisfied until they rest in the presence of the Lord. Their prayer is:

"Lord make us a real church, that we may never falter or shirk, but always be ready to labor, and be filled with love for they work."

We know Thou art ready to help us; ever waiting with anxious care, and will never leave nor forsake us, if we talk to Thee often in prayer."

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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