Other Livingston and Crittenden Freedmen Bureau Letters, contributed by Janet K. Hawkins, JanetIguana@aol.com

The following material was transcribed by Janet K. Hawkins from
primary source Freedmen's Bureau documents found at the National
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Smithland, KY December 23, 1865

Lieut Col. A.M. York Supt. R.R.F & A.L.

Sir I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of
the 18th inst. And in reply will state that I have visited both Mr.
Sanders Sen. and Mrs. Tabiatha Sanders ColÕd. She lives in a smal [sic]
house surrounded by water. She says Dr. Sanders asked her 3-dollars per
month Rent when she moved into the house, but he has never asked for it
since. She also states that she has not suffered much so far, as she has
had a little money.

I requested Dr. Sanders to provide her with a better room, and also to
provide her with wood and food; he promised to do so, he also said that
he would not ask her for rent. I will go and see her again in a few

There are a great many colÕd People about here who need the assistance
of the Freedmens Bureau, not only here but 30-40 miles in the interior.

I am Col Very Respectfully Your Obt Servant Fred. Markle 1st D. C.C.
12th U.S.C.A. &c Comdg Det. U.S. Troops Smithland, Ky


Bureau R.F. and A.L. Office Superindendent McCracken Co. Ky. Paducah Ky
April 17th 1866

Major J.A. Donovan Chief Supt N.W. Sub Dist. Ky

Major: I have the honor to forward the following statement of Edmund
Irven (ColÕd). He states that he left his household and personal effects
with Mr. Hooks, the proprieter of the Elliott House in Smithland Ky. Ed.
Irven now wishes to get his property and wishes the protection of the
Bureau while so doing, as he fears violence from parties residing there.
He will leave here on Saturday next for Smithland.

I am Sir Very Respectfully John F. Smith, Supt. McCracken Co. Ky


Office Bureau R.F. and A.L. Smithland, Ky July 14, 1866

An estimate for the support of extreme to destitute Freedmen in
Livingston County Kentucky. At present I find but one to report. Viz
Name: Robert Smith, Age: 96. Cause of destitution: Is that he was let
free 15 years ago after being worked till extreme old age by a cruel
master. Has no friends white or colored. Estimates for support per month
$10.00 [$20.00?]

Reported by Yours Respectfully J. Bond Thompson

Paducah Ky April 17th 1866 Respectfully referred to J. Bond Thompson,
Supt. B.R.F. and A.L. for Livingston County for investigation. John H.
Donovan Major 19th Regt Š V.R.C. Chf. Supt. N.W. Sub Dist. Ky

Bureau Refugees Freedmen & Abandoned Lands Office Smithland Ky April

Report There has been no disturbance with the white the white [sic]
people & colored everything is quiet and I have not herd [sic] of anyone
refusing to pay the colored people according to their agreements so far
as the court is concerned they will not take colored testimony.

S. Littlefield Asst. Sub Asst. H.H.


Bureau Refugees Freedmen & Abandoned Lands Offie Smithland Ky April

School Report School commenced April 29th/67 by Marges? McCome, number
of pupils 30. Number of new scholars 20. Average attendance 20. Number
always present cannot say. There is there is [sic] 20 at this time [who]
number over 16 years of age. 2 number in alphabet, 20 number who spells
and reads easy lessons, 6 number of pupils in Sabbath Schools, Ky[?]

The school at this place has been delayed on the account of the teacher
being sick but he has now opened his school and has every prospect of
having a good school as soon as it is generally known that he has
commenced. There appears to be no disposition on the part of the white
people to interup the school.

S. Littlefield, Asst. Sub Asst H.H.


Bureau Refugees Freedmen and Abandoned Lands Office Smithland Ky

W. James Kay Bvt Capt. U.S. Vol. Sub Asst Commissioner &c

Sir I have the honor of stating to you that I have engaged a school
house for the purpose of keeping a colored school at fifteen dollars per
month and that is as low a price as any can be got in this place and the
trustees of the house is to let the rent go to pay the school teacher
the rent to commence from the first of May 1867.

I am Very Respectfully Your Obt Sevt S. Littlefiled Agent of L & C. Cos.


Bureau Refugees Freedmen & Abandoned Lands Office Smithland Ky May 18th

John Ely Bvt Brig Genl U.S.V. Chief Supr.

Genl I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your check no. 1224
on the U.S. Depository at Louisville Ky for $150.00 in payment for my
services for Feby March & April 1867.

I am Very Respectfully S.Litlefield Agent R.F. & A.L. Livingston &
Crittenden Cos. Ky


Bureau of Refugees Freedmen and Abandoned Lands Office Smithland Ky May
14th 1867

John Ely Bvt Brg Genl U.S.V. Chief of Staff

Genl I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of May
14th inst. And in answer I will say that I have seen the trustees of the
church that the school is kept in and they are willing to take the
fifteen dollars per month for the house and no one to be excluded on the
account of having no money to pay for tuition. They further agree that
the rent shall go to pay the teacher Marques McCome. Therefore the rent
is to be paid to him. The house has but one room, but is quite a large
one sufficient to hold all the scholars that will attend the school.

I am Very Respectfully Your Obt Sevt S. Littlefield Agent R.F. & A.L.
Livingston & Crittenden Cos. Ky

Burau Refugees Freedman and Abandoned Lands Office Smithland Ky May 30th

Monthly Report There is quite a bad feeling in this county & Crittenden
County existing between a portion of the white citiziens & colored on
account of the white people having the colored person arrested and fined
for the most trifling offences where there is no such a thing as fining
a white man let him do what he will to a colored man.

S. Littlefield Agent &c


Monthly School Report May 31 [1867] No. of scholars enroled 50. Males
18, females 32. No. enroled last month 30. No. left school this month 3.
No. of new scholars this month 21. Average attendance 35. No. always
presant 30. No. over 16 years of age 3. No. in alphabet 17. No. who
spels & reads easy lessons 24. No. of advanced readers 5. 1 Sabbath
School. No. of scholars 40. In regards to the teacher we have I think it
would be better for the scholars if they had a teacher more advanced in
his education one that could write and cipher. This man cannot do
either. He is however very good in lerning the scholars to spel and read
and keeps very good order.

S. Littlefield Agent &c.


Teachers Monthly School Report For the Month of June 1867 There is 1 day
school in Smithland Ky opend 29th day of April 1867. Whole number of
Pupils 50. Number of pupils last month 50. Average attendance 30. Number
of pupils paying tuition 12. Number always present 30. Number in
alphabet none. Number who spell and read easy lessons 41. Number of
advanced readers 5. Number free before the war 1. Number of Sabath
Schools 1. Number of pupils in Sabath School 40.

S. Littlefield Agent Bureau R.F. & A.L.


Monthly Report For June 1867 There is very little disturbance in my
district with the white persons and colored there has been but on [sic]
in the late month when a white man kicked a colored child and hurt her
very badly and I have had a warent isued for his arrest but he has not
been arrested and the civil court pays but little attention to such
caes. The colored person has but a poor show in this district.

S. Littlefield Agent Bureau R.F. & A.L.