Crooked Creek Church
Crittenden Co., Ky.

Submitted by: Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS
Western Kentucky Journal and Book List

Crooked Creek Church was dedicated in the 1870's, according to
"The Churches in Our County" by the Crittenden County Ministerial Association.
It is located about 2 miles north of Marion, just off Fords Ferry Road.
On the left side of the lane going to the church, is the location of old Cross Keys,
the site of an early ordinary and also the site of the first county court after
Crittenden County was created in 1842.
The Baptists bought the first church on the site of Crooked Creek from the Presbyterians in 1835, when this was still part of Livingston County.
A large cemetery adjoins the church.
Brenda's ancestor, John E. Wilson, lived next to the property
and is buried in the old section of the cemetery.

picture and information from Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS