Crittenden Co., Ky. 1860 Mortality Schedule

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List includes: Name, Sex, Age, Place of Birth, Month of Death, Cause of Death, & Occupation if listed.

Allen, Malvina J. f. 17 TN. May Lung Hemorage

Anderson, John m. 1 Ky. Nov. Scarlet Fev.

Arflack, Elisabeth f. 10 Tn. Oct. Croup

Babb, Wiley m. 41 Ky. Aug. Dyspepsia Farmer

Barnett, Mariah negro f. 3 Ky. Jan. Burned Slave

Beadlin, Cathrine f. 21 OH Jan. Puerperal

Bennett, William W. m. 1 Ky. Apr. Dropsy

Black, Chili f. 11m Ky. June Fits

Blue, James m. 2 Ky. Apr. Scarlet Fever

Blue, Maggie f. 4 Ky. Apr. Scarlet Fever

Bolt, John m. 23 Tn. Apr. Palsy Farmer

Brasher, William C. m. 4 Ky. Mar. Scarlet Fever

Brawner, Henry L. m. 5 Ky. Dec. Pneumonia

Brown, James H. m. 9m Ky. May Scarlet Fever

Butler, Susan J. f. 2 Ky. Dec. Scarlet Fever

Campbell, James F. m. 1 Ky. Apr. Bronchitis

Canady, Mary F. f . 1 Ky. Dec. Unknown

Carter, Clarissa C. f. 10m Ky. Mar. Croup

Carter, Sarah J. f. 24 Ky. Sep. Hemorage

Casner, James A. m. 45 Va. Sep. Typhoid Fever Farmer

Chadwick, Martha A. f. 1 Ky. May Croup

Clark, Rebecca J. f. 27 Ky. Aug. Fever

Clement, Infant negro f. 10D Ky. Aug. Lockjaw Slave

Clement, Isham m. 5 Ky. Apr. Brain Inflam.

Clement, Reubin negro m. 40 Ky. Mar. Pneumonia

Coleman, Green negro m. 33 Ky. Sep. Soft Brain Slave

Coleman, Olly mulatto f. 1 Ky. Feb. Scarlet Fever Slave

Conger, Charles H. C. m. 2 Ky. May Pneumonia

Cook, Mary M. f. 24 Tn. Jan. Typhoid Fever

Craig, Joseph S. m. 25 In. Sep. Typhoid Fever Miner

Croft, Hial T. m. 19 Ky. May Winter Fever Farmer

Croft, Lavina f. 39 Tn. Mar. Breast Dis

Crowell, C. E. f. 1 Ky. Jan. Scarlet Fever

Crowell, William E. m. 58 Ga. Oct. Bowel Infl Farmer

Daniel, James E. m. 8m Ky. Jan. Fever

Daniel, Mary Ann f. 5m Ky. Sep. Fever

Davis, Terril m. 54 NC Apr Pneumonia Farmer

Dodds, Elizabeh f. 51 July Burned

Easley, Mary f. 1 Ky. Apr Unknown

Eaton, John m. 30 Tn. May Typhoid Fever Carpenter-Joiner

Faulkner, William m. 3m Ky. Aug. Unknown

Fowler, Joseph H. m 1 Ky. Aug. Croup

Fritz, Donnald m. 35 Tn. Jan. Consumptn Farmer

Gilbert, Martha f. 44 Ky. Feb. Typhoid Fever

Green, Andrew M. m. 1 Ky. Feb. Typhoid Fever

Hale, John C. m. 1 Ky. Feb. Scarlet Fever

Hamby, Luvenia f. 15 Ky. Apr. Measles

Harmon, Franklin P. m. 3 Ky. Jul Quinsy

Harris, Harriet Isabel f. 10m Ky. Jul Brain Infl

Haynes, Elijah negro m. 40 Ky. Jan. Slave

Hill, William m. 76 MD Sep. Old Age Farmer

Hood, James H. m. 29 Ky. Apr Pneumonia Carpenter-Joiner

Hood, Pleasant G. m. 22 Ky. Jun. Consumptn Farmer

Hughes, A. R. m. 19 Ky. Apr. Consumptn Farmer

Hughs, Elisabeth f. 42 Va. Oct. Dropsy

Imboden, Helen f. 9m Ky. Sep. Congeston

Jacobs, B. H. m. 46 Va. Sep. Consumptn Farmer

Jarrett, Napoleon B. m. 5m Ky. Jun. Brain Fever

Jenkins, John W. m. 47 NC Sep. Del Trem Merchant

Jennings, Mary F. f. 2m Ky. Jul Typhoid Fever

Johnson, William m. 16 Ky. Mar. Bilious Fever Laborer

Lamb, Polly f. 59 Va. Mar. Unknown

Long, S. D. f. 7m Ky. Feb. Erysipelas

Love, Eliza f. 3 Tn. Feb. Croup

Love, Sam negro m. 54 Ky. Dec. Consumptn Salve

Marr, Zilphy f. 66 NC Sep. Consumptn

McClanhan, Mary A. f. 3 Ky. May Flux

McGraw, Pernelia J. f. 4 Ky. Jan. Scarlet Fever

McMurry, Nathaniel P. m. 32 NC Apr Consumptn Carriage Maker

Miller, Harriet f. 28 Ky. May Consumptn

Minner, Emma f. 8 Ky. Apr. Scarlet Fever

Murphy, Robert m. 62 Tn. May Drunkness Farmer

Needham, Lavina A. f. 4 IL. Sep. Burned

Nelson, John S. m. 1 Ky. Aug. Measles

Newcom, Joan f. 1m Ky. Mar. Croup

Newcom, Prudence H. f. 24 Ky. Mar. Puerperal

Northcutt, Catherine f. 70 Ky. Feb. Cancer

Nunn, Bell Negro f. 4 Ky. Apr. Brain Infl. Slave

Nunn, Harriet M. f. 25 Ky. Feb. Consumptn

Nunn, John H. m. 19 Ky. Sep. Diabetes

Owen, William H. m. 11 Ky. Apr. Congestion

Perkins, Ellen f. 9m Ky. May Bilious Fever

Porter, Nancy J. f. 36 Va. Mar. Pneumonia

Postlethwaight, George H. m. 13 Ky. Jan. Infl. Rheum.

Read, Cordelia A. f. 21 Ky. Dec. Childbirth

Rittenberry, Alfred m. 29 Va. Pneumonia Laborer

Rushing, Mary Ann f. 26 Tn. Mar. Consumptn

Sand, Fulton m. 3h Ky. Oct. Not Given

Scarlet, James m. 1 IL. Sep. Diarrhea

Shanks, J. H. m. 27 Ky. Dec. Scrofula Merchant

Shoemaker, Maria H. f. 8d Ky. Sep. Croup

Simmons, H. P. m. 2 Ky. Mar. Pneumonia

Sisco, Elender J. f. 2 Ky. Nov. Whoopcough

Slave, William mulatto m. 6m Ky. Aug. Brain Fever Slave

Soften, George C. m. 9 Ky. Jul. Typhoid Fever

Soften, Infant m. 1h Ky. Nov. Unknown

Soften, Israel C. m. 3 Ky. Feb. Typhoid Fever

Tabor, James P. m. 3 Ky. Jul. Brain Fever

Tally, William S. m. 5 Ky. Jul. Typhoid

Tisdale, Elisabeth mulatto f. 2 Ky. Dec. Scarlet Fever Slave

Victor, William m. 3m Ky. Dec. Croup

Williams, Thomas H. m. 4 Ky. Mar. Drowned

Willoby, Emily S. f. 25 Ky. Jul. Consumptn

Wilson, Joshua m. 1 Ky. Sep. Bronchitis

Winders, Mary f. 40 Ky. Oct. Childbirth

Wofford, William M. m. 2m Ky. Apr. Unknown

Woods, Josephine mulatto f. 12 Ky. Apr. Scarlet Fever Slave

Word, V. H. m. 8m Ky. May Brain Fever

Wright, Juan f. 21 Ky. Jul Flux

Yancy, Josephine negro f. 1 Ky. Summer Com. Slave

Yeakey, Elizabeth R. f. 38 Ky. Aug. Childbirth

Young, Willis H. m. 5 Ky. May Scarlet Fever


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