Will of William Newcom Sr., contributed by Janet K. Hawkins, JanetIguana@aol.com

Note: The spelling and punctuation of the original document have
been retained.  William Newcom Sr. was the son of Joseph Newcom and
Esther Dudley (see Crittenden County biographies).  William Newcom was
born on 3 March 1787 in Rockingham County, NC. His first wife, Elizabeth
Taylor, died 23 July 1853, in Crittenden County.  The will was later
contested; William Sr.’s children were apparently unhappy about the
settlement their stepmother, Polixina Shelby Newcom received. William
Sr. married Polixina on 17 November 1853—only four months after his
first wife died!   —Janet K. Hawkins, Editor, 12 July 2001


Slaves named: Henry, Rachel, Jane, Martin.

William Newcom Last Will & Testament

I William Newcom Sr. of the County of Crittenden & State of Kentucky
being feeble in body but of sound mind & in view of the uncertain issue
of the disease with which I am now afflicted do make this my last will &
testament in matter & form following

First, I desire that all my just debts shall be paid and also my funeral
expences out of any money on hand at the time of my decease, or out of
the debts due me from others or out of the proceeds of such portions of
my estate as I herein direct to be sold.

I give to my son James A. Newcom & his heirs forever, the tract of land
improved by him, adjoining the lands of his brother William D. Young &
John Bell [sic  The above-mentioned Young and Bell are not brothers] and
which is now occupied by Duncan.

I give to my son Benjamin P. Newcom all the land I own on the eight-hand
of the Carr road leading from my house to Caseyville & between that road
and Tradewater; also my Negro boy Henry.

I give to my Son in Law Richard B. Young in addition to what I have
heretofore given to my daughter Laura one hundred dollars to be paid by
my Executors out of the amount yet due me, from Thomas M. Young for the
tract of land I sold him and I also give him the amount due on a note
given by R.M. Young to Purnel Bishop for a horse and for the payment of
which I bound myself as security. I desire my executors to pay said

I give to my wife Polixina Newcom the three following named Negroes,
Rachel, Jane, and Martin; also two feather beds and furniture one bureau
one table & a small set of stone china ware bought of Mrs. Wheatcroft;
also my gray mare Catherine & Buggy. It is also my desire that in lieu
of my wife’s right of power in my real estate and if any other portion
of my estate, not herein before given to her that my Executors pay to
her out of the proceeds of the property directed to be sold, the sum of
five hundred dollars, to be applied by her in the purchase of a small
home or to be used or vested in any other manner at her discretion. It
is my will and desire that all my Negroes not allready disposed of in
this my last will shall be equally distributed between my sons William
D. Newcom, Thomas T. Newcom & James A. Newcom & my Son in Law Chesley
Nunn and that if it is found impracticable to make an equal division in
number and value the whole shall be valued & those who receive an
alotment of greater value shall pay to others receiving an alotment of
less value, an amount in money sufficient to make all equal.

It is my will and desire that all my other property not herein specially
disposed of and given away shall be sold. My real property on a credit
of twelve months and the personal[?] property on a credit of twelve
months, and the proceeds, when collected after paying the legacies and
expenses charged thereon? In my will shall be equally divided between my
sons William D., Thomas T. and James A. Newcom & my Son in Law Chesley

That my wife may have something to live upon the first year after my
death I desire that she shall have one hundred fifty dollars, which I
now have on hand in gold.

I appoint my son William D. Newcom & my Son in Law Chesley Nunn
Executors of this my last will & testament & direct that they be not
required to give security. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my
hand & seal, this 22nd day of October 1854.

Signed sealed published   Wm. Newcom (seal) & declared to be his last
will & testament by William Newcom Sr. in our presence on the date

Wm Straker Alvin Newcom Dennis Newcom

State of Kentucky Crittenden County Court, December 12th 1855 I Berry S.
Young clerk of the county court for said County hereby certify that the
foregoing instrument purporting to be the last will and testament of Wm
Newcom deceased was on the 12th December 1854 produced in open court and
proven to be the last will and testament of the said Wm Newcom by the
Oaths of Wm Straker & Dennis Newcom two subscribing witnesses thereto
and ordered to be recorded whereupon I have duly recorded same and this
certificate in my office. Given under my hand this 12th day of September

Berry S. Young, Clk