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Early Crittenden Co, KY Churches (established prior to 1900) BELLS MINES CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH There has been a C.P. church in this area in northern Crittenden Co, near the Union Co line, since the early 1800's. In 1849 Jeremiah Wilson deeded one acre to be used for "a baring ground and church for all demoninations." In 1865 the foundation was laid, but the church was not completed until 1885 and was dedicated 1891. Services are still conducted 1-2 times per month. Cemetery adjoining has tombstones dated prior to the Civil War. CALDWELL SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH Organized in 1844 by members of New Bethel Baptist Church (Lyon Co, KY). The current building is the 4th to house the church. Services are conducted regularly. CAVE SPRINGS GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH The first church in this community was built in the early part of the 18th century. Located about 11 miles east of Marion. This is a very active church. No cemetery adjoining. CHAPEL HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Organized as part of Bethany Church in 1803 (see Crooked Creek and First United Presbyterian). The old church building was torn down in the spring of 1996. Cemetery adjoining the church site is still maintained. CHRISTIAN CHURCH Began in Marion in 1874. Its founder was a Bro. Dimmitt. Disbanded in the 1920's but reorganized in 1944. CRAYNE CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Organized 1893 at Crayneville (now Crayne), KY and is an offspring of Piney Fork C.P. Church. This church continues to conduct services. CRAYNE UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH According to the session books of Piney Fork Church, Crayne Church was organized as a C.P. church in 1892 by members of Piney Fork Church. First records being in 1907. CROOKED CREEK MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Located about 2 miles north of Marion at a spot where "the old log church," or Bethany was first organized by the Presbyterians. In 1835, the site was sold to the Baptists. Very active church. The present building was dedicated in the early 1870's. Adjoining cemetery has many old, beautiful tombstones. A number of tombstones are in the woods and not visible from the driveway. DEER CREEK BAPTIST CHURCH The first building was erected in 1823. The present building was built in 1882. The old church minutes are still in existence. This church is still active. Cemetery adjoining has many old tombstones. DUNN SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH No early records. Believed to have been organized in the home of John S. Fowler in 1844. Present building erected in 1885. Small membership. DYCUSBURG UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Organized in 1857. The church was built on lot #7 at the corner of Commerce and Spring Sts. in Dycusburg. The present building was dedicated in 1948. EMMAUS BAPTIST CHURCH First building was on Claylick Creek in 1895. ENON GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH Located in northern Crittenden Co. Organized 1847 by Jacob Holeman, Caswell Mason & Ludwell Brackett. Services still conducted today. FREEDOM GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH Organized 1853. Land for the church building was deeded to the trustees by Alfred Moore. The present building is the 4th one. Cemetery adjoining the church. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH This church grew out of brush arbor services held in 1803 at Dickey Springs, 3 miles east of Marion by Presbyterian minister, William Dickey. In 1805 he built Bethany Church (the Old Log Church; see Crooked Creek). In 1842 when the town of Marion was laid off, a tract of land was granted to the church. The church then located at the corner of Gum and Moore. GREENS CHAPEL CHURCH Disbanded some years ago. Located in Bells Mines Community. Cemetery adjoins former site of the church and is still used and maintained. HURRICANE METHODIST CHURCH Land for the church was obtained from early Crittenden Co settler, Richard Minner about 1843. The current building was constructed in 1920. Camp meetings have been held in an outdoor tabernacle at this location since 1889. Beautiful old, but well maintained, cemetery adjoins the church. MARION UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Organized as a Methodist Episcopal Church, South in 1869. The current building was erected in 1911-1912. Very active church today. MT. PLEASANT CHURCH (black) Formerly located in the Bells Mines community by freed slaves after the Civil War. Disbanded, but a cemetery is located high on a bluff near the approximate area of the church. Mt. ZION CHURCH Disbanded some years ago. A Masonic Hall was located above the church. The church steps are still visible. Early members were the Bristow, Lucas, Heath and other families. Cemetery still maintained and used. NEW UNION GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH (DITNEY) No early records available. The first building is said to have been a log building near or at the site of Old Ditney School. Cemetery adjoining church. PINEY FORK CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH JOHN TRAVIS and others of the Bethany congregation organized Piney Fork Church - the first Cumberland church in Kentucky. Rev. Finis Ewing completed the organization in early 1812 and was the first pastor. Many people of this area named children Finis E. after this early minister. Camp meetings were held from 1812 until 1916. Beautiful location with cemetery adjoining. Tradition has it that the last Indian battle in this area was fought at the location of the cemetery. PLEASANT GROVE GENERAL BAPTIST CHURCH Located about 5 miles north of Salem, Livingston Co, KY, but in Crittenden Co. Exact date of first building unknown. This is the "home church" of the Croft family and their names are found on many of the tombstones in the adjoining cemetery. PLEASANT HILL REGULAR BAPTIST CHURCH Located about 2 miles east of Marion and organized in 1853, mainly by settlers from Smith Co, TN. The first pastor was Paul L.H. Walker, who served for 33 years. REPTON BAPTIST CHURCH Organized in 1888. First deacons were J.C. Brown & J.M. McChesney with W.R. Gibbs as the first pastor. Services still conducted. ROSEBUD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Located on land donated by Ira Nunn, about 10 mi. north of Marion; year unknown. Present building erected in 1956. Cemetery adjoinings church. SEVEN SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH Located southern part of Crittenden Co. Date of organization unknown, but well before 1900. SHADY GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH Organized 1844 as Clear Spring U.B. Church. In 1921 the church changed its name to Shady Grove Baptist. The present building constructed in 1922. Cemetery adjoining church. SILOAM UNITED METHODIST CHURCH In 1843 William Hickman deeded land to the trustees of a newly organized church, Siloam. A log church was used at this location until 1879. The church records begin in 1886. SUGAR GROVE CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Organized 1840 by Rev. William C. Love. A log cabin was built on Phillips Branch of Piney Creek in a grove of large sugar maples near a spring. Camp meetings were held here. A new church was built in 1884 about 3/4 mi. N.W. of the old church. Current building erected 1954. SULPHUR SPRINGS BAPTIST CHURCH Formerly known as Cookseyville Church. Organized 1851. Membero of Little River Association until 1883, when the Ohio River Association was formed. TYNER'S CHAPEL Organized ca 1880 on two acres of land located on Sandy Creek and Clay Lick Creek donated by Thomas R. and Martha E. TYNER to the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South:Thomas R. TYNER; Richard SHERRIL; C.R. STEVENS; F.M. BINKLEY; William TYNER, James (Wesley) GRIMES. UNION BAPTIST CHURCH Organized 1810 as an offsprig of Old Salem Baptist Church. Church records begin 1835. Current building erected 1965. Wonderful, old tombstones grace the adjoining cemetery.
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