Livingston and Crittenden Freedmen Bureau Letter, contributed by Janet K. Hawkins,

The following material was transcribed by Janet K. Hawkins from
primary source Freedmen's Bureau documents, Smithland office letterbook,
page. 65 1/2, found at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. (All
original source materials are public domain however the copyright to
this transcription is retained by the transcriber. Please contact her
for permission to reproduce this material.)

It lists several bound children by name, notes that the children are
bound to their former owners, and mentions the owners by name. It also
indicates the dates on which the children were bound.
 Note:Original spelling has been retained. Punctuation has been
edited to facilitate reading.  Comments enclosed within square brackets
are those of the transcriber.

Bureau Refugees Freedmen & Abandoned Lands Office Smithland Ky May 18th

W. James Kay Bvt Capt U.S. Vols Sub Asst Comr

Sir I have the honor to inform you that I have been to Marion Crittenden
County according to instructions from you and got all the information
that I can in regard to the colored persons bound out by the County
Court Judges of Livingston & Crittenden Cos. There have been bound in
Livingston County William Trimble 14 years old, Robert Trimble 12 years
and Henry Trimble 7 years old to James Trimble their former owner, May
1866. William Canady 6 years old was bound to B.S. Canady Nov. 5, 1866.

There has been bound in Crittenden Co. Susan More [probably Moore] 7
years, Wesley More 9 years bound to Alford [Alfred] More June 6/66.
Betsy Hodge 13 years, Bush Hodge 6 years bound to Singleton Hodge Oct
9/66. Levina Thomson/Sherman?[name written over] 9 years old, Emma
Sherman 7 yars old, Vina Sherman 4 years old, and Molly Sherman 11 years
old bound to J.C. Brown March 11th/67. Zela Sherman 4 years old bound to
P.C. Stephens March 11th/67. Joseph Wood and [sic] bound to L.J.?
Woodard Oct 8th/66. The above named children is all that has been bound
out by the County Court Judges. There is two children bound out by Judge
Black when he was Asst Supt of the Bureau Refugees Freedmen & A.L.  They
are the only ones I can assertain that has been bound by any Bureau
Office in my district. [Editor's note: The children bound out by Judge
Black were twin girls belonging to Anna and Mingo Clements, Livingston
Co., to Julius Nathan Sutcliff, Crittenden Co.]

Very Respectfully Your Obt Sevt S. Littlefield Agent bureau R.F. & A.L.
L. & C. Cos.