William H. and Margaret Gray Rochester Bible Records

William H. & Margaret Gray Rochester
Bible Records

These loose pages were in a file in the Family file cabinet at Crittenden County Library.
There was no documentation of who they belonged to or who put them in the file.
They were too good not to share with other researchers.
After some research, It appears the Bible must have belonged to
William H. and Margaret Gray Rochester.
It starts with their marriage of March 10, 1842.

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Family Record


W. H. Rochester and M. A. Gray was married the 10th day of March 1842

W. D. Wallingford and O. J. Rochester was married June the 12th 1867

J. B. Crayne and M. H. Rochester was married Feb. 24th, 1875

J. W. Johnson and S. M. Rochester was married March 16th, 1875

W. N. Rochester and Kate Thomas was married Dec. 1, 1885


Ophelia J. Rochester was born the 12 day of June 1843

Phebe M. Rochester was born the 16th day of January 1845

Anelizer Rochester was born the 17th day of April 1847

Mary H. Rochester was born the 3rd day of September 1848

William N. Rochester was born the 10th day of October 1850

Lizzie Rochester was born the 7th day of November 1852

Joseph G. Rochester was born the 9th day of August 1854

Susan M. Rochester was born June the 26th 1856

Alexander P Kelley was born Jan. 13th 1868
(note: this was an adopted son of William H. Rochester)

Leona Gray Wallingford was born July 3rd, 1869

William Rochester Wallingford was born June 4th, 1872

Lizzie and Maggie Wallingford was born April 23rd, 1874

Mary Mildred Wallingford was born July 10th, 1876

Fannie Dudley Wallingford was born the 5th day of Feb, 1880

Ann Eliza Johnson was born July 9th, 1878

Willie B. Johnson was born Aug. 24th, 1880

Lizzie May Johnson was born May 30th 1882

Walter Gray Johnson was born Sept. 15, 1885

Thomas W. Johnson was born Aug. 13th 1887


Ann Eliza Rochester departed this life Oct. 21st 1847 age six months and four days
(This is the Anelizer Rochester that was born January 16th, 1845. She changed the spelling)

Lizzie B. Rochester departed this life May 16th, 1881 age 28 years six months and 9 days

Charles G. Rochester departed this life Nov. 16th, 1839

Thomas J. Rochester departed this life Sept. 16th, 1840

Lucy Ann Hunter departed this life April 20th, 1842

John J. Rochester departed this life Oct. 3, 1843

Nathaniel Rochester departed this life Nov. 24th, 1873

Lizzie Wallingford departed this life March 6th, 1875

Mary Mildred Wallingford departed this life Oct. 1876

Willie B. Johnson departed this life Aug. 30th, 1880

Fannie D. Wallingford departed this life 1882