Guess-Givens Bible Records

Bible Records


This is a Bible that has dates from 1829 till 1901 of the Givens Family.
This bible was found in Texas then went to California then to Mary D. (Howe) Fullington
If you would like more information on this bible contact Maryde

This is the story of how Mary De Fullington came to own this Bible

My aunt (BY MARRIAGE) was adopted by a family in Texas.
She moved to Cailfornia and married my uncle (a GUESS) from Marion.
She had an uncle, that owned a Jewelry store.
When he died there was a group of old bibles in his safe and they let my aunt have them.

Years later when I went to California, she ask me if old bibles were worth anything and
she showed me about 5 bibles. I just glanced at them.
Weeks later she called me and said she had looked at the bibles and she said "sit down,"
your name is in one of these bibles".   That was some shock.
How did it get from Crittenden County, Ky. to Evansville, In. to where my parents lived to Texas ?.....
Some trip!!
Mary De Howe Fullington -- Feb. 2005


Infromation from Brenda Underdown
concering this family Bible Record


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Page 1


November the 21 1891

M.D. Givens was Bornd
Sept. the 3, 1861

L.R. Givens   Bornd Oct the 26 1880

J.L. Givens   Bornd December the 30 1884

C.M. Givens   May the 26 1857

H.D. Givens and C.M. Gi---?
was married Jan. 11-1880

R.T. Thurmond was borned
Febuary the 21 1867

Lena Givens was Bornd April the 12 1894

Sophia A. Givens Was Bo'nd July the 10 1870
and was married to H.D. Givens November the 13 1901

Page 2


Fielden Brantley was Borned
November the 9. 1825

M.C. Brantley was
Borned March the 8. 1829

Page 3


On page 3 of the bible Mary found in her father's hand writing.
Her parents marriage and a record of her birth.

Mary- De Howe
Born July 12, 1936

Bonnie and George (Howe)
Married Feb. 25, 1935
(beneath that in different ink is...) # 3:00 O'clock Friday