These Cruce Cemetery Records are provided by Don Hodge of Marion, KY.


Cruce, Mary Elizabeth		1813	9-Jan-1832
Cruce, Susan Jane	Departed this life 11-Nov-1840, Aged 17 years
Cruce, James Winlock	30-Oct-1812	10-Sept-1870
Cruce, Sarah J. (Young)	08-July-1816	05-Apr-1849  Consort
of J. W. 
Cruce, Mary Susan		23-Sept-1840	03-Aug-1862
    Dau. of J.W. & Sarah J.
Bennett, Anna T. (Cruce)	               1846	            
Bennett, Anna Lee, (on same stone) Daughter of Caswell & Anna T., aged 10
years  (no dates)
Cruce, James C.		11-May1849	05-Sept-1857
Cruce, (Hill), Jane		12-Sept-1825	12-Oct-1891 
     (Second wife of James W.)
Cruce, Kirby		06-Jan-1867	17-Dec-1890
Cruce, Sarah Matilda	xx-June-1852	xx-June-1854
Cruce, Allen Cavitt		11-Sept-1882	19-Nov-1883	
       (son of Lafe & Sarah (Ordway) Cruce
Cruce, Senie (Harrington)	11-Dec-1857	13-June-1888    wife
of Lee Cruce
Cruce, Infant dau. of Lee & Senie	Born and died	30-May-1888
Cruce, Mary Winlock			Born and died
    Infant dau. of L.W. & Mollie Cruce   (no dates on stone, but found
date in newspaper      obituary) 
Cruce, Presley		10-Oct-1819	11-Sept-1867
Cruce, Agnes (Clement)	27-Apr-1820	16-Aug-1857
Cruce, Jr.  Presley 		12-Dec-1853	12-Sept-1854
Cruce, Nancy Jane		18-Aug-1851	19-Apr-1854	
       (dau. of Presley & Agnes C.)
Cruce, Mariah Susan	23-Sept-1856	01-Oct-1857	
Cruce, Infant 		Born and died	7-Mar-1861
    (dau. of Presley and Mary Ann (Jones) Cruce
Cruce, James S.		25-Aug-1796	08-Dec-1845
Cruce,  Nancy Gordon (Harrison)          1794	 27-Nov-1887   Age
about 93 yrs.
Cole, Ella			25-Nov-1853	22-Dec-1870
    (dau. of J.C. and Mary (Evelyn Cruce) Cole
Cruce Ewell			1822	xx-Sept-1880  (No
Cruce, Elizabeth Ann (Dollins)	14-Aug-1827	06-Jan-1875 
Wife of Ewell
Cruce, Infant son		04-Mar-1847	08-Mar-1847 
     Son of Ewell & Elizabeth
Cruce, Milliany   (No Monument)           1850	?       (Dau. of
Ewell & Elizabeth)
Cruce, Infant		Born and died	27-Mar-1853	
   (Inf. of Ewell & Elizabeth)
Cruce, Claude		08-May-1885	20-May-1906
Cruce, Fred		1887		1895	(No Monument)
Cruce, Ross		Born & Died	1891	(No Monument)
Cruce, Mary  (Twin to Ross)	Born & Died	1891	(No
   (Children of Geo. W. & Robert Ann Hill Cruce)
Cruce, Rossie		(29)-Aug-1896	xx-Dec-1902
    (son of Edd and Sarah McDonald Cruce)
Cruce, Ella		30-Mar-1859	17-Mar-1864(No Monument)
  (dau. of Geo. Washington and Francis (Hester) Cruce)
Cruce, Infant of James & Manerva Cruce    Born and Died 2-Mar-1853
Cruce, Infant of James & Manerva Cruce    May 1861      June 1861     1
Month Old	Cruce, James
T.		23-Sept-1856	01-Oct-1857
Cruce, Richard M.         In Memory of Richard M. Cruce Departed This
Life 10-18-35, 
                                          Aged 2 yrs
Jamerson, Marion V.	xx-Mar-1832	23-Jan-1848
   (Nephew of Nancy Harrison Cruce)

Duffy, Patrick			1810	           1873    No
Duffy, Bridgett (O'Connell)		1815	           1884   
No Monument
Duffy, Rose			1838	07-Dec-1912  No Monument
Duffy, Felix			1844	28-Nov-1912  No Monument
Duffy, Ethridge			1886	          1893     No
  (Duffy family information from E. Glen Leslie)

There are still several unidentified graves.