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Ollie M. James

Ollie M. James
Memorial Information

Jan. 23, 1920.
The James Memorial which is to be erected in the near future over the grave of the late
United States Senator Ollie M. James arrived last week. The monument arrived on flat train
cars at the Depot. It is a gigantic structure of granite, weighing 44,300 pounds. The monument
is eight and one-half feet square at the base and is about thirty-five feet high. It will be set on a
concrete foundation, which is already in place. The monument will be the center of attraction for
Crittenden County and will be visited by people from all over the United States, but there is some-
thing greater than a massive structure of marble that will cause Ollie James to be long remembered
in the hearts of his fellow countrymen, and as Ben Johnson says of Shakespeare
"He is not dead for his works will cause him to live in the eternal present."

July 27, 1920
The monument that marks the last resting-place of the late Senator Ollie M. James
has been erected and now occupies the most prominent place in Mapleview Cemetery.
On it is inscribed the following epitaph:
"In loving memory of my husband Ollie M. James. July 27, 1871-August 28, 1918.
Representative in Congress 1903-1913. United States Senator, 1913-1918. Renominated 1918.
"I shall go forth to take my stand in that great arena and vote the sentiments of Kentuckians;
to defend them as I would my honor; to protect their money as I would my own; to reflect their
will and do their service; and when I shall come to lay off that great toga, dearer to me than
anything else in this world would be to hear from Kentuckians, the bravest, best and truest
people in this Republic, the words, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."
From his speech delivered September 11, 1911.