information submitted by Sharon E. Marvel

Will of John R. Marvel
Dec. 8, 1845

Will Book 1, Pages 9 & 10.

Kentucky Crittenden County

I John R Marvel do make and publish this my last will and testiment heareby Revokin and maken voyed all other wills by me at any time maid first I direct that my funeral expences and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possibal and of any monies that I may die in possession of or may cume into the hands of my Executor
secondly I give my five sons Josephus and John Stephen Ephraim R & Samuel N this tract of land I now live on to be divided among the above named boys Equely containing 515 acres known by the Dicky track as to Elli and George R Marvel I have maid them a Deed to thare share of the land that I intend them to have
I give to my sonn George a black two yearrs old colt to make his part of the land worth as much as the others which I now give to them in possession
I give to my three daughters Sarah and Rebeca and Nancy each of them one bed and furniture and a cow annd calf and set of knives and forks and plaits tea cups and saucers and one pot one oven and ew and lamb and sow and pigs.
Thirdly I give to my beloved wife Nancy one sorrel mare and cow and calf caled Red and one bed and furniture and two Ew and lambs and all this house annd furniture to Remain hers on the place for her benefit so long as she may live or Remain single. This farm that I now live on is to Remain hers as long as she lives or Remains single also my wife is to have pork anuff for the next years out of their killing hogs also two sows and ten shoats and the ballance of the hogs to be sold when fat and pay Thomas Phillips what I owe him in pork.
I give to my two daughters Orpha and Mary Winders each five Dollars 4 H****t also one waggon three yoke of oxen three or four head of cattle one Black h**** and mule colt and a set of chares and wheete fan I want sold as soon after my death as possible if not sold before and a set of black Smith tools that Ingram Lucus has in his posessiton he is to have them 7 years and after that time expires thay are to be sold for the benefit of my children if he does not by them before himself
5 fifty I want all the Boys to have a bed which my wife is to make for the boys of of the Geece that is on the plaice& the ticks is to be finniched out of the money that is in the hands of my Executor Ben is to have a bed also and my wife is to have the Geece after as her own property
6 Sixth That when my wife should die hers pochon of the property is to be divided betwene my seven boys and three Daughter. Also I want my son Samul N bound out after four years from this date to S.K. Lucus if he is a living
7 Seventh Fifty five acres of land I taken up is to be sold when the Divishon is maid and devided betweene my sons and three daughter Equley
Lasly I do heareby nominate and appoint S.K. Lucus as my Executor to sell and pay my debts and keep the Remainder of my Estate in hand to divid it agreeably as thee may becum of age or as it above menchonched
In witness whareoff I do heareby set my hand seal in presant of two substonched witness this
23rd day of August 1845

S.K. Lucus
Bazil Butler
Henery Vaughn
J.R. Marvel (Seal)

The Commonwealth of Kentucky
Crittenden County Court
December term 1845

I Harvey W Bigham clerk of the County Court forsaid County hereby certify that this Instrument of writing was this day produced into open court and proven to be the last Will and testament of John R Marvel by the oaths of Bazil Butler and Henry Vaughn subscribing Witnesses thereto. In witness of which and that the same was thereupon ordered to be Recorded and that the said Instrument and the foregoing certificate hath been duly admitted to Record in my said office. I hereunto set my hand this 8th day of December 1845.
H.W. Bigham clk.