Crittenden County

Hood Cemetery

Located approximately 1/4 mile up the Hood Cemetery Road across from the
former Tradewater Valley Church on Providence Road (formerly Bellville
Mine Rd.) just off S.R. 1917 past Shady Grove. Copied Apr. 25, 1998 by
Brenda Travis Underdown & E. Glen Leslie.

Dodds, Gilbert C. 24-Mar-1824 21-June-1882
Dodds, Celestine C. (dau. of
Gilbert) 15-Jan-1852 10-Oct-1878
Dodds, Washington S. broken rock: no date found
Gibbs, Nancy I, dau. of J.B. & M.A. 10-Feb-1869 29-Dec-1884
Hood, Chasteen 04-July-1801 06-Dec-1896
Hood, Chesteen T., child of C.H. &
Lucy 11-Apr-1852 24-July-1863
Stalions, Sarah wife of Reuben 02-Nov-1873 18-Sept-1857
Eskew, A. J. (Andrew
Jackson) 19-Oct-1842 17-Oct-1909
Eskew, N. C., wife of A.J. 01-July-1844 07-Apr-1911
(Nancy Caroline Vanhooser)
Eskew, W.(iley) S.(Sampson), son of A.J. & N.C. 05-Apr-1873, 02-Sept-1886
Eskew, Eskew, infant son of A.J. & N.C. born & died o1-Oct-1875
Eskew, Eskew, infant son of A.J. & Nettie, 22-Sept-1900, 06-Nov-1900
Eskew, infant dau. of A.J. & N.C. born & died `16-Sept-1871
(infants of Andrew Jackson and Nancy Caroline (Vanhooser) Eskew
Tally, infant dau. of I.W. & M.L. born &
died 22-Feb-1882
Tally, A.C. dau. of I.W. &
M.L. 21-Aug-1872 14-Nov-1882
Talley, A(lice) B., dau. of I.W. &
M.L. 06-Nov-1876 23-Feb-1891
Talley, M.L. , wife of I(saac)
W. 10-Nov-1856 28-Dec-1895
(Margaret L. Neal)
Gobin, Leaner only date is 1907
Gobin, Clyde 1888 1909
Baldwin, infant son of C.W. & Sallie born &
died 23-Oct-1897
Neal, Ocie Belle, dau. of J.W. &
S.F. 25-Aug-1905 12-Oct-1907
McDowell, Amanthes, dau. of A.L. &
M.E. 08-Nov-1888 30-July-1890
McDowell, infant dau. of A.L. & M.E. born &
died 10-May-1891
Stalion, John W. 19-Mar-1877
Stlions, Eddie son of J.W. & M.P. 30-June-1875 15-Aug-1877
Parish, Lille Belle, dau. of Minie
G. 28-Mar-1883 09-Jan-1885
Parish, Mary F. J., dau. of J.B. & A.
J. 26-Sept-1866 07-Mar-1890
Parish, Etta M., dau. of J.B. & Minnie
G. 18-July-1887 04-Aug-1890
Parish, Jessee M., son of W. & L.A. 01-Nov-1848 16-Aug-1881
Parish, Albert S., son of J.G. & A.
J. 26-Feb-1876 20-June-1881
twin brother Alfred
Parish, William F. M., 29-May-1879 08-Feb-1880
son of Jessee M. & Misnar C.
Parish, Lucy A. (Talley) age 60
years 10-May-1819 26-Nov-1879
consort of Worham
Parish, Amanda J. wife of
Jas 11-Aug-1845 31-May-1879
Parish, W. G., son of J.B. &
A.J. 17-June-1871 06-Feb-1889
Parish, Wm. J. Co G 48th Regt KY
Inf 04-Apr-1847 19-July-1924

There are at least 50 unmarked graves with sandstones and/or "sunken"
spots that are obviously graves.

The following stone was not located in 1998 but was included in the
cemetery's original recording in Vol II of the Crittenden County
Parish, Anna Belle, dau. of J.B. &
A.F. xx-Feb-1871 09-Jan-1886

The following person is buried here according to death records of Saline
Co. IL:
Parish, James Braston 10-Sept-1837 10-July-1910

Crittenden Press, June 1915

Mrs. Sarah (McDowell) Lovvorn died Wednesday night at 7 o'clock, June 30th 1915. She was born in January 1838 in Indiana and moved when a child to this county. Hood's Graveyard near Shady Grove was the place of the internment.

(Information from Iretha King - great grandaughter of James and Sarah Lovvorn)

Also buried at Hood Cemetery without markers:

James I. Lovvorn

Several children of James and his first wife, Mary Ann Land.

Jeffrey Lovvorn, a son of James and Sarah's.

George McDowell, a son of Sarah's.