This material provided by Fay Carol Crider and Brenda L. Underdown.


Located off highway 506 onto the Workman Rd. following an old road bed through some woods, through a field, then walking into the edge of the woods. At one time you could follow this old road and come out on the Pleasant Hill Rd. Copied by Fay Carol Crider and Brenda Underdown, November 1998.

1st row - at one time this rock and stones was enclosed by an ornamental fence.

Hughes, Mary J., Wife of J. J. 10-April-1839 10-Jan-1908 (3rd wife of John James Hughes) (dau. of Anderson Dollins)

2 sandstones

2nd row:

Wallace, Nancy R., wife of A. J. 21-May-1816 12-May-1864 also footstone, N.R.W.

Wallace, Infant dau. of A. J. & N. R. Born & Died 9-May-1864

2 sandstones

3rd row:

3 sandstones

Conger, J. A. Company H. 20th KY Inf. (no dates) (this may be Joshua A. Conger)

Large space between, then the following:

4 sandstones

4 sandstones and 3 sunken spots

3 sunken spots

John James Hughes is also buried here, per information from Sherrie Woodall Stidham. John James Hughes death record lists his birth as Feb. 26, 1842 and death as Feb. 24, 1911 and the place of his burial as Hughes Cemetery." Ernest Hughes, one of his grandsons, remembers attending the funeral.