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The General Baptist Church of Corydon was originally established in 1878, at the site known as Midway, located about half-way between Corydon and Smith Mills, Kentucky. By means of donations from those throughout the community and surrounding vicinity, a small wooden church building was erected on a lot of ground donated by Syd D. Ball and given the name of the Pleasant View General Baptist or Free Will Church. This name was chosen because of its ideal location, which afforded a pleasant view, and also due to the fact that the initial plans of organization were based upon the foundation of a general church where everyone, of his own free will, would be welcome to worship.

The actual membership totaled about forty, but the church was often packed to capacity and included many Methodist and Christian Church members who attended Sunday School and church services regularly. They also held numerous revival meetings there. These 'good ole days' are recalled quite vividly by Mr. Will Smith and Mr. Fred Echols, both in their early 80's, and of Corydon, who attended church there regularly when boys. Several members of the other churches who stand out in their memory for their local support, both financially and by their regular attendance, are Dr. W. V. Norris and Mr. Fielding Jones, members of the Methodist Church and Mr. Alex Lilly, member of the Christian Church. A deep feeling of gratification was shared by all in this union fellowship together through the realization that their plan for a general church, of union worship, had been accomplished.

The pastors of Pleasant View General Baptist Church included Elder L. H. Echols, Rev. A. B. Stone and Rev. J. F. Bumpus. By 1892, the membership had increased to about fifty and plans were well under way for the erection of a new church in Corydon. Dr. J. M. Dorsey donated a lot on Dorsey Street for the purpose of the new church site; however, it was later decided that the new church should be located at Fourth and Ball Streets on a lot donated by Syd D. Ball. The lot on Dorsey Street was disposed of for the benefit of the church then under contract for construction. Here again, by means of donations, the new church was accomplished and give the name Corydon General Baptist Church, which continued to be commonly referred to as the Free Will Church. It was about this time that the Presbyterians abandoned their church and chose to worship with us for several years.

Sunday School Superintendents: Dr. William Floyd, Mr. Syd D. Ball, Mr. Henry D. Ball, and our present superintendent, Mr. Clyde Berry, who has held this office for thirty consecutive years; this also makes his twelve year as member of the Denominational Home Mission Board.

The pastors of this church have been:
Clerks: Mr. Sidney Smith, Mr. Ed D. Ball, Mrs. Irvin Porter, Mrs. Walter C. Perkins, Mrs. Vennie West Seyers and Mrs. Charlotte Ball Brittingham.

Our Women's Missionary Society was organized about 1933, during which year a two-day conference was held at Corydon.

The Sunday School and Christian Endeavor Convention was held at Corydon in 1924, and it was during this convention that the Rev. W. N. Gibson's vision of a "Christian Workers Conference" was fulfilled, the first such conference being held at Oakland City, Indiana.
Charlotte B. Brittingham.

* - Source - History of Union Association of General Baptist 1840 - 1953
M.D. Mc Donald

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