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Marion, Crittenden Co., Ky. Class of 1930

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This picture was given to me in 2005 by my aunt Geneva Belt. She was living at that time and residing in Marion. She was a member of the Class of 1930.
While she remembered many of those in the class she could not recall all of them. With the help of Doyle Polk, Brenda Underdown and Ethel Tucker I was able to get several of the names of the class members. I was not able to match the names up with the person in the photo.

I am listing the names and if there is a (D) following the name that person is deceased. I have provided additional info that was shared with me. My aunt passed away a couple of years ago.
In the picture she is the first female on the left in row two.
The class was basically without smiles on their faces however I was told all of them were very happy to graduate from high school.

The original picture had turned brown and was not in the best of shape. If there is a family member of any of the class members that would like one, I would be pleased to make a copy and send to them for basically the postage of $2.00. The picture will not be perfect from today’s standards however I have been able to make some corrections so that the picture is of good quality.
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                            Bill Belt
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Also, If anyone has information about any of the class members listed, I would appreciate receiving an e-mail from them with that information.

Marion, Ky. Graduating Class of 1930

Adams, Margaret (D)
Belt, Geneva (D)
Butler, Everett (D)
Butler, Rudell (D)
Clark, Evelyn
Clark, Houston (D) Former member Second Baptist Church)
Clark, Lenoth
Clement, Kevil
Cloyd, Christine (Was in nursing home in Evansville in 2005)
Cochran, Rebecca (D)
Daniel. J.D. (D)
Dunning. Mildred (D)
Elkins, Virginia Lee (D)
Hale, Geneva (D)
Henry, Albert (Died in an accident)
Hina, Evelyn
Hunt, Grace (D)
Johnson, Mary Green (D)
Keaton, Palestine
Lamb, Edna Lee (D)
LaRue, Wilma (D)
Love, Louis
McCune, Virginia
McCune, Watson (D)
McDowell, Alta
McDonald, Braxton (D)
Moore, James Ed (D) (Was an attorney)
Myers, Vaughn
Perry, Mildred Nunn (D)
Rankin, Hilda (D)
Rushing, Thomas (D)
Sarlls, Charles (D)
Stone, Clara Etta (D)
Stout, Rosa Lee (D)
Stembridge, Marie (D)
Terry, Opal
Thompson, Trice
Tucker, Dorothy (D)
Waddell, Orlan
Walker, Gladys
Walker, James
Waters, Margaret (D)
Waters, Ireland (D)
Weldon, Addie (D)
Williams, John H. (Sold cars—buried in Mapleview)
Yates, Ruth (D)


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