Submitted By Peggy Gilkey

Rev. Olen Sisk Journals

Corbet Olen Sisk 1896--1992

Corbet Olen Sisk was born Oct 4th , 1896.
His parents were Chittington Lyon Sisk and Martha Ann Winford Jackson.
He married Miss Stella Pugh on Feb. 9th, 1916. Rev. Sisk answered the call to preach in
September 1926 and delivered his first sermon at Fairview Baptist Church, Caldwell Co.,
Ky. Cedar Bluff Baptist Church, Caldwell Co., Ky requested his ordination. He was ordained by
Fairview Baptist Church. Rev Sisk pastored 17 churches in the Caldwell-Lyon and neighboring associations. He helped organize 20 churches, five of which were in the Caldwell-Lyon assc.
In his early career many of his churches were half-time or quarter-time positions and many
times the pay was in milk and eggs. When Rev Sisk was moving from his home to an
extended care facility these Journals were saved by his grandson Toney E. Thomas
of Fowlerville Mich. who graciously allowed me to copy them.
Peggy Gilkey, gr-niece1999

Funerals Preached
Jan. 16, 1932
Oct. 3, 1984
Funerals in

Name                       Disease             Place                  Date          Age

F. P. JAMES           complications       his residence             1-16-1932     79+

Sam McNEELEY          old age             Calvert Cemetary          3-2-32        93+

Tom GILLISPIE         flu & pnuemonia     Gillispie Trigg Co.       3-24-32       61+

J. A. OAKLEY          heart dropsy        2nd Baptist Church        4-7-32        72+
                                              (Princeton, Ky.)
Ida S. BOONE          paralysis           1st Baptist Church        5-27-32       61
                                              (Princeton, Ky.)
Jett EZELL            complications       Ezell Cemetery            9-22-32       29 
                                              Trigg Co.
Jewell BEVIL          infant 15 hrs. old   Glen Bevil res.,         11-2-32       15 hrs.                                              
Mary Katherine        paralysis           Boyds Cemetery            1-20-1933     48+    
  WHEELER               (sister Ben Wood)   Trigg Co.
Sarah ASHBY           complications       Doar Cemetery             2-5-1933      79+
                                              near Claxton
Clara OLIVER          paralysis           Oliver Cemetery           3-20-33       51+
                                              Lyon Co.
William PETTY         consumption         his residence             4-2-33        56+
Hattie Maude          killed by truck     at residence of           5-2-33        40+
FRALICK                 4-30-1933           Mrs Ocie Asher

Odie Grace            ditto               ditto                     5-2-33        15+

Clemendine            infant 1 wk old    residence with             7-20-33     1 week
McCORMICK                                    L.L. GRAY

James R GRAY          killed by auto-    Meeks Cemetery             8-21-33        37+
                      train wreck        (Caldwell Co.)   

Ella G. (Gilkey) GRAY ditto              ditto                      8-21-33        29+

Nettie Blanche GRAY   ditto              ditto                      8-21-33        7+

Mary Jane DRENNAN     complications      residence of               3-9-1934       88+
                                             Nathan Bates
Charles Edward LEAR   pnuemonia          Eddy Creek Cem             5-1-34        7mo2da

Milton L. BATES       killed by train    residence of               5-22-34        22+
                                             Nathan Bates
Ellen JORDAN          (this entry glued  Fairview Church            11-30-1935  75y9m10d
                      in Journal)          (Caldwell Co.)
Molly F. CROWDER      paralysis          res. Franklin St           1-28-1935      69+
                                             Princeton, Ky.
Thomas Jackson        pnuemonia comp     Fuller Cem. Trigg Co       5-3-1935       14+

Pricey Ann PUGH       cancer             Fairview Church            5-23-1935      54+

Mary Elizabeth        colitis            2nd Baptist Church         7-25-1935      1y1m
LOWERY                                       Princeton, Ky.

Nellie Louise CATES   heart trouble      Landrum Cem.               11-6-1935      27
                                             Livingston Co.
Lena Martin COLEMAN                      2nd Baptist Church         12-19-1935     15
Urey E. SMITH         killed by accident  2nd Baptist Church         4-11-1936      28
                      with broom handle
Mayme Pearl MOORE     flu&pnuemonia      Boren Cem. Trigg Co.       4-19-1936      34

Louisa OLIVER         complications      res of Melrose Oliver      5-28-1936      79
                                             Princeton, Ky
Charles Frederick     colitis            1st Baptist Church P'ton   7-10-1936      13

Marvin B.             found dead         Randolph Cem               9-15-1936      62
RANDOLPH                                     Trigg Co

B. T. DOOMS           colitis            Leeper Cem. Liv. Co.       10-14-1936     2+

Lawrence HILL         unknown            Friendship Church          10-18-1936     19+
                                             Gum Spgs
Rev W. W. PUGH        paralysis & age    Fairview Baptist Ch.       1-7-1937       83+

Wesley MERRICK        pnuemonia          res of Lindsey Merrick     1-27-1937    3y10m3d
                                             Princeton, Ky.
Mary E. HOWARD        flu&old age        res Gladys Howard          2-5-1937       87+
                                             Varmint Trace St P'ton
Ambie Marie           flu&complications  Donaldson Creek Ch.        2-17-1937      18+

Effie Ray Herndon     pnuemonia          at Price Lamb's res.       2-24-1937      27+
LAMB                                         near Claxton

George W. EVANS       heart failure      Leeper Cem. Liv. Co.       3-5-1937       61+

Jeff Davis            paralysis, blood   Delmont Baptist Ch.        3-27-1937      75+
HARGROVE              poisons            Trigg Co.

Maude R. HEATER                            Mint Springs Church      5-18-1937      49
                                           Livingson Co., Ky
Annie Pugh            tuberculosis       Fairview Baptist Ch.       5-26-1937      47

Mollie CAMPBELL       cancer of stomach  Sugar Creek Bapt Ch        6-27-1937      63
                                             Livingston Co., Ky

Edgie DOOMS           cancer of stomach  Sugar Creek Bapt Ch         8-6-1937       53

David C. BENNETT      bronchial         Friendship                   3-5-1938       6 mo.
                      Pneumonia         (Gum Springs)

Ghent A. BRIDGES      pneumonia         residence Trigg Co.          4-16-1938       71+

John F. DAVIS         heart failure     Dyer Chapel Trigg Co         4-17-1938       74+

Temple Marie BURD     bowel trouble     Friendship (Gum Spgs)        4-23-1938       76+

Vernie E.             cancer            Sanders Cem.                 4-24-1938       47+
RINGSTAFF                                   Livingston Co., Ky  

Infant of
Leonard MITCHELL      born dead         Walter Meador res.           7-22-1938   ---
                                            Trigg Co.

Hubert Earl           colitis           Donaldson Creek              8-31-1938       15+
SKINNER                                   Church Trigg Co

Jasper Etnie PUGH     car wreck(Detroit) Fairview Bapt Ch.           9-13-1938       50

Etna Thomas REDD      urine poisoning    res. near Donaldson         10-13-1938      41
                                           Creek Ch. Trigg Co.

David Martin          paralysis-age      Stallins Cem. Near          11-5-1938       80+
HOPPER                                     Geo. Stallins place
Enola C. SKAGGS       heart failure      Futrell-Thomas Cem.         11-19-1938      71+
                                             Trigg Co.

Willie Helen SMITH    cancer in breast   Sugar Creek Ch              12-2-1938       53
                                            Livingston Co.

Charles Cade          burned to death    Paradise Ch.                12-14-1938      40+
SULLIVANT                                   Livingston Co. 

Julia A. CHAMPION     age&complications  Champion Cem.               1-8-1939        87+
                                            Liv. Co., Ky

George SMITH          killed by car      res. Cedar Bluff            3-7-1939        35+
                                             Caldwell Co.

Mary M. P'POOL        flu&asthma         res near Pleasant           3-11-1939       55
                                            Grove Church

Emma E. THOMAS        chronic affliction  Donaldson Cr. Ch.          5-8-1939       44+

Henry FULLER          leakage of heart    Dixon Cem. near            5-19-1939      68+
                                            Donaldson Cr. Ch.

Norval S.             shot by officer     Iuka Baptist Ch            7-5-1939       28+ 

Lloyd Milton KAYSE    killed by truck     Friendship(Gum Spgs)       7-14-1939      26+

S. B. THOMAS          died suddenly       Tiline Ch. Liv. Co.        8-10-1939      70+

John Rufus BURD       paralysis-br. hip   Friendship(Gum Spgs)       8-10-1939      79+

Nancy J. LONG         age-paralysis       Sanders Cem.Liv. Co        10-24-1939     91+

Joseph R. JOHNSON     killed by train     Iuka Bapt. Church          12-13-1939     28+

George W. MARTIN      cancer of stomach   Tiline Bapt CH.            1-10-1940      81+

G. A. (Gyp) JONES     flu&pneumonia       Friendship Bapt Ch         3-3-1940       88+
                                              (Gum Springs)

Huey C. MITCHELL      dropsy&comp.        Sugar Cr Ch. Liv Co.       4-8-1940       65+

Viola MURRY           complications       Fairview Bapt Ch.          4-9-1940       82+

Joseph L. OLIVER      died suddenly       res Baldwin Ave P'ton      5-4-1940       59+

Jobe Wesley           paralysis &         Meeks Cemetery             6-3-1940       79+
CARNER                heart failure       Caldwell Co., Ky

Helen Marie           typhoid fever       Piney Grove Cem.           6-13-1940      23

Garvie Lorene         tuberculosis        Leslie Hopper              6-15-1940      26+
HOPPER                                        residence

Mack MITCHELL         died suddenly       Mint Spring Bapt. Ch       1-8-1941       60

Thomas PROWELL        flu  &              res. near Wylie Cr.        2-26-1941      75
                      Complications       (Hi 62) Caldwell Co.

Josiah G. RADFORD     fall  &             Res of O.L.Perry           3-12-1941      79+
                      Complications       Princeton, Ky.

Fred COLEMAN          paralysis           White Sulpher Ch           3-13-1941      65
                                              Caldwell Co.

Lula ODEN             anemia              Plesant Grove Ch           4-11-1941      66

W. B. RHEA            complications       Sugar Creek Ch.            4-18-1941      83+
                                              Livingston Co.

Amanda ROBERTSON      complications       Mint Springs Ch.           5-4-1941       77+

Vivian Arlene GUESS   typhoid fever       Tiline Church              5-14-1941      17+

Abner Berry           neuralgia of heart  Friendship Bapt Ch.        6-20-1941      79
COOPER                and pneumonia   

Joe Ann               tumor on lungs      Pleasant Grove             7-11-1941     5yr8m
McCORMICK                                     Baptist Church

Addie McNEELEY        paralysis           Calvert Cemetery           9-21-1941      54

James M. JOHNSON      paralysis           res. Princeton, Ky         10-4-1941      68+
James M. ENGLISH      heart trouble       Friendship Bapt Ch.        10-21-1941     57 +

Mary Rebecca          complications       Friendship Bapt Ch         11-12-1941     81+

Timothy M. JACKSON    complications       2nd Bapt  Ch. P'Ton        1-3-1942       80+

Charles CALHOUN       complications       res near Donaldson Cr      4-14-1942      18+

Lydia Martin DOOMS    complications       Tiline Baptist Church      7-29-1942      92+

James W. GORDON       paralysis           Lola Pentecostal Ch        10-2-1942      73+

Beatrice Evans        blood poison        Mt Carmel                  10-14-1942     30
GRAY                                        Methodist Ch, Iuka

James A. LOWERY       pneumonia           2nd Bapt Ch P'ton          10-16-1942     75
                      & heart trouble

Earl Glenn RHEA       asthma&heart fail   Mint Spring Ch             10-28-1942     10+

Robert R. HENSON      paralysis           Fuller Cem Trigg Co        10-30-1942     60

William Boyd SUMNER   arthritis           Ezel Cem Trigg Co          11-19-1942     18 +

Wylie SMITH           complications       Morgans Fun Home           1-25-1943      71

Harold Ray SISK       pneumonia           res Briarfild Rd.          1-30-1943     3m 1d

Emily L. JONES        old age             Friendship                 2-28-43        85+
                       (blood clot)         (Gum Spring)

Iva May MENSER        flu &               Christian Privilege,       3-16-43     13y2m15d
                      Pneumonia            St. Charles, Ky

Joseph L. DUNNING     diabetes            Pleasant Grove Ch          3-27-43      79+1/2

Walter A. JENNING                           Cross Road Ch            4-5-43     50y3m21d

Donald E.             died suddenly      res Niles Row               6-4-43      2y6m
MARSHALL                                      Charlestown

Linar L. GRAY         high blood         Second Baptist Ch           6-20-43       78 yrs
                      Pressure             Princeton

John F. WILSON        tuberculosis       Erwin Graveyard             7-10-43      61 nearly

James R. MILSTEAD     paralysis etc      home on Baldwin St          10-10-43      63 + yrs

Sallie L. SUMNER      complications      Donaldson Creek Ch          10-20-43      83 +

Eva Goodaker          dropsy               Asher Cemetery            11-24-43     38y4m22d
NELSON                                        North Caldwell  

Frank CRUCE           heart failure        Tiline Bapt Ch.           12-8-43        56+

Mayme HOWTON          paralysis            res 407 N. Harris         1-30-44        64+
                                              Princeton, Ky.

Harvey McKinney       diabetes-             residence                2-15-44      63y9m20d
HILLARD               complications         Farmersville Road

Larue MOUNCE          operation comp.       Morgans Funeral Hm       6-16-44         51 +

Homer F. BARNES *     killed in France      Donaldson Creek Ch       10-15-44       29yrs

Sara Armintie         complications         Cemetery Upper           11-2-44        86yrs
MOORE                                      Donaldson Creek School

Lois B. Cooper        burned to death       City Cemetery-           11-24-44       22y7m
JOHNSON                                       Princeton

Jerry Douglas         not known res         811 Mechanic St          12-28-44       6y2d
PROWELL                                       Princeton

Harvey Phillip GROSS  not known             Morgans Funeral Hm       1-4-45         71 +

Walter L. JORDAN      tuberculosis           res Baldwin Ave         2-7-45       45y2m16d

Wylie Belle           complications          Hawkins Cemetery        5-1-45           81+
FLETCHER                                     Christian Co., Ky.

Cecil Orval COOPER    afflicted at birth     Friendship(Gum Spg)     5-3-45            3+

Orville TURPIN        tuberculosis           home, Maple Ave.        5-30-45           36+

Wanda Kay             not known              Rogers Cemetery         12-7-45          12hrs
ROGERS                Lived 12 hours         near Pleasant Grove

Matilda Jane          measles-               Pleasant Grove Ch.      1-28-46          79 yrs
KELLER                heart failure   

Frankie THOMAS        complications          residence at            2-1-46        88y7m11d
                                             Donaldson Creek

Mollie Young          not known              Morgan Funeral Hm       2-10-46       80 + y
DUNNING                                       Princeton

John Patrick          age &                  Morgan Funeral Hm       2-10-46       89 + yr
MORGAN                accident               Princeton

George Lewis          cancer of              res  E. Lewis St.       5-20-46       68 yrs
CROFT                 stomach                Hopkinsville, Ky.   

Emma Palestine        complications          residence on            5-25-46       61 yrs
THOMAS                                        Donaldson Creek

Leo Thomas            cancer in jaw          Wood, Fuqua,Davis       7-28-46          77+
JARRETT                                       Funeral Hm 

William Joseph        meningitis             Wood, Fuqua, Davis      8-12-46        12y1m
BOXLEY                                        Hopkinsville

James Peyton (Buck)
THOMAS                paralysis              Donaldson Creek Ch      8-24-46        68 + yrs

Brenda Gale           enlarged heart         home Maple Ave          10-3-46        1 1/2yrs
SEWELL                                        Princeton

Glenn MARSHALL        tuberculosis           home, Darby St          10-7-46        30yrs+

Allie L. STALLINS     cancer of liver        Morgans Funeral Hm      10-22-46       68yrs+

Mrs Myrtie Ray        paralysis              Fairview Baptist Ch     11-12-46       68yrs+
ORTT                                          Caldwell Co

Mrs. Agilee Skinner   cancer in lung         Donaldson Creek Ch      11-16-46       25yrs+

Mrs. Mary Emma        complications          Wood, Fuqua, Davis      2-18-47        97+yrs
MARSHALL                                      Hopkinsville

Francis M.            complications          Hamby Cemetery          4-12-47        92 1/2yrs
SIZEMORE                                      near Palestine

Mrs Mary Vina         paralysis              Trinity Baptist Ch      7-14-47        95+yrs

Gid Hadden            sudden heart           Hawkins Church          7-25-47       74y5m6d
KIRBY                 attack                 Cemetery

Mrs India HAYS        paralysis              Wood, Fuqua, Davis      10-23-47       80yrs
                                              Funeral Hm Hopkinsville, Ky

Mrs Sarah Elizabeth   complications          Wood, Fuqua, Davis      11-11-47      78yrs
GRAY                                          Hopkinsville

Michael Lee           colitis-               New Palestine Ch        12-14-47       8mo
McCARGO                                       died in Detroit

Della HANSON          high blood             Residence off 41 N.     12-14-47       55yrs
                      Pressure               Hopkinsville

Mrs Georgia A.        complications          res. Baldwin Ave.       1-25-48        76yrs
PROWELL                                       Princeton

Bob(Robert)           pneumonia              Donaldson Creek Ch      1-29-48        81yrs

William Chester       born dead              Wood Fuqua Davis        2-23-48        none
CADY                                          Hopkinsville

Mrs W. H.             ruptured               Keightley Funeral       3-8-48         67+yrs
MALONE                intestine              Hm. Hopkinsville

Mrs Drucie            pneumonia &            res. E. 18th St.        3-10-48        84+yrs
GAFFORD               complications          Hopkinsville

Mrs Ruby Lee          operation, etc         res 1412 Jones St.      3-15-48        35+yrs
COVINGTON             Hopkinsville

Albert D.             killed in France       Maple Grove Ch          4-18-48        19+yrs
CUNNINGHAM                                    Trigg Co

Woodson R.            drowned                 Trinity Bapt. Ch.       4-28-48        23+yrs
GAFFORD               So. America             Hopkinsville

Royce COOPER          killed in auto          Friendship Church       5-7-48         20+yrs
                      Crash                   (Gum Springs)

Edmond Allen          complications           residence               8-6-48         81y11m
SHOLAR                                        Donaldson Creek

Julia Ann OLIVER      internal                Oliver Cemetery         9-1-48        68y1m24d
                      (ulcer rupture) Lyon Co.

Sam CHANEY            not known               Cem., Hopkinsville      10-14-48      85yrs

Glenn BARNETT         killed in Germany       Castleberry Ch.         10-31-48      21yrs

William Street        complications           Harmoney Grove          11-5-48       96yrs
GILLILAND                                     Cemetery

Monroe COLEMAN        heart attack            Morgan Funeral Hm       11-26-48      61+yrs

Ellis G.              paralysis               Myers Funeral Home      1-4-49        62yrs
DURHAM                                        Crofton, Ky.

Nettie L. BRIDGES     complications           Maple Grove Ch.         1-5-49        79+yrs
                                              Trigg Co

S. W. BURCHETT        heart attack            New Ebenezer Ch.        1-27-49       62+yrs
                                              Christian Co.

Jackson JONES         do not know             West Union Ch.          1-31-49       72+yrs
                                              Christian Co

Mrs Mary B.           paralysis 3 yrs         Myers Funeral Hm.       2-11-49       66yrs
FRAZIER                                       Crofton, Ky

Mary (Hooks)          cancer of liver         Morgan Funeral Hm       2-17-49       63yrs
WOOD                                          Princeton

Andy A. WADE          heart attack            Myers Funeral Hm        3-2-49        65 +yrs
                                              Crofton, Ky

Mrs Edd MARTIN        cancer of throat        Second Bapt. Ch         4-29-49       61yrs
Mrs Maud Ridley       paralysis               residence               6-9-49        56+yrs
JONES                                         Princeton, Ky.

Maralyn FIELDS        pneumonia               Van Valkenburg Fun.     9-6-50        11yrs
                                              Home, Detroit, Mi.  

Mary Susan            age  &                  Oliver Cemetery         9-26-50       80yrs
OLIVER                complications           Lyon Co., Ky    

Harless B.            heart ailment-          Wilkie Funeral          3-10-51       81yrs
HUTTON                complications           Home—Detroit

Joe Nathan            tuberculosis            Delmont Baptist Ch      5-24-51       21yrs+
FUTRELL                                       Trigg Co

Lula THOMAS           blood poisoning         Donaldson Creek         2-10-52       84+
                                              Trigg Co

William M. AGENT      paralysis               Charleston Bapt. Ch.    5-9-52        58+yrs

Rose Maude            brain hemorrhage        Church in Lola, Ky.     5-28-52       75+yrs

William Marcus        cancer (colon)          Beshears Funeral Hm     8-17-52       82+
HARDIN                                        Dawson Springs, Ky

James E. PUGH         paralysis &             Morgans Funeral Hm      10-5-52       89+9m

William F. LOVE       found dead in bed       Walnut Grove Ch.        10-14-52      75+9m
                                              Hopkins Co. Ky

John STINNETT         auto accident           Charleston Bapt. Ch.    10-24-52      25+yrs
                                              Hopkins Co

Gary Keith            lukemia-                Charleston Bap Ch       11-18-52      5y9m10d
WALKER                (blood disease)         Hopkins Co.

Ernest LANHAM         operation-gallstone     Charleston Bap Ch       12-13-52      50y11m

Pinkey E. PUGH        paralysis-stroke        Fairview Bap. Ch        2-21-53       86+

Cora Hellen           diabetes-               Morgans Funeral Hm      4-9-53        72+yrs
BOYD                  heart dropsy            Princeton
Tom THOMASON          heart failure           Mt Pisgah Bapt Ch.      5-23-53       62+yrs

Taylor B.             cancer of liver         Rogers Cemetery         6-28-53       34+yrs
HERNDON                                       nr. Pleasant Grove

James (Jim) H.        broken hip              residence near          11-2-53       87 +
THOMAS                                        Donaldson Creek

Michael Dennis        eat aspirin tablets     Fairview Bapt Ch        11-11-53      3yrs+
PUGH                                          Caldwell Co., Ky

Eli CUNNINGHAM        complications           Maple Grove Bap Ch.     12-24-53      80+yrs

Samuel Cassidy        found dead              Tiline Bap Ch           12-26-53      68yrs
DOOMS                 in bed

Jesse Lee             pneumonia-              Donaldson Creek Ch      1-23-54      67y11m
BARNES                heart ailments          Trigg Co.

Flora Hayes           diabetes                Crofton Bap Ch          4-10-54       82yrs
OVERTON                                       Crofton Ky

Blunt H. JONES        tuberculosis            Friendship Bap Ch       12-1-1954     79

Walter MEADOR         complications           Donaldson Cr. Ch.       1-9-55        81+
                                              Trigg Co.

Frank DECKER          burned to death         Tiline Bapt Ch          6-26-55      48y7m
                      boat explosion

George Walton         complications           Donaldson Creek Ch      10-12-55      83+
THOMAS                                        Trigg Co

Willie L. BOYD        complications           2nd Bap Ch Princeton    12-11-55      75y

Mrs Pete SCOTT        stroke & age            Pugh Flat Bap Ch.       1-3-56        86+yrs
                                              Trigg Co

Lloyd Seldon          operations              Donaldson Creek Ch      3-18-56       47+yrs
DOWNS                 (suddenly)              Trigg Co.

Vernon Jagoe          died suddenly           Fuqua Funeral Hm        6-6-56        51y7m3d
THOMAS                                        Hopkinsville, Ky

Lydia D.              cancer                  Goodwin Funeral         6-7-56        64-8m
CALHOUN                                       Home, Cadiz, Ky

Alice Winstead        heart asthma            Bay Jackson Cem         6-25-56       88+

Alice (Gray)          cancer(internal)        Liberty Bap Ch          8-1-56        83+
HOLT                                          Lyon Co.

Dora PUGH             pneumonia-              Morgan Funeral Hm       8-11-56       88+
                      cancer                  P'ton

Vernon (Pete)         broken hip-             Pugh Flat Bap Ch        9-17-56       71
SCOTT                 complications           Trigg Co    

Sidney POTTS          hard.of arteries        Tiline Bap Ch           9-30-56        68+

Etta Sumner           complications-          Sam Downs home          11-9-56        89+
DOWNS                 age                     Trigg Co

Charles M. WHITE      complications-          Fuqua Funeral Hm        11-12-56       90+
                      Age                     Hopkinsville

Joanie Lynn                                   Fuqua Funeral Hm        6-20-57       1y2-1/2m
PELLUM                                        Hopkinsville

Maggie SMITH          paralysis               Fairview Bap Ch         7-20-57        74+

Cordie Mae Taylor     diabetes-etc            Goodwin Funeral         12-5-57        41+
GUIRER                                        Home Cadiz, Ky

James Claude          sclerosis               Goodwin Funeral         12-17-57       48+
THOMAS                of liver                Home  Cadiz, Ky

Edd C. THOMAS         cancer-stomach          Donaldson Cr. Ch.       12-25-57       75+ 
                                              Trigg Co

Margaret Jennie       complications           Donaldson Cr Ch         1-3-1958       83+
THOMAS                                        Trigg Co

Henry Lee             dropsy &                Goodwin Funeral         7-18-58      79y7m15d
CALHOUN               complications           Home  Cadiz, Ky.

Robert (Rob)          paralysis               Donaldson Cr Ch         9-17-58       74y
THOMAS                                        Cadiz

Willie C.             complications           Goodwin Funeral         11-19-58     79+yrs
TAYLOR                                        Home, Cadiz

Inez Dixon            cancer?-                Donaldson Cr Ch         12-9-58       70+y
FUTRELL               complications           Trigg Co

Edna Jane PUGH        intest disorder         Harris Funeral Home     12-26-58      68+y

Carl Hugh EZELL       heart condition         Donaldson Cr Bap Ch     5-10-59       75+
                                                  Trigg Co
Charlie M. THOMAS     complications           Donaldson Cr Bap Ch     7-6-59        80+
                                              Trigg Co

Robert GOODE          complications           Henniger & Lilly        9-9-59        60+
                                              Fun. Hm. Hopkinsville  

Galena Boyd Pugh      auto hit her            Fairview Bap Ch         11-17-59      32+
JONES                                         Caldwell Co

Fay H. HERNDON        complications           Pleasant Grove          12-5-59       80+
                                                Bap Ch.

James Monroe          complications           Goodwin Funeral         1-25-1960      75
CALHOUN                                       Home  Cadiz

Tommie D. SUMNER      heart attack            Goodwins                2-7-60         82+

Roberta HERNDON       heart condition         Goodwins                7-20-60        52+

Ella PUGH             heart condition         Fairview Bap Ch         9-6-60         80+

Lucy Ezell            stroke-                 Goodwin Funeral         9-9-60       70y9m
SKINNER               complications           Home, Cadiz

James Ellis           complications           Goodwin Funeral         11-13-60     39+31d
THOMAS                from war                Home, Cadiz

Gordon YANCY          heart attack            Friendship Bap Ch       11-21-60       47+

Brayton B.            stroke-                 Morgans Funeral Hm      1-13-61        67+
DANIELSON             complications           Princeton

Robert Peyton (Pate)  stroke-                 Goodwin Funeral         4-30-61        71+
THOMAS                complications           Home  Cadiz

John Quincy ADAMS     stroke-comp.             Goodwins.              6-15-61       85y10m6d

Paul BAKER            heart condition          Goodwins               7-3-61        83y40d

Mavis WHITNEY         heart attack             res. 616 Varmint Trace 9-19-61       71y5d
                                               Princeton, Ky

Payton T. (Pate)      cancer                   Goodwin Funeral        6-5-62         64y
BRIDGES                                        Home  Cadiz

Eddie PUGH            found dead               Fairview Bap. Ch       6-17-62       69 3/4y
                      heart dropsy             Caldwell    

Ollie May (Del)       complications-           Goodwin Funeral        7-21-62        63+
THOMAS                lung                     Home Cadiz

Hattie M. JONES       heart condition          Friendship Bap Ch      8-4-62         68+

Victor BURD           heart dropsy            Kennedy Funeral         10-16-62      78yrs
                                              Home Paducah, Ky

Hattie Belle          cancer                  Goodwins                4-12-63       61+yrs
Emma BATES            paralysis               Cedar Bluff Bap Ch      4-25-63       77+y

Homer SUMNER          cancer                  Goodwins                5-23-63       59+y
Jessee BRIDGES        cancer                  Goodwins                8-22-63       76+yrs

Richard H. SMITH      heart attack            Morgans                 1-5-64        84+yrs
Grace SUMNER          heart attack            Goodwins                1-12-64       84 yrs
Pearl T. COOPER       cancer                  Morgans                 1-25-64       61y15d

Lewis BAKER           pneumonia&age           Goodwin                 3-21-64       83+yrs

Lermis CLEEVES        paralysis(stroke)       Liberty Cumberland      3-30-64       63+yrs
                                              Presbyterian Church

John T. (Jack)        heart attack            Morgans                 6-30-64       65y

Viva Mae EZELL        heart attack            Goodwins                8-21-64       71+

James Andrew          heart failure           Goodwins                10-27-64      85+4m7d

Mary Jane             stroke                  Maxfield-Curlin         1-17-65       90-6wks
SUMNER                                        Funeral Home-Cadiz

Nellie Smith OWEN     burns on back            Dunn Funeral Home      2-26-65       73+
                                               Eddyville, Ky

Lurlene THOMAS        heart attack             Goodwins               3-2-65        51y8m

Rosie                 heart attack             Maple Grove            4-11-65       89+
CUNNINGHAM                                     Church   Cadiz  

Leonard Perry         heart asthma             Morgans                8-4-65        68+
Lucille Skinner       cancer                   Goodwins               9-6-65        46+

Robert Thomas         cancer &                 Milikin Funeral Hm.    11-24-65      75+
LUTTRELL              complications            Dover, Tenn.

Herbert Boyd          stroke &                 Morgans                1-24-66       79 3/4y
HAMBY                 complications            Princeton

Timothy Barren        throat trouble           Goodwins               6-12-66       5days
RICKS                                          Cadiz

Nora Belle            cancer                   Morgans                9-11-66       47+
WHITNEY                                        Princeton  

Herschell W.          heart asthma             Morgans                11-24-1966    47+
VINSON                                         Princeton

Floy May BARNES       killed in car            Goodwins-Cadiz         12-26-66      55+

Henry E (Bud)         ditto                    ditto                  12-26-66      43+

Dorothy Wallace       ditto                    ditto                  12-26-66      44+

David BARNES          ditto                    ditto                  12-26-66      12+

Robbie Mae            kidney ailment           Morgans                3-18-67       52+

George M NEW          heart attack             Dyers Chapel           4-16-67      88+
                                               Lawrence Cem.

Ruth Dixon            cancer                   Donald(sic) Cr.        6-4-67       80+
FULLER                                         Bapt Ch.

Claude C. COOPER      cancer                   Morgans                7-27-67       68+

Eva FRALICK           heart condition          Morgans                1-8-68        72+

Nellie                heart attack             Morgans                1-15-68       74+

Eugene COOPER         heart attack             Morgans                1-22-68       48+

Herman STALLINS       eurimic poisin           Morgans                3-18-68       80+

James O. (Jim)        heart asthma             Fairview Bap. Ch.      3-19-68       83+

Lonnie VINSON         stroke                   Morgans                7-10-68       75+

Florence E. RICKS     not known                Goodwins-Cadiz         8-21-68       84+

Monroe S. FUTRELL     complications            Goodwins               10-31-68      79+

Clyde SUMNER          heart attack             Goodwins               12-8-68       81+

Barney WILSON         heart attack             Morgans                12-18-68      76+

Mary Emma REDD        complications            Morgans                1-12-1969     75+

Felix Monroe          not known                Goodwins Cadiz         1-15-69       75+

Anna Lee Taylor       cancer                   Morgans                1-22-69       60+

E. Marshall ASHER     operation                Morgans                4-3-69        71+

Howard V. BOYD        heart attack             Morgans                6-10-69       61+

Nathan H. BATES       died suddenly            Cedar Bluff Bap Ch     6-28-69       83+

Lurline FOWLER        cancer                   Goodwins               8-19-69       75+

Herbert M.            heart attack             Goodwins               9-2-69        63+

Mattie V. JENKINS     stroke                   Morgans-Princeton      9-29-69       82-6d

Lee Ander             heart attack             residence              11-28-69      72+
ALEXANDER                                      Princeton, Ky

Ida HARRELL           cancer                   Morgans                12-12-69      31+

Everett LOWERY        emphisemia               Morgans                12-31-69      59+

Frank SEARS           heart attack             Morgans                1-23-1970     73+

Clifford J. POAT      heart attack             Morgans                4-17-70       57+

J. Matt CALHOUN       age & compl.             Goodwins               8-21-70       87 +

Robt. L. (Bob)        complications            Morgans                9-25-70       83-11m

Dollie B. THOMAS      heart attack             Goodwins               1-13-71       90y10m

Ella Gladys H.        broken hip&etc           Morgans                5-19-71       79

Horace DRISKILL       stroke                   Grand Rivers Bap Ch    7-4-71        83+

Cassie JENKINS        cancer                   Morgans                7-27-71       91+
Mallie H. PUGH        stroke                   asst. at Sugar Creek   9-5-71        78+
                                               Cem.  Caldwell Co

Jennie (Mrs Matt)     complications            Goodwins               11-14-71      84+

John Martin SISK      age&compl.               asst. Fairview Bap Ch  6-18-72       88

Lucian G. MORRIS      asthma&compl.            Morgans                6-27-72       58+

Ase L. SISK           heart attack             Morgans                4-21-73       82 + y

Ophia E. SUMNER       cancer&compl.            Goodwins-Cadiz         6-16-74       88+

Luther Harold TURPIN  stroke                   Morgans                10-28-74      56+

Evelyn (Zollenger)    age                      Macedonia Bap Ch       12-15-74      83+
GOINS                                          Lyon Co

May MORSE             complications            Morgans                3-23-75       94+

Dorothy Barnes NOEL   lukemia&comp             Goodwins               3-15-1976     49-10m
Perry Amos THOMAS     died in sleep            Goodwins               4-11-1977     80 1/2y

Robert Ellis THOMAS   stroke                   Goodwins               5-31-77       70+

Lorn W. HUNT          heart attack             Barnett-Strother       6-21-1978     62+
                                               Funeral Home
Haskell K. JENKINS    heart attack             Morgans                2-12-1979     71+

Dewey W. FUTRELL      complications            Goodwins-Cadiz         2-17-1980     79+

Finis Dexter (Deck)   complications            Goodwins               5-22-80       96+

Avis Eggner THOMAS    complications            Goodwins               7-30-80       95+

Lawrence Urban HUNT   stroke,etc               Morgans                2-6-1982      93+

Daisy Roger FUTRELL   heart att.               Goodwins               5-14-82       79+
Gerald G. HANKINS     cancer-throat            Fairview Bapt Ch       9-18-1983     56+
Manzie BARNES         complications            Goodwins               12-7-83       88+

Earl Boyd SKINNER     not known                Goodwins-Cadiz         4-26-1984     57y360d

Violet L. MITCHELL    found dead               Morgans-P'ton          10-3-84      84y5m23d


He performed at least one funeral that is not listed here. It was in the late 1980's or early 90's.
Her name was Priscilla Barnes. She was buried in Witherspoon Grave Yard.
It was during a snow, and the roads were very slick.
Rev. Sisk went to the cemetary with her family and he road back to town with us.
.... Karen Sisk - great niece of Rev. Olen Sisk

From Princeton Leader Obits
"Purdy" Mae Barnes, age 90, died Dec. 23, 1990 burial was Dec. 26, 1990
at Witherspoon Cemetery, Caldwell Co., Ky.