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Starting about the middle of August, 1896, Rev. J. W. Green and Rev. Mrs. M. Munns held a revival in the old Mt. Nebo church, three miles north of Greenville, Ky.

this church stood a few hundred yards from the present site of Duvall's Chapel church. A large number were saved and Duvall's Chapel was organized with probably 30 members. (We regret that we do not have our first church record book). The Rev. J. W. Green was elected pastor, and M. B. McDonald, clerk. The Rev. Green served as pastor until his death, which occurred December 3, 1902.

Brother T. R. Duvall and his wife "Aunt Mat", were members and gave the ground for a building, and the church was named for them.

Under the leadership of Rev. Green we went to the woods, cut timber, hauled the logs to the mill, then the lumber to the church-lot and the first building was erected. It was dedicated in 1903, but Rev. Green didn't live to see this done.

The Rev. J. H. Kirtley was the next pastor, and served for about nine years. Then Rev. J. C. Gary was elected pastor and served for eleven years, or more. The Rev. G. N. Covington served for one year, and Rev. W. U. Jones for two years. The Rev. J. A. Higgins was elected and served for seventeen years. The Rev. M. L. Clark was elected pastor in 1942 and served for four years. Under his leadership we built Sunday School rooms, installed a furnace, put in venetian blinds, and made other improvements to the building. During his pastorate there were quite a few additions to the membership. The Rev. Carl Smith was the next pastor, serving for four years. Under his leadership the vestibule was built, and other improvements made. The Rev. O. R. Fulcher was called as pastor starting September 1, 1951. At the beginning of his ministry with us the church went to full time. He is the pastor at present, and has been elected for 1954. Under his leadership a full basement under the auditorium has been constructed, and other worthwhile things done.

The clerks have been M. B. McDonald, Orien Day, John E. Day, Elmer Stobaugh, Daisy Day, Don McElvane, and Evelyn Thompson.

As stated above, the first building was dedicated in 1903, and under the ministry of Rev. J. H. Kirtly. The second, or present building, was dedicated in 1919 under the ministry of Rev. j. G. Gary. He used as his text for the dedication sermon, "And I say unto thee, Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." The last sermon the Rev. Green preached in the first building, he used the same text. His mother, "Aunt Nora" Green, prayed the first prayer in the new church building.

There are now living three of the charter members, who are at present members. They are the author of this history, his sister, and a cousin.

Duvall's Chapel has entertained Union Association four times, and will entertain it for the fifth time this year (1953). The first time was in 1907 with Rev. J. H. Dame, moderator. Rev. C. H. Howard, moderator. In 1947 with Rev. L. O. Nichols, moderator. When the Association meets with this church in 1953, the Rev. Carroll Yarbrough will be the moderator.

In 1915 the ladies of the church organized a Ladies Aid with 20 members.

In 1949 a Women's Missionary Society was organized and was named the "Ethel Mae Clark Society". It was organized with 16 members by Mrs. Gertie McGraw with Mrs. Kiva Oakley. The Sunday School has been an evergreen one for many years.

The young people have had a Christian Endeavor at different times for several years. At present there is a very active C. E. under the leadership of Rev. Fulcher, the pastor. A Daily Vacation Bible School has been carried on with good attendance for several years. Once each year the members and friends get together for the homecoming.

In conclusion let me say that the members of Duvall's Chapel love their church because here, through beautiful services, they come close to God, and to our human associates in worship. Here, in many ways, we learn the truths by which we live a brave, happy and useful life. Here we gain strength by which we become that which we learn we ought to be. Here we find comfort in our sorrows, courage in our struggles, and joy in our victories. Last, but not least, it is here we come into union and fellowship with Christ, our Master and Friend.
By M. B. McDonald

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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