This Crittenden County material provided by Brenda J. Jerome, CGRS,

Old Hurricane Methodist Church


                   History of Hurricane Church
The Hurricane class was first organized at the home of Rev.
R.C. Love's grandfather. A traveling preacher organized the
class. We find that the first deed was given by Richard Minner
June 20, 1843 to the trustees of the Hurricane class and their
successors. It consisted of three and one-half acres of land.
The second deed was given by R.H. Haynes June 9, 1855, 
containing three acres of land. The third deed was given by J.B.
Stephenson Feb. 17, 1892 for one-half acre of land. The fourth
deed was given by Wm. Barnett Aug. 4, 1893, containing one-half
acre. The fifth deed was given by A.M. and T.E. Hearin Sept. 26,
1893, containing one-fourth acre of ground.

In 1889 the writer of this article assisted Rev. S.K. Breeding
in a meeting at this place and from it the Holiness movement
started. Bro. Jackson Millikan, a Baptist at that time, got
under conviction for a clean heart.

[Crittenden Press 25 Apr 1907]

                 Hurricane Tabernacle Destroyed by Fire

Saturday morning the tabernacle at Hurricane, also the church
building at that place, were completely destroyed by fire. How
it started is unknown, but it is thought to have been the work
of an incendiary.

Hurricane church was one of the oldest in the county, having 
been organized in 1848. The land on which the log building was
erected was deeded to the church by Robert H. Haynes and Richard
Minner and the church organization was made at the home of Mr.
Haynes. The church building that burned Saturday was about 37
years old, its first pastor being Rev. R.Y. Thomas. The 
tabernacle was erected about 10 years later - about 27 years 
ago - for the purpose of holding camp meetings. Since that time
camp meetings have been held annually.

The membership at Hurricane, together with the camp meeting
committee, have agreed that a new church building and tabernacle
must be erected on the site of the old buildings.

[Crittenden Press 1 Oct 1920]

  Hurricane to Rebuild Church
An all day meeting with dinner on the ground was held at
Hurricane Camp Ground Saturday, its object being to arrange 
plans for the erection of a new church building and also a new
tabernacle to take the place of those recently burned.

It was decided that a new and handsome church should be erected
on the site of the old building as soon as possible and a 
building committee was chosen to raise funds and look after the
other matters pertaining thereto. 

It was also agreed at this meeting that later on a new tabernacle
should be built that the annual camp meetings may continued. 
Rev. O.M. Capshaw is pastor on that work.

[Crittenden Press 15 Oct 1920]
Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS