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August 16, 1900 -   COOK---MOORE 

 Monday afternoon, at the residence of Mr. Henry Ledbetter, at
Elizabethown, Ill., Mr. Levi Cook and Miss Nettie Moore were united in
marriage.  Immediately after the ceremony they returned to Marion, and
the friends of both were surprised at the announcement, but
congratulations were none the less hearty and numerous.  They went to
Elizabethtown to pay a friend a visit, and while there concluded that it
would be both opportune and romantic to celebrate an event that had
already been agreed upon for the future.  
The bride is the eldest daughter of ex-county judge J. A. Moore, and is
one of the most popular, as well as refined and beautiful young ladies in
Marion.  The groom is the popular jeweler of this place, and everybody
appreciates his genial, sunny disposition, his sturdy business qualities,
and his great worth as a man and a citizen.

Dec. 1, 1904 - WEDDING AT THOS. M. HILL'S 

Last Wednesday night at the handsome home of the bride's father in the
Chapel Hill neighborhood, Miss Addie Hill was united in marriage to David
Yandell, of the same vicinity, in the presence of a large concourse of
friends and relatives.  These young people are held in high esteem by all
who know them and their popularity was evidenced by the many handsome
presents they received.  They will make their home with the father of the
groom, T.J. Yandell, Sr.  

Dec. 8, 1904 - HILL - DANIEL.

Richard Hill, of Onalaska, Arkansas, a former Crittenden County boy, came
in last week on a visit to see his old friends and while here he met and
proposed to his sweetheart, Miss Susie Daniel, the handsome daughter of
the late Thos. Daniel, of the Fords Ferry vicinity.  Wednesday morning
accompanied by several friends and her sisters and brothers they drove to
Marion and repaired to the residence of Rev. W. T. Oakley, where they
were pronounced husband and wife.  They took the 11 o'clock train for
Cairo and thence via the Cotton Belt line home.  The Press extends

Dec. 8, 1904  -  COOK-BENNETT

Last Tuesday week Thomas Cook of this city and Miss Clay Bennett of
Kelsey drove to Princeton and were married.  They remained there until
Wednesday, when they returned to the residence of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Pate Bennett.  Mr. Cook is in the insurance office of Crider
& Pickens.


The following announcement has been received in the city:  "Married at
Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 11, 1905, Rev. Dr. Lansing Burrows, pastor First
Baptist Church officiating, Minnie Tabor to William R. Cruce, at home
after Nov. 30th, St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans."
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Tabor, well known in the
Crayneville vicinity.  She has been attending the Lebanon College for
young ladies at Lebanon, Tenn., up to the time of her wedding.
The groom is the New Orleans agent for the National Lead Co., but is a
Crittenden County boy by birth.  It is said that he and the bonny bride
have been sweethearts since childhood.

Feb. 9, 1906   - Brookshire - Baird

Wyatt Brookshire and Miss Lossie E. Baird were quitely married Sunday
morning at the home of the officiating minister, Elder J. L. Paris.
The bride is a daughter of Grant Beard, a prosperous farmer, living West
of Crayneville.  She is a pretty and attractive young lady and the host
of friends wish the happy coule a long and happy life of married bliss.
(spelled Baird and Beard)

 March 9, 1906  -  Yancey - Jackson

A very quiet wedding took place at Hotel Latham last Tuesday night.  The
contracting parties were Miss Myrtle Yancey, of Dycusburg Crittenden
County, and Mr. C. R. Jackson, of Caldwell County, who were accompanied
by Miss Bobbie Clifton and Mr. J. B. Easley, of Kelsey.  The ceremony was
performed by Dr. C. H. Nash in his usual impressive manner.  The bride is
a beautiful brunette, and is a general favorite in the social circle of
her native town.  The groom is a prominent young business man of Kelsey. 
The marriage was not a runaway affair, but the happy couple came here on
a sort of bridal trip, and after spending the night at the Latham the
party returned to their homes yesterday morning at 11:20, over the I. C.

August 22, 1907 - TABOR - CARLTON.

Sunday, August 18, 1907, Lawrence Tabor and Miss Addie Carlton, of the
Crayneville vicinity, went to Elizabethtown, Ill, and were married.  The
bride is the daugher of J. C. Carlton and is in her fifteenth year.  She
is a granddaughter of the Hon. John R. Farris of Salem.  On account of
the extreme youth of the bride her parents objected to her marriage, it
is said, hence the trip to Elizabethtown.  The groom is the son of Jack


Mr. Elmer E. Parish and Miss Carrie Mae Oliver, of Crittenden County were
married in this city Wednesday afternoon.  The ceremony took place in
west Princeton at the home of the officiating clergyman, Rev. Chas.
Gregston.  The young couple were accompanied to Princeton on the 12:10
train from Evansville by Misses Nola Parish, Grace Yandell and Susie
Oliver, Messrs. Mayes Hodges and Butler.
On their arrival the young people went to the home of Rev. Charles
Gregston, where an elegant dinner was served.  After the ceremony, the
party of young people accompanying the contracting parties returned to
their respective homes in Crittenden County, while Mr. and Mrs. Parish
took the 5:10 train for Crofton, where after a short visit to relatives,
they will return to their home in Crittenden County near Frances.
Mrs. Parish, the bride, is a beautiful and attractive young lady and the
second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Oliver, of Frances.
Mr. Parish, the groom, is an excellent young man, being the youngest son
of Geo. Parish, a prominent and prosperous farmer of the Caldwell Springs
community in Crittenden County.  He is well known throughout this section
of the state as a prominent stock dealer.  (Princeton Leader)

March 14, 1907 - OLIVER - PARISH

On Wednesday , March 6, 1907, Mr. Elmer E. Parish and Miss Carrie M.
Oliver, of Frances left on the noon train for Princeton, where they were
united in the holy bonds of matrimony at the home of Rev. Chas. S.
Gregston.  They were accompanied to that place by Misses Susie Oliver,
Grace Yandell, Nola Parish, Messrs. Herschel Butler, Charley Mayes and
Ralph Hodge.
An elegant dinner was served at the Gregston residence and at 1:30
o'clock a large crowd gathered in the parlors and the ceremony was
The bride is the beautiful little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Oliver
and is one of the county's best teachers.  The groom is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. W. Parish and is a prosperous young business man.
While mere children their friendship ripened into an undying love.  The
parties returned to their homes, except the bride and groom, who left for
Crofton to visit relatives.  As they were leaving their friends showered
them with rice.

February 3, 1908 - BROWN--GUNTHER

Last Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Miss Sallie Gunther, of Shady
Grove, was united in marriage to Mr. Henry C. Brown, Rev. W. R. Gibbs
officiating.  The ceremony was performed at the Towery Hotel in Shady
Grove, the bride being a niece of Mrs. S. C. Towery with whom she made
her home.  She is a fine young woman and has many friends who admire her
for her many virtues and sweet manners.  The groom is a farmer and stands
well in the community.

July 16, 1908 - ELOPED WEDNESDAY, JULY 8TH - Moore - Crider

Last Wednesday considerable excitement was caused in Marion when it was
reported that Miss May Moore, the sixteen year-old daughter of Joel
Moore, who lives on East Depot St. had eloped with Eldon W. Crider, to
Elizabethtown, Ill.  The report, although firmly believed by every one,
could not be verified in time for last week's paper, but gradually as the
facts became known, there was left little room to doubt the report.
Miss Moore, who had been employed at the "Haynes Post Card Agency" left
home early to go to her work but instead of going there she met Mr.
Crider as per previous arrangements and together they proceeded to
It was not until noon when she failed to return to dinner that her mother
and brother, Fred, missed her and made inquiry only to learn that she had
not been at Mr. Haynes' office during the forenoon, but had been seen
with Mr. Crider half way to Elizabethtown.
Efforts were made by her brother  on account of her extreme youth to stop
the wedding and as her father was absent (in Evansville,) it was deemed
best to await his return.  However, the dispatch was too slow in reaching
there for the knot had been tied before the telegram had been delivered. 
The happy couple returned here to ask parental forgiveness and have the
good wishes of their many friends and relatives here.

January 28, 1909 - OLIVE--HEATH

On Thursday evening, Jan. 21st, 1909, at 7 o'clock Mr. Guy Olive, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Olive, and a valued employee of the Olive and Walker
hardware store and Miss Lillian Heath the handsome daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Forest B. Heath, of East Marion, were united in marriage in the
parlor's of Rev. W. T. Oakley home on East Bellville Street in this city.
 The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large audience of
friends of the popular couple, all of whom wish them much joy in their
wedded life.  The bride who is quite young is exceptionally attractive
and is popular with the young people in the circle in which she moves and
in fact with everyone who knows her.  Mr. Olive was born and reared here
and has lived here most of his life, and is well liked by our people on
account of his quiet, gentlemanly manner, his sobriety and close
attention  to business.

May 9, 1912 - Married In Evansville  -  Dodds -  Guess

James O. Dodds, aged 20, a school teacher of Providence was married in
Evansville to Miss Della Guess, aged twenty, also a school teacher of
Providence.  She is a daughter of Willoughby Guess of this county, a high
respected citizen and is a half sister of the well known Salem mail
carrier, Thomas C. Guess.

June 6, 1916- Married at Princeton - Dempsey - Coleman

Mr. E. A. Dempsey of Providence and Miss Cassie Coleman of near Shady
Grove surprised their friends by getting married at Princeton Tuesday. 
The bride is the attractive daughter of Mr. S. C. Coleman a prominent
farmer of Caldwell Co.  The groom is the son of Mr. S. M. Dempsey, the
watchmaker of the place, and he is an industrious young man of good
habits and popular among acquaintances.  The young couple will reside
here.  Providence Enterprise

June 27, 1918 - Etheridge - Asher

William Etheridge and Ollie Asher of the Piney Fork section drove to
Elizabethown, Ill. last Wednesday and were united in marriage.  They were
accompanied by the groom's sister Ms. Susie Etheridge and Mr. Frank Hunt.
 The wedding party returned Wednesday night.  The happy couple will make
their home with the groom's parents where he is engaged in farming.

June 27, 1918 - McBride  - Butler

Charley McBride and Ada Butler were married at Elizabethown last Monday
June 19, by Rev. Illo Hall.  After a visit to Mrs. McBride's sister Mrs.
Nell Horning at Rosiclare, they returned to Sheridan, and remained until
Monday when the groom left for camp Zachary Taylor.
The groom is a sterling young farmer and has made his home with his Uncle
Victor Hurst.  The bride has a position at the millinary store of Mrs.
Lottie Tinsley Terry and is quite pretty.

June 27, 1918 - Moore - Hardy

James Newton Moore son of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Moore of this city and Miss
Jamie Gladys Hardy, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Hardy, were united in
marriage last Thursday evening at the Methodist church in Elizabethtown,
Ill.  They left here at seven o'clock and motored to Rosiclare and after
crossing secured a car and proceeded to the county seat where the license
was obtained, and as prayer meeting was in progress they attended it and
asked the minister to say the ceremony, which he did in his best style.
They were accompained by Orville Threlkeld, cousin of the bride, and Miss
Miriam Pierce.  After the wedding the party returned to Rosiclare and
crossed to the Kentucky side where their car had been left and returned
to the home of the brides mother where they will reside.
The groom is employed at Foster and Tucker's garage and is a young man of
exemplary habits whom we all know and love.  He is sober and industrious
and will make good in any avenue he chooses to work in.
His bride is an attractive girl of winning personality and unusually
bright mind, she graduated with honors recently from the Marion High
School.  She is an entertaining reader and belongs to the Girl's
Quarteete in both of which capacities she had given pleasure to many
They have the best wishes of a host of friends for health and happiness
in their married life, and the latter is assured, as it is a love match,
they having been sweethearts since their first date.


Dec. 24th 1919, at the home of the brides parents, Mr. Jonas Rushing and
Miss Annie Smith were united in marriage.  Mr. Rushing is the son of Mrs.
Arisba Rushing and one of Crittenden's boys who saw service overseas in
Europe's War.  Miss Smith is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith of
Marion.  Relatives and friends wish them a long, happy and prosperous
journey through life.

Feb. 4, 1921 - James - Yarbrough

W. D. James and Miss Mary Yarbrough were united in marriage by Rev. J. R.
King at his residence in Blackford on Tuesday. Feb. 1.  The bride is from
Providence and the groom is a native of this county.  Both are popular
young people of their community.


At noon Saturday, Mr. Ray Brown and Miss Pearl Polk, both of the Frances
section, were married in the office of The Crittenden Press by Rev. W. F.
Hogard.  Mr. Brown is a young farmer of the Frances section and Miss Polk
is a young lady of many charms.  The couple are very popular in their
neighborhood and their many friends wish them happiness.

April 21, 1922 - Morgan - Hill

Mr. Percy Morgan of Crayne and Miss Velda Hill of this city, went to
Evansville Saturday and were united in marriage, returning on an evening
train.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hill of this city.

Sept. 28, 1923 - Simpson McDowell

Mr. Charlie Simpson and Miss Alma McDowell married Wednesday, Sept. 19 at
the residence of Rev. J. R. King at Blackford who officiated.  Bride
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McDowell, groom a progressive young farmer
of Shady Grove community.  Were accompanied by bride's sister, Mrs.
charles Thomas, and Mr. Thomas.


Miss Wilma Paris, a student of the Senior Class of the Marion High School
and Ewell Cruce, of Crayne, were the contracting parties in one of
Sunday's marriages at Elizabethtown, the wedding being another of the
series of High School elopements.  They were accompanied by Miss Ruby
Whitt and Escol Northern.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bunyan Paris and was a leader
in class work among the students of class '26.  Mr. Cruce is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cruce, of Frances.  The groom is night watchman at the
Lafayette mine.  The couple intend to make their home at Mexico.

Sept. 24, 1926 - Moore - Long

Miss Effie Long and A.C. Moore were married Thursday of last week in
Elizabethtown, Ill.  They were accompanied from Marion by Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Agee.

Jan. 15, 1926 - Miss Carnahan Bride of  Roe Williams

Miss Virginia Carnahan and William Roe Williams were married on the
afternoon of Sunday, January 3, in Clarksville, Tenn.  The couple left
home in the morning for a drive that culminated in the wedding in
Tennessee that afternoon.  They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Bruce
Nunn, themselves bride and groom of only a few months.
The ring ceremony was used in the quiet wedding at the home of Rev.
Pennnington, pastor of the Methodist church in Clarksville.  Rev.
Pennington was the officiating minister.
The only attendants at the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. Nunn, who were
accompanied on their wedding trip several months ago by Mr. and Mrs.
Both the bride and groom were students of Marion High School. The bride
is the daughter of Mrs. Zena Carnahan, and is an attractive member of the
younger set of Marion.  Mr. Williams is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Roe
Williams. He was one of the stars on the gridiron during last seasons

June 18, 1926  -  Marvel  - Conger

Roy Marvel and Miss Elva Conger both of Crittenden County were married
Tuesday of last week in Elizabethown, Ill., with Esquire H. A. Ferrill
saying the wedding ceremonies in the office of the county clerk.  Both
the bride and groom live in Marion.

February 11, 1927 - Thurmond - Dalton

Mrs. Carrie Thurmond of Evansville, Indiana has announced the engagement
of her daughter, Miss Fannye Blue Thurmond, to Conway Dalton of
Evansville.  The wedding will take place there February 24th.  The
Thurmond family formerly lived in Marion.

 Friday, Dec. 7, 1928  -  Bethel Items - Hughes - Wheeler

Miss Vesta Hughes and Henry Wheeler were married in Elizabethtown Ill.,
Nov. 29.  Miss Hughes formerly lived near Freedom, and is the daughter of
W. Hughes.  Mr. Wheeler lives at Levias.

July 20, 1928 - Farley - Vinson

Miss Hazel Farley and Luther Vinson, both of Marion, were married Monday
in Elizabethtown Il.  Miss Vinson is a daughter of Tom Farley.

July 6, 1928 - Shewmaker - Perryman

A list of marriage licenses issued recently at Elizabethtown Il. included
the names of Free F. Shewmaker, 24, and Miss Frances Perryman, 19, both
of Marion.

Oct. 18, 1929 - Midway Couple are Married Saturday

Miss Mariam Hunt and Curtis Marvel motored to Elizabethtown Ill. Saturday
afternoon and were married.  Mrs. Marvel is the daughter of Mrs. Alice M.
Hunt.  Mr. Marvel a farmer, is the son of Mr. and Mr. John Marvel

Feb. 14, 1936 - Oakley - Moran

J. V. Moran of Marion and Miss Lillian Oakley of Madisonville, KY were
married Sunday Feb. 9, at the home of Rev. Rudolph Lane, of Princeton,
KY.  Miss Anna Belt, Dorothy James, Walton Herron and Crawford Gilbert
accompained them.  They will make their home in Marion.  Mr. Moran is
emplyed at the Moran Service Station.

June 17, 1938  -  Miller - Gilbert

Miss Marjorie Helene Miller and Robert L. Gilbert married at the Calvary
Episcopal Chapel at Ashland, KY.  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller
of Flint Michigan, Gilbert son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gilbert of Detroit
Michigan, formerly of this city.  Couple reside in Detroit Michigan.

More Marriage Announcements from the Crittenden Press - Used with

Sept. 13, 1900 - Brown - Brasher

Yesterday afternoon at the residence of Jailer Hard, Mrs. Maud Brasher
and Mr. Sam Brown, both of the Frances neighborhood, were united in
marriage, Rev. Carter officiating.  A number of friends witnessed the
ceremony.  The bride is a sister of Mrs. A. S. Hard and belongs to one of
the best families of that section.  The groom is a substantial farmer,
and well liked in his community. 

July 4, 1901 - Perry - DeBoe

Mr. Edward Perry and Miss Mary Deboe were united in marriage at the
residence of Rev. Jas. F. Price Thursday afternoon, in the presence of
quite a number of friends and relatives.  The bride is the pretty
daughter of Mr. Phil Deboe, of the county.  The groom is a son of Mr. W.
T. Perry, of Blackford.

March 5, 1903 - Rogers - Hedspeth

Mr. Wm. M. Rogers and Miss Pearl Hedspeth, young people from Mexico,
Crittenden County, were married at the Gooch House in this city Saturday
about midnight.  They came in over the I.C. and the train being late, did
not arrive until 12:30.  A license was secured at once and the ceremony
was performed by Rev. H. C. Beckett.  The couple returned to their home
Sunday afternoon.  (Hopkinsville Kentuckian)

April 2, 1903 - Dodge - Howerton

At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. G. W. Howerton, three miles
east of town, Tuesday evening March 31, Mr. J. F. Dodge and Miss Ada
Howerton were united in marriage, Rev. T. C. Carter officiating.

Quite a number of friends witnessed the happy event.  The bride is an
amiable, handsome and accomplished young lady, the groom is one of the
most popular business men in Marion; both have a wide acquaintance and
enjoy a large circle of friends and they have the best wishes of all.

July 16, 1903 - DeBoe - Carnahan

At the residence of Rev. W. T. Oakley, in this city, Mr. William Deboe,
of Iron Hill, and Miss Annie B. Carnahan, of Blackford, were united in
marriage Saturday.  Rev. Oakley officiating.  The contracting parties
have the best wishes of may friends.

July 16, 1903 - Newberry - Binkley

Mr. Jesse E. Newberry and Miss Binkley, of the Dycusburg neighborhood,
were united in marriage in the county clerk's office Wednesday morning. 
Rev. Joiner officiating.

August 18, 1904 - Perryman - Franks

Miss Ada Franks and Mr. Nathan Perryman were united in marriage Wednesday
evening at the residence of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Alice Hughes, Rev. T.
C. Carter performing the ceremony.  The attendants were Mr. T. H. Farmer
and Miss Florence Franks.  The wedding march was played by Miss Ethel
Price.  The bridegroom is the son of James Perryman of this county and is
a farmer by profession.  The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Martha Franks.
 Both are popular young people of their respective sections and many
friends wish them happiness and good luck.

March 10, 1904 - Ramsey - Gardner

On Wednesday, March 3rd at the home of the bride's mother Mr. Joseph
Ramsey of Shady Grove and Miss Lizzie Gardner were united in marriage.  A
short but impressive ceremony was pronounced by Rev. T. F. Roland in the
presence of only a few intimate friends and relatives.  Immediately
afterwards they left for Hopkins Co. for the home of the groom where an
elegant reception was given them.  Their attendants were Mr. Richie
Payton and Miss Verna McConnell.  In a short while they will go to
Providence where they will reside.  Mr. Ramsey is a young man of sterling
qualities.  Miss Gardner is one of Crittenden Count's teachers.  A young
lady of accomplishments and amiability.  She has many friends who wish
her much happiness in her new home.

November 17, 1904 - Champion - Towery

Mr. Thomas Watts Champion of the well-known law firm and Miss Daisy
Towery, daughter of County Judge Aaron Towery, left Marion quietly
Tuesday morning on the 7 o'clock train and went to Evansville where they
were joined in the holy bonds of wedlock in the parlors of the St. George
Hotel.  After the wedding the bridal party took dinner at the St. George
Hotel and left immediately after for St. Louis to visit the Worlds Fair. 
The couple were joined at Blackford by Mr. Manuel Towery, a brother of
the bride and his wife and they accompanied them to St. Louis.  The many
friend of this popular couple will wish them Godspeed on life's journey.

November 17, 1904 - Akin - Graves

Miss Marie Ialeen Graves, daughter of Dr. J M. Graves, one of the
county's leading physicians and a prominent citizen of Dycusburg was
married to E. M. Akin, a well-known business man of Evansville, Ind., who
is the clerk on the steamer J. B. Richardson now plying Green River.  The
wedding took place at high noon Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 1904 at the home of
the brides parents and after a sumptuous wedding banquet the couple left
for Humboldt, Tenn., to visit Marven Charles, the West Tennessee B banker
and his wife.  Mr. Charles was formerly a citizen of Dycusburg and his
wife is a daughter of S. H. Cassidy and a friend and school mate of the
bride.  Mr.  Akin is to be congratulated on winning the hand of one so
fair and of such winning manners as to count her friend by the score.

December 9, 1904 - Elder-Belt

Tuesday evening, at the home of the bride near Pleasant Hill church, Wm.
Elder and Miss Lillie Belt were united in marriage, Rev. T. A. Conway
officiating.  The bride is the daughter of Hewlett Belt, a leading farmer
and citizen of the county.  She is pretty and attractive, and has many
splendid qualities that are admired by all who know her.  The groom is a
hustling young farmer who resided with his mother, Mrs. Sallie Elder near
the city.  He is well known and has scores of friends that wish him well.
 A scrumptious dinner was served at the home of the groom to a few
immediate relatives and friends.

December 9, 1904 - Cupid's Capers. - Cook - Bennett

Tuesday, Nov. 29th, Thomas Cook, of Marion, and miss Clay Bennett, of
Kelsey, were united in marriage at Princeton.  The matrimonial wave which
has swept over some of the people of this and adjoining counties did not
miss this happy pair.  Miss Bennett is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pate
Bennett and grand daughter of Bill Bennett, a prosperous farmer of near
Kelsey.  Mr. Tom Cook is son of Mr. and Mrs. .Henry Cook, of this city
and has been identified with the insurance business for a number of
years. He is at present with the Geo. M. Crider & Co. agency in this

December 9, 1906 - Daniel - Hill

Richard Hill, son of Frate Hill of Arkansas, formerly of this county and
Miss Susie Daniel, daughter of the late Thomas Daniel, were united in
marriage Wednesday by Rev. W. T. Oakley at his residence on Bellville
street.  As soon as the ceremony was performed the happy couple left on
the noon train for Arkansas where they will reside.  The bride and groom
grew up together in the Mr. Zion neighborhood and are young people of
excellent character and standing.  The groom is upright, honest and a
hard worker and will make a good husband in every respect.  The bride
possesses many admirable qualities.  She is well known and has friends by
the score.  That life's path to this couple may be long and smooth and
that their blessings may be many, is the wish of the writer.

March 9, 1906 - Miss Nellie Thomas to Wed.

Invitations hae been received here by the many friends of Miss Nellie
Thomas announcing her marriage to Dr. William H. Kirk, of Armory, Miss. 
Miss Thomas formerly lived in this city and is pleasantly remembered by
many on account of her charming nature and winning ways.  For several
years past she has made her home in Memphis with her brother, J. Nick
Thomas.  Congratulations and many sincere wishes for her future happiness
are extended by her many friends in this city.

More Mariages from the Crittenden Press and the Crittenden Record Press - Used
with permission.

January 5, 1905 - Pogue-Matthews

At the Gill House in this city at high noon Wednesday, January 4th, 1905, the
Rev. J. R. McAfee united J. T. Pogue and Miss Frances Matthews in the holy bonds
of matrimony.  The young couple live in the Frances vicinity and each belongs to
a well known and highly respected family.  They were accompanied by Miss Ella
Crayne and J. L. Binkley.

January 11, 1906 - Henry - Phillips

Married, on the evening of the 10th, at the residence of the grandparents of the
bride, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Russell, Mr. Thomas Henry, of Blackford, to Miss Ursie
Phillips, of Rosebud.  Rev. Thos. A Conway officiating.  The bride is the oldest
daughter of Esq. L. B. Phillips of Bells Mines.  She is pretty, amiable, modest,
kind hearted, and a first-class prize in the matrimonial lottery.  The groom is a
trusted employee of the I.C. railroad, is well fixed financially, and is a moral
and pleasant young gentleman.  They will reside in Blackford.  The press extends
congratulations and kindest wishes.

August 16, 1906 - Smart - Black

Marion C. Smart, of this city, was married last Tuesday Aug. 7st at 4 o'clock, to
Miss Madge Black, of Grove Center, Union Co. KY., by Rev. Foskett, of
Morganfield.  They arrived here the next evening, and were given a reception at
the home of the groom's mother Mrs. Margaret Wright, on North Main Street.  She
is a sister-in-law of Ed Love of Fords Ferry, and it was there the couple first

January 19, 1911 - Green - McKinney

On Saturday evening, January 7th at the home of the bride's father, Mr. Corbett
McKinney and Miss Minnie Green were united in marriage by Rev. U. G. Hughes
pastor.  The bride is the beautiful young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Green,
of the Seven Spring neighborhood.  The groom is a prosperous young farmer, of the
same vicinity.  They are among the most popular young people of their community,
having a great number of warm friends.

January 26, 1911 - King - Hughes

Wednesday, Jan. 18th, 1911 at high noon, Mr. Ranzy King of the Rodney section and
Miss Lula Hughes of the Weston section drove into the city and proceeded to Rev.
W. T. Oakley's residence and were united in marriage by that popular minister,
after which they returned home to receive the parental blessings.  These young
people have been lovers for several years and the marriage was the culmination of
a long courtship.

April 27, 1911 - Henry - McKee

Big Wedding At The Gill House.  Mr. W. T. Henry and Miss Flora McKee, both of
Repton vicinity came in on the 11 o'clock train Monday and were married at high
noon at the Gill House.  Rev. W. T. Oakley officiating.  They were accompanied by
T. F. Henry, uncle of the groom and Rees Henry, a brother of the groom and Miss
Mary Lynn, also Sellers, Charles and Hawkins all brothers of the groom, and Miss
Mary Henry, only sister of the groom also Charles Morgan and wife of Union Co.
cousins of the groom.  The wedding party took dinner at the Gill House and all
had a jolly good time.  The bride is one of Crittenden's handsomest women and is
a daughter of Squire Hugh McKee.  The groom is native of Union Co. and is a
sterling young man and a good farmer.

May 18, 1911 - Hall - McKinney

On Friday May 5 Mr. Norvel McKinney and Miss Daisy Hall, both of Seven Springs
neighborhood, drove to Marion and registered at the Gill House and after
procuring the necessary papers the Rev. U. G. Hughes was summoned who united them
in the holy bonds of matrimony.  The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas Hall of near Dycusburg and a most charming young lady.  The groom is one
of the most successful young farmers of the county.

March 30, 1911 - York - Ford

Married at the residence of the bride's brother, Thos. W. York, Sunday March
12th, Miss Alma York and Champ Ford.  The bride is one of Tennessee's most
lovable and amible young ladies and has been living with her brother for three
years.  The groom is a son of Marion Ford and an industrious and highly respected
young man of the Enon neighborhood.  We wish theis happy couple a long, happy and
prosperous voyage through life.  The ceremony was performed by Eld. Rufus Little.

June 15, 1911 - Kirk-Belt - Belt-Paris

First Sunday in May Miss Mila Kirk, youngest daughter of Jim Kirk, of the Colon
neighborhood, and Roy Belt, of Hebron, surprised their many friends by eloping to
Elizabethtown.  They were accompanied by Miss Ida Winders and John D. Barnes. 
Just a month later, first Sunday in June, Miss Ada Belt, and Andy A. Paris went
to Elizabethtown, accompanied by Miss Ruth James and Elbert Lucas.  We wish both
couples a happy voyage through life.

October 19, 1911 - Henry - Stephenson

Last Sunday morning when mutual friends saw Carey Henry and Miss Katie Stephenson
drive out of town "to attend the W.O.W. Meeting at Evansville," (having missed
the train) they thought it was rather a long drive but could see by the merry
twinkle in each of their eyes that they did not care for the distance, but they
did not understand why Carey too, the Elizabethtown, Ill., road.  Later in the
day it dawned on them that the trip really meant a wedding, and sure enough they
were married while in the Illinois Gretna.  They returned here Sunday night and
went at once to the home of the groom's father, Rev. J. S. Henry.  The bride has
grown up here and is an attractive young woman of sweet and winsome manner.  She
is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rush Stephenson, of East Depot street, and is a
granddaughter of Rev. W. R. Gibbs, a minister of Sheridan and until recently held
a position in Haynes' Post Card Agency.  The groom is employed at the Henry Bros.
tomb stone and monument agency an is well liked.

October 12, 1911 - Nunn - Crowell

Roy Nunn, of Crittenden Co., and Miss Zora Crowell, of Blackford, were united in
marriage Wednesday evening, Oct. 4th, 1911, at the home of the bride's parents. 
Rev. O. D. Spence officiating.  Mrs. Nunn is the beautiful daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Crowell, and has many friends, who wish her a long, happy and
prosperous life.  Mr. Nunn is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Nunn, and is a
prosperous young farmer.  After the ceremony was over they at once started for
Mr. Nunn's, the father of the groom, where a nice supper awaited them.  They were
accompanied by H. A. Threlkeld and Miss Imah Ramsey.  As large number of friends
were present and all join the Record-Press in wishing them much joy, a long and
happy life.

November 30, 1911 - Crider - McMican

On Sunday afternoon at four o'clock Mr. Allen Crider of Star and Miss Hallie
McMican of Tribune drove up to the Rev. W. T. Oakley's residence and were united
in the holy bonds of wedlock by that divine in his most appropriate language. 
Herbert Alexander and Miss Beulah McMican the brides's sister accompained them. 
The groom is a sterling young farmer and is well liked where known.  The bride is
an attractive girl and is a daughter of Henry McMican, one of the county's best
men.  We wish them much joy.

March 7, 1912 - Bebout - Thomas

On Wednesday morning, Feb. 28, 1942, at the home of Rev. Eli Eaton, J. E. Bebout
and Miss Etta Thomas were united in marriage, Rev. Eaton officiating.  George
Patmore and Miss Mary Thomas were attendants.  The bride is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. J. Thomas and the groom is a son on Mrs. Lynn.  Soon after the ceremony
they drove to the groom's home where they will reside.  Many friends wish them
much happiness.

December 19, 1912 - Brown - Fowler

Mansfield Brown of Iron Bridge section and Miss Sallie Fowler of the Weston
section were married at the Spees Hotel at high noon Wednesday, Dec. 18th, by
Rev. W. T. Oakley in the presence of several friends.  The groom is a substantial
young farmer and son of the late Dock Brown, while the bride is a daughter of the
widow Fowler and a sister of Thos. Fowler and is an estimable young lady.