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Holy Bible, Philadelphia: A. J. Holman and Co. 1887

This Bible belonged to Kate Franklin Yandell and Thomas J. Yandell

Kate Franklin and Thomas J. Yandell were united in Holy Matrimony
at Mrs. Penina Franklin's on the 19th day of January in the year of our Lord 1887.
In presence of E. B. Franklin Esqr. , H. Taylor. Signed: Rev. J. B. Garnett

Thomas J. Yandell was born March 30th, 1859
Kate Franklin was born Dec. 3rd, 1861

Mable Florence Yandell was born Sept. 30th, 1889
Katie (Katherine) Yandell was born Oct. 17th, 1892

Mabel Yandell and R. C. Hopper were married Nov. 11th, 1913, at Marion, Ky.
Katherine Yandell and W. W. Runyan were married Sept. 6th, 1924 at Princeton, Ky.

Additional information:

Thomas J. Yandell died Sept. 8, 1934 and is buried in Mapleview Cemetery
Kate Franklin Yandell died Oct. 17, 1934 and is buried in Mapleview Cemetery.
Her obituary stated that she had been in ill health for some time and the unexpected
death of her husband aggravated her health problems.

Kathrine Yandell Runyan died Oct. 26, 1972, buried Mapleview Cemetery.
Mabel Yandell Hopper died 1975, buried Mapleview Cemetery.