Ollie M. James Family Facts

Ollie Murray James was born July 27, 1871 near Marion, Crittenden Co., Ky.
to Lemuel H. and Elizabeth J. (Braley) James.
Ollie's father was a lawyer
Ollie married Ruth Thomas in 1903 she died Sept. 16, 1961
Ollie, his wife Ruth, his parents and several siblings are buried at the
Mapleview Cemetery, Marion, Ky.

Written on his grave marker

James, Ollie M., in loving memory of my husband, 27 July 1871   28 Aug. 1918
Representative in Congress 1903 - 1913, United States senator 1913 - 1918,
renominated 1918. "I shall go forth to take my stand in that great arena &
vote the sentiments of Kentuckians, to defend them as I would my honor, to protect
their money as I would my own, to reflect their will, and do their service,
and when I shall come to lay off that great toga, dearer to me than anything else in
this world would be to hear from Kentuckians the bravest, best & truest people
in this republic the words, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."
From speech delivered 9- 11- 1911

Census Record
1860 Crittenden County, Ky. Census
Marion Magisteral District # 1
h-h 482-496
This census lists Ollie's father is a lawyer, also in this household are Ollie's mother and
sisters Lizzie age 18, Flora age 11, Ada age 6, Ruby age 3. Ollie is 8 years old and has one
brother listed, Edgar who is 14 years old.

Marriage Record of Ollie's parents
Crittenden Co., Ky.
25 April, 1861
L. H. James - Miss Elizabeth J. Braley
md. by John T. Yates, md. at Phelix Martins's.
Witness W.G. Wilson and G.A. Gilles.

Death record for Lemuel H. James

James, L. H. 84 died Hopkins Co., Ky. Nov. 6, 1928 Ky. death Index vol. 055 certificate # 27458