John Walker Phillips Family
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Crittenden Co. Ky.

John Walker Phillips born Feb. 12, 1818 and died Jan. 7, 1900.

He was the son of Thomas Stewart Phillips and Mary Walker.
He married Martha Finch, daughter of Joshua Finch and Lucy Brown. Martha was born April 1, 1820 and died March 12, 1864.

John Walker Phillips and first wife, Martha Finch are buried at McKinley Cemetery in Crittenden Co. Ky. Together they had 9 children.

After Martha's death John married Pricea Kemp, daughter of John Kemp and Mary Shelby.
Pricea was born May 11, 1832, her death and burial unknown. Some researchers say she is buried
in an unmarked grave at Duncan Cemetery in Crittenden County near her Kemp family members, although no records have ever been found to prove such.
To this date, her date of death and place of burial remain a mystery.

Pricea was married twice before marrying John Walker Phillips.
She first married William C. Bradburn and second, Robert Nash who died in 1859. John Walker Phillips and Pricea Kemp were my Great Great Grandparents. Together they had six children,

I descend through their son, Edgar Walker Phillips.

Any added notes below in parenthesis are my own, otherwise information is copied as found.

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John Walker Phillips married Martha Finch on May 13, 1840.

Thomas S. Phillips married Polly Walker on Dec. 15, 1814

(*This is John Walker Phillips' parents, Thomas Stewart Phillips and Mary "Polly" Walker)


Children of John Walker Phillips and first wife, Martha Finch

1. Henry Thomas Phillips born Aug. 6, 1842 died Oct. 3, 1865.

2. Mary B. (Brown) Phillips born July 19, 1844 (died Aug. 18, 1918)
( Burial; McKinley Cem. Crittenden Co. Ky.)

3. William F. (Franklin) Phillips Feb. 20, 1847

4. Francis N. Phillips born Nov. 17, 1848 died July 4, 1849
(*Burial: Weston Cemetery, Crittenden Co. KY.)

5. Daniel J. Phillips born Aug. 9, 1850 died Aug. 15, 1850
(*Burial; Weston Cemetery, Crittenden Co. Ky.)

6. Pernecia A. Phillips born April 28, 1852

7. Tabitha S. (Stewart) Phillips born Aug. 16, 1854

8. Lynn B. (*Boyd) Phillips born Nov. 12, 1856 (died Nov. 22, 1929)
(Burial: Rosebud Cem. Crittenden Co. Ky.)

9. Martha Areane Phillips born March 19, 1859 (died April 21, 1914)
(Burial King Graveyard, Crittenden Co. Ky)


Children of John Walker Phillips and second wife, Pricea Kemp

1. Robert L. (Lee) Phillips born Feb. 18, 1865
(Burial: Rosebud Cem. Crittenden Co. Ky.)

2. Edgar Walker Phillips born Dec. 25, 1866 (Burial Duncan Cem. Crittenden Co. Ky.)

3. Sarah T. (Tate) Phillips born Jan. 14, 1869 (Married Thomas McKinley) (Burial Rosebud Cem. Crittenden Co. KY.)

4. Lucy T. A. Phillips born July 13, 1871

5. Pricea D. (Delilah) Phillips born July 3, 1873 (Married Enoch Ransom Robertson)

6. Martha Lillian Phillips born May 29, 1877



H. T. Phillips married Louisa T. Gill Sept. 28, 1862
(Henry Thomas, son of John Walker Phillips)

J.W. Phillips married Pricea Nash May 26, 1864
(John Walker Phillips' second wife, Pricea Kemp Nash, widow of Robert Nash)

Vincent B. Brantley married Mary B. Phillips Jan. 7, 1866
(Mary, daughter of John Walker Phillips and Martha Finch)

Wm. F. Phillips married Jane Crider May 7, 1868
(William Franklin Phillips, son of John Walker Phillips and Martha Finch)

T. L. Winders married T. S. Phillips April 28, 1874
(This appears to read T.L. but we know from research that this was Philip Winders,
husband of T.S. (Tabitha Stewart) Phillips.)
(Tabitha was the daughter of John Walker Phillips and first wife,Martha Finch)


Louisa T. Gill born Sept. 16, 1839 (Wife of Henry Thomas Phillips)

Nora Vandaughan Phillips born May 23, 1863
(Daughter of Henry Thomas Phillips and Louisa T. Gill)

Ida Ann Brantley, born July 11, 1868
(Daughter of Vincent Brantley and Mary Brown Phillips)

Thomas S. (Stewart) Phillips born Oct. 6, 1793 died Sept. 25, 1854
(Father of John Walker Phillips; Son of John Phillips and Mary Stewart. Burial: McKinley Cem.
Nunn Switch Road, Crittenden County, Ky.)

Polly Walker Phillips born June 4, 1793 died Sept. 27, 1852
(Mother of John Walker Phillips.)
(Burial: McKinley Cem. Crittenden County, Ky.)

Pricea Kemp born May 11, 1832 (Second wife of John Walker Phillips)

John G. Nash born Feb. 14, 1856 (Son of Robert Nash and Pricea Kemp)

Melissa E. Nash born Jan. 17, 1858 died Aug. 4, 1859
(Daughter of Robert Nash and Pricea Kemp)

James A. Nash born July 24, 1859 (Son of Robert Nash and Pricea Kemp)

N. J. Crider born Nov. 4, 1846 (Jane, Wife of Wm. Franklin Phillips)

E. M. Phillips born Jan. 31, 1873
(*Etta M. Phillips, daughter of Wm. Franklin Phillips and Jane Crider)

T. L. Winders born March 7, 1850
(This is Philip Winders, husband of Tabitha Stewart Phillips)

Mary L. Winders born Feb. 28, 1875 died Oct. 12, 1875
(Daughter of Philip Winders and Tabitha S. Phillips)

Robert Nash died Oct. 7, 1859 (Pricea Kemp's first husband)

Mary J. Nash died Feb. 29, 1864 (Robert Nash's Mother)

Joshua Finch died Sept. 27, 1842 (Father of Martha Finch, John Walker Phillips' first wife)

Vincent Brantley died April 29, 1873 (Husband of Mary B. Phillips)

John Kemp died Oct. 5, 1875 (Father of Pricea Kemp)

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