Edgar Walker Phillips Family Bible Records

Edgar Walker Phillips Family
Bible Records

Bible Records of Edgar Walker Phillips of Crittenden County, Ky

Edgar Walker Phillips was my Great Grandfather. He was the son of John Walker Phillips and Pricea Kemp of Crittenden County, Ky.. Edgar was the grandson of Thomas Stewart Phillips and Mary Walker. Edgar Walker Phillips married Mary Melissa Samuels. Mary was the daughter of J. C. (James Crittenden) Samuels and Mary J. O'Neal. Edgar and Mary Melissa had 8 children, all listed below.

All information is noted exactly as found in Edgar Phillips' Bible.
My own added research notes are in parenthesis.

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Ed W. Phillips born Dec. 25, 1866
Mary M. Phillips born Jan. 24, 1869 (*This is Edgar's wife, Mary Melissa Samuel Phillips)
Children of Edgar Walker Phillips and Mary Melissa Samuels:

1. Odus Phillips born March 18, 1888 (*This is found spelled both Odus and Odis in this Bible. Burial: Rosebud Cem. Crittenden Co. Ky.)

2. Mary E. Phillips born Oct. 24, 1889 (*Mary Elsie Phillips died Aug. 7, 1891 Burial:Duncan Cemetery, Crittenden Co. Ky.)

3. Delsie Phillips born Sept. 13, 1891 (also found as Edna Dulsie or Dulsa) Wife of William Arthur Hazel. Burial: Pythian Ridge Cem. Sturgis, KY)

4. John J. Phillips born Dec. 18, 1894 (*John James Phillips and wife Lizzie Hazel
Burial: Pythian Ridge Cem. Sturgis, Ky)

5. Joseph M. Phillips born Aug. 10, 1896 (*Joseph Melborn Phillips died June 21, 1898; Burial Duncan Cemetery, Crittenden Co. Ky.)

6. Annie Z. Phillips born Oct. 30, 1898 (*Buried Crowell Cem. Crittenden Co. Ky. Married John Houston Robertson)

7. Edgar Ovel Phillips born Feb. 18, 1902 (* married Vera Damron, daughter of Robert Lee Damron and Carrie Howard) Ovel buried at the Phillips Cemetery at Baker Church in Crittenden Co. Ky. Ovel and Vera were my Grandparents)

8. Boyd Phillips born Feb. 8, 1904 (*Samuel Boyd Phillips and wife Georgie King buried at Rosebud Cem. Crittenden Co. Ky. Both were killed in a car wreck on July 13, 1968 in Crofton, Ky.)


Mary E. Phillips died Aug. 9, 1891 (daughter of Edgar and Mary Melissa Phillips)

Joseph Melbern Phillips died June 21, 1898 (*son of Edgar and Mary Melissa Phillips)

Ed W. Phillips died Oct. 1, 1903 (*Edgar Walker Phillips)

M. M. Phillips died Aug. 5, 1935 (*This is Ed's wife, Mary Melissa)

Annie Z. Phillips died July 1, 1936 (daughter of Edgar and Mary Melissa Phillips)

John James Phillips died April 1962 (son of Edgar and Mary Melissa Phillips)

Odis Lee Phillips died Nov. 16, 1963 (son of Edgar and Mary Melissa Phillips)


Ed W. Phillips of Weston, Ky and Mary M. Samuel of Repton, Ky. on the 10th day of March 1887, at bride's home, by Rev. Ben Crowell.

Edna D. Phillips and William A. Hazel of Matton, Ky, were married on the 20th of Feb. 1907.
(*this is Edna, also called Dulsie or Delsie, daughter of Edgar Walker Phillips and Mary Melissa Samuels Phillips)

Odis Phillips and Anna Chandler were married Oct. 1909
(*from research we learn the date was October 6th)

Zee Phillips married John Robertson on Sept. 17, 1913
(*Anna Zee Phillips, daughter of Edgar Walker Phillips)

John Phillips and Lizzie Hazel married 1917
(*research shows they married Feb. 8, 1917)

Boyd Phillips and Georgie King married May 9, 1925.

Ovel Phillips and Vera Damron married in 1934
(*research shows date as May 1, 1934)

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