Marriages Preformed 1919-1925
Rev. Robert S. Richardson

Mr J. B. Thurmond Married to
Miss Cora Waddell July 30, 1919 Wed
of Critt. Co., Ky. at the home of R. S. Richardson
age 49 & 25                                          Fee:$3.00

Mr Kirby Lee Brightman Married to
Miss Emma K. Raley Dec. 3 - 1919
of Critt Co Ky at My home
age 33 & 25                                          Fee:$2.00

Mr Blake Davis Married to
Miss Florence J. Moore July 3, 1920 Sat.
of Brethett Co. Ky. at J. C. Moore's home
ages 27 & 21 yrs.                                          Fee:$10.00

Mr Geo. E. Lucas Married to
Miss Imogene Drury Aug. 28 -1920
Sat. of Critt Co. Ky. at My home
ages 22 & 17                                          Fee:$5.00

Mr Roy Joyce Married to
Miss Annie Stephens Sun Nov. 27 - 1921
at Shady Grove. Ky. at the home of the bride
ages 30 & 21 yrs.                                          Fee:$5.00

Mr Clyde J. Towery Married to
Miss Mina Lee Utterback Wed. Oct. 21 1925
at my home Shady Grove Ky.
ages 23 & 19                                          Fee:$5.00

Mr. Ragle Sherrell Married to
Miss Birdie Mae Peters Wed. Dec. 23rd 1925
at the home of Frank Hazzard

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