Shanks Family Bible Records

Shanks Family
Bible Records

These pages were in a file in the Family file cabinet at Crittenden County Library, in the Genealogy Section
There was no documentation of who they belonged to or who put them in the file.

Contributed by Brenda Underdown
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Menter A. Shanks was born 21st Oct. 1800.

Isabel Yeakey Shanks was born 5th August 1808.

Mary Elizabeth Shanks daughter of Menter Achilles Shanks & Isabel his wife, was born 20th April 1831.

James Henry Shanks, born 23rd Oct. 1832.

Mary Lucille Shanks, born 2nd April 1834

Isaac Morton Shanks born 19th May 1836

Alice Netalia Shanks born 7th May 1839

Malcom Thorfin Shanks born 31st Aug 1840

Almonte Paredise Shanks born 17th January 1843

Sarah Alice Shanks born 3rd Oct 1845

Petrillo Alvarez Shanks born 17th July 1848

Irene Isabel Shanks born 31st Dec 1849

Thomas Henry Barnes son of William Barnes & Mary his wife was born 5th May 1853

James Menter Barnes born 25th Febry 1854

Lula Isabel Barnes born 28th Nov 1858

Florence Barnes born 11th March 1862

Ninnie Barnes born 9th Feby 1866

Lemah Barnes born 4th June 1871

Mary Della Barnes born 22nd Oct 1873

Lela Barnes born 29th August 1876


Mary Elizabeth Shanks died 23rd April 1831 (near Fords Ferry, Ky)

Alice N. Shanks died 5th Oct 1841 (near Fords Ferry, Ky)

Isaac M. Shanks died 17th May 1857 (near Fords Ferry, Ky)

James H. Shanks died 14th Dec 1859

Isabella Shanks died 21st Feby 1869 (near Fords Ferry, Ky)

Mentor A. Shanks died 20th January 1870

Petrillo Alvarez Shanks died 7th Oct 1892 (Petersburg, Indiana)

Malcom Thorfin Shanks died 2nd July 1898 (Petersburg, Ind.)

Mary Lucille Hibbs died July 31, 1908 (Marion, Ky)

Irene Isabelle Flanary died March 8, 1919 (Dallas, Texas)

Sallie Shanks Guess died Nov. 26, 1924 (Tolu, Ky.)

Almonte Paredise Shanks died Feb. 14, 1932

Thomas H. Barnes died 5th June 1853

Florence Barnes died 23rd April 1864

Lela Barnes died June 12th 1881

William Barnes died April 15th, 1887

Lula I. (Barnes) Coffield died 16th June 1895

Claud D. Coffield died Aug 14, 1882

M. D. Coffield died Oct 1910
(Marshall Dancy Coffield)

Harry LeRoy Kuykendall died May 15, 1945 (Chicago, Il.)