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Obituaries from the Marion Reporter, published at Marion, Crittenden County, KY.

The issues are not complete.

YANCY, Mrs. Mollie E., wife of S.L. Yancy and daughter of W.E. Dycus,
  died 8 Dec in Dycusburg. [19 Dec 1878]

BUNTON, Jesse J., died at his residence near Dycusburg, 13 Dec. [19 
  Dec 1878]

ELDER, G.W. died at his home last Saturday after an illness of about
  two weeks.  He was an old citizen of this county. [19 Dec 1878]

HUGHES, Rutledge, formerly of this county, died at his home in Lyon
  County. [31 Dec 1878]

WELBORN, John, while carrying wood from his wood yard to his house,
  fell and died more than a week ago. Formerly of this county, but
  was living in Caldwell Co at the time of his death. [2 Jan 1879]

HILL, Dr. of Cromwell, KY died, according to a telegram received by
  out county clerk.  The remains of the deceased will arrive here
  tomorrow for burial.  [20 Feb 1879]

McCONNELL, Mrs., mother of our worthy citizen, Hugh McConnell of 
  Fords Ferry, died a few days ago. [20 Feb 1879]

BERRY, Wm., age 67, died Wednesday. [20 Feb 1879]

The following obituaries are from the Crittenden Press, published at
Marion, Crittenden Co, KY.

PARIS, Mrs. Patsy died after an illness of nearly 2 years. Died at 
  the residence of Mr. Hunt. Mrs. Paris was the widow of Obadiah
  Hunt. [8 Jul 1879]

SARTORIS, Mrs. Mellie - It wasn't Mrs. Mellie Sartoris who died last
  week. [26 Aug 1879]

BALDWIN, G.S., formerly of Dycusburg and now of Mayfield, lost his
  wife Sunday.  [28 Oct 1879]

WALLACE, Jack of the Carrsville coal mines was killed a few days ago
  by a rock falling on him while he was in a drift. [28 Oct 1879]

PROCTOR, Eugene killed [stabbed] by Bob Hite in Union Co. last Sat.
  Also killed was nother man - a Negro killed with a razor. [11 Nov 1879]

WOODS, Miss Ada, died at her home in Livingston County Tues., at 4 a.m.
  after a short illness.  [24 Dec 1879]

SOLOMON, Thos., an old citizen of Lyon Co, was found in his room
  standing up by the stairsteps dead.  [7 Jan 1880]

WOODS, Miss Ad died 23 Dec in her 21st year.  [14 Jan 1880]

MAYS, George, living 2 miles south of Marion, died of typhoid fever on
  the 9th.  [14 Jan 1880]

MAYES, George died Monday, 9 Feb, in the 21st year of his age. [18 Feb

LINN, Newton, whose illness was mentioned last week, died on Saturday
  and was buried at Crooked Creek Sunday evening.  [3 Mar 1880]

COFFIELD, Gunny, an old Negro of the Hurricane neighborhood, is no
  more. Found dead on the road side.  [3 Mar 1880]

McKINNEY, Mr. G.M., an old and respected citizen of Dycusburg, died
  last week.  [10 Mar 1880]

ORR, Charlie died of lockjaw Sat. night.  [10 Mar 1880]

FERREL, mother of Col. C.M. died in Elizabethtown, Hardin Co, IL on
  the 5th inst., age 80.  [10 Mar 1880]

DALTON, Malinda, wife of Joseph, died at Bennett's landing on the 5th
  inst. Funeral preached by Rev. Jno. T. Yates Sat. at Hurricane. 
  [10 Mar 1880]

DYER, Marsh, Wm. WOLFE, W.E. AMES and a negro man drowned at Caseyville,
  Union Co last Wed.  [10 Mar 1880]

MONROE, Mr. shot and mortally wounded by Finis McCollum, a young 
  physician of Carrsville, on the 13th inst. at Carrsville. [17 Mar 1880]

HUGHES, Rutledge Lee died with typhoid fever 26 Feb. in his 10th year
  at his mother's residence at Kriss's Ferry, Livingston Co. [17 Mar 1880]

WHEELER, Mrs. Polly, one of the oldest ladies of the county, died at 
  her home last week. [31 Mar 1880]

TRAVIS, Mrs. Rachel, living east of Marion, died last Sat. morning. She
  was born in 1787, joined the Piney Cumerland Presbyterian Church in
  1810, at the time of its organization.  She is the mother of a large
  family of children and many grandchildren bear her name. [31 Mar 1880]

LINLEY, Dr.: Last Sat. while Dr. Linley of Salem, Livingston Co, was
  repairing a barn door, the wind blew the door against his forehead. 
  He started home but, before going far, fell from his horse, and was
  shortlly afterwards found in an unconscious state.  He remained in that
  condition until Mon. morning, when he died.  [31 Mar 1880]

SHORT, George, the artist who spent some months in Marion, died in
  Rockport, IN 10th of this month.  [21 Apr 1880]

PHILLIPS, Maxwell P. died at his home in this county on the 6th inst. He
  was born here Aug 20, 1811.  Member of the Cumberland Presbyterian
  church.  [12 May 1880]

DORROH, Charles, about age 17, living near Salem, Livingston Co, died
  last week from the effects of an overdose of sytychnine. He had
  been using a powder purchased of a New York patent medicine doctor
  on his face.  Upon failure to remove his freckles, the so-called
  physicians advised him to take strychnine.  [12 May 1880]

TRAVIS, Rachel funeral sermon will be preached at Olive Branch Church
  on the first Sabbath in July at 11 a.m.  [16 Jun 1880]

LAMB, wife and child of Wilson Lamb, brother of Goerge Lamb, died last
  week.  [16 Jun 1880]

BENNET, Coleman H., an old citizen, died on the 16th at his home in
  Dycusburg. [23 Jun 1880]

CRAYNE, mother of J.B. CRAYNE died 17 Jun at Norris City, IL. [23 June

SMITH, Mr. Criss of near Commercial Point, in Union Co, had his throat
  cut by Jack Williams.  $200 reward for apprehension of Williams.
  [23 Jun 1880]

WILSON, Mrs. Mary J., sister of J.H. Hillyard, died at her home near
  Bethlehem Church in Caldwell County last week. Mrs. Wilson was sick
  but a few days - heart disease, accompanied by a paralytic stroke.
  [7 Jul 1880]

COSSITT, Freddie Stewart, son of Dr. T.H. and Mary C. Cossitt, born 
  Oct 17, 1870 and died of congestion of the stomach and bowels June
  23, 1880.  [7 Jul 1880]

EDRINGTON, John B. was found shot and killed about 1/2 mile from his
  residence in the upper part of the county on June 14. Coroner Tucker
  was notified and held an inquest which resulted in suspicion of 
  Granville D. and John R. Edwards. John R. Edwards was Edrington's
  son-in-law. The Edwards brothers were arrested. Mr. Edrington had
  for several years lived in the Brown neighborhood above Fords Ferry.
  [7 Jul 1880] Not enough evidence to point out the guilty person.
  [Under Weston News, same date]

WILLIAMS, Mrs. Jane, widow of Henry, of Livingston County near the
  Crittenden County line, died at her home last Sat. [14 Jul 1880]

WOODS, Henry W. died at his home near Salem, Livingston Co, in his
  70th year. Native of KY, born in eastern part of the state, but for
  many years a citizen of Livingston Co. [14 Jul 1880]

TRUITT, Aunt Mila funeral preached by Rev. Winn on the 18th. [Weston
  News 14 Jul 1880]

FRASHIER, little child of Rev. Frashier of Shady Grove, who died at
  Alexandria last week.  [21 Jul 1880]

GUESS, son of Mr. Willoby Guess, formerly of this county, shot himself
  last Sunday. [21 Jul 1880]

WOODY, John died at his residence last Thursday.  [11 Aug 1880]

LUCAS, Mr. Jesse, old and respected citizen, died at the residence of
  T.J. Flanary last Friday. [18 Aug 1880]

MORRIS, Laroy of Livingston Co died at his residence last week. [18 Aug

STEWART, "Old Aunt" Sarah died from cancer. [8 Sep 1880]

LUCAS, Mr. Jesse funeral sermon will be preached by the Rev. G.W.
  Crumbaugh at Glendale next Sunday. [22 Sep 1880]

MASON, Joel: Monday evening the Marshal of Princeton and Deputy
  Sheriff of Caldwell County arrested W.A.M. Brewer at the residence
  of Mr. Prichett near town. Brewer is charged with killed Joel Mason
  at Empire Mines, Christian County, on the 9th.  [13 Oct 1880]

O'NEAL, oldest daughter of J.P. O'Neal, buried at Kilpatrick graveyard
  yesterday. [13 Oct 1880]

YEAKEY, James, former citizen of this county. Death reported by the 
  Hardin Co, IL Gazette. Resident of Cave-In-Rock, IL. [27 Oct 1880]

LEEPER, Thomas A. of Livingston Co fell dead while at work on his
  farm near Smithland last week.  [27 Oct 1880]

LONG, George, old and respected citizen, died last Wed. after an 
  illness of several months. He came to this county 46 years ago and
  since has lived within 2 miles of Marion.  [27 Oct 1880]

VERNON, Sam. M., member of Olive Branch Lodge No. 770, I.O.G.T. died.
  [27 Oct 1880]

CHAMPION, David died at his residence in the Hurricane neighborhood on
  Oct 10.  [27 Oct 1880]

LEMON, Miss Emma died at the residence of Mr. Lemon, near Salem, 20 Oct.
  [27 Oct 1880]

FULLER, Youngest daughter of Joe Fuller of the Union neighborhood died a
  few days since.  [17 Nov 1880]

DRAKE, Anna K. died Oct 28 at the residence of her parents in Ohio Co, 
  Ky; in her 14th year.  [17 Nov 1880]

VANHOOK, Dr. R. died at his residence at Crittenden Spring Fri., 26 Nov.
  Pneumonia caused his death.  [1 Dec 1880]

HILLYARD, Miss Lizzie: J.H. Hillyard was called to visit the death bed
  of his sister, Miss Lizzie, who died last Sat. night of pneumonia.
  [1 Dec 1880]

HUGHES, Mrs. Lynn, wife of W.J.L. died yesterday evening of consumption.
  The bereaved husband and orphanted [sic] little girl have our 
  deepest sympathies.  [1 Dec 1880]

BENNETT, Leon died at the residence of Capt. P.L. Yancey, his grand-
  father. Son of F.J. Bennett; in his 6th year.  [8 Dec 1880]

CLARK, Mr. Marion of Cave Spring neighborhood died Nov 30. Through an
  error, we announced the death of the wife and daughter of Mr.
  Marion Clark as the wife and daughter of Mr. Marion. [8 Dec 1880]

LEMEN, infant child of F.A. Lemen buried 27 Nov.  [8 Dec 1880]

CAIN, Rev. R.C. died Wed., 1 Dec.  [8 Dec 1880]

LEIGH, wife of Sol Leigh of Hurricane died at her home 3 Dec of
  pneumonia.  [8 Dec 1880]

CHAMPION, N.D. died Oct 23 at his residence in Crittenden Co. [8 Dec

FOWLER, Judge Wiley P. of Paducah is dead.  He had been in feeble 
  health for some time. Perhaps no man is more familiar with the
  history of the settlement and development of Crittenden Co., being
  conversant with the days of the famous Ford of Fords Ferry. In his
  early career as a lawyer, he was frequently employed by the noted
  clansman in law suits.  [15 Dec 1880]

BUSH, W.E. died at Princeton, Caldwell Co, 6 Dec.  [15 Dec 1880]

CONGER, Mrs. died at her home west of Marion last week. [15 Dec 1880]

WILSON, F.N., whose wife died of pneumonia last week, is now dangerously
  ill with the same disease.  [15 Dec 1880]

LEE, Mrs. Belle died on the 3rd inst. and her infant daughter on the
  5th. Mrs. Lee leaves a husband and 4 children. [15 Dec 1880]

CONGER, Mrs. Mel of Sulphur Springs died last week of a congestive
  chill.  [22 Dec 1880]

FRANKLIN, little boy of Lewis Franklin was buried at Union the 16th.
  [22 Dec 1880]

TERRY, Mr. Henry, stepson of Mr. Hammond; sudden death here on the
  18th. [22 Dec 1880]