This material was provided by Dianne Byers who adds these comments:

"I have no relationship to the people in the letters. Danny Duffy of Marion was going to burn these letters .........

I asked him if I could have them and he gave them to me. I have stacks of them, however, most do not make reference to historical events.... I have kept the spelling and punctuation as it originally appears in the letters."

From: Mr. & Mrs. W A Holeman
      R. 2
      Repton, Kentucky

To:   Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Duffy
      Marion, Kentucky

Dear Folks                    Dec. 13, 1949
     Just a few lines.  We are up and very well.  hope this finds you all
better we have been in the hog Killing.  helped Bill.  Mr. Paris and Jim 
also killed our hog.  he was real nice.  he made a can of Lard. 2 four lbs
Lards buckets 1 gallon bucket a 1/2 gallon bucket. a pan. and 2 Bowls full 
of Lard. ha.  I canned 18 cans of meat.

     We are quilting to day.  We have in our third quilt.  Dont aim to try
to quilt so many this time.  we went to Esthers last Sunday.  the children 
were both about sick with colds.  Saw Margaret in Town also Vena.  She is
not so well.  We didn't get to go to Aunt Mags Funeral. and she was at Ray
Wilsons.  I would have went out there if I had knew she was there.  Emma
Hill told me the next saturday about it.  I saw Cardin. and talked to him
about Mary.

     How is your hens Laying?  mine are Laying pretty good Eggs were 35 cents
Saturday.  the cows sure like this Hay and are doing good on it.  they have 
gained a lot in there milk.

     You all come to see us we aim to come if we ever can

                               Love Eula

From: Margaret Walker
      Princeton, Kentucky

To:   Sarah Olivia Walker
      Marion, Kentucky

Dear Mother Walker        February 12, 1951
     Are you all managing to keep warm.  Guess it keeps Leonard busy fixing
     We got out of school yesterday and today because of the cold.  Did you
hear over the radio this morning that it was 32 below 0 here at 6 a.m. this
morning.  That was the official reading out at the government guage.
     Am enclosing a picture I had made for the annual.
     Sara has just come in from over at Bobby's and Peggy has just come up.
They don't mind getting out but it is too cold for me.  Sure feel sorry for 
Jim, he wraped up good this morning.
     Write and let us know how you are this weather.
                               Love Margaret

From: Mrs. Patrick A. Duffy
      Route 5 
      Marion, Kentucky

To:   Mrs. Ruth Hicks
      406 E.
      Owensboro, Kentucky

Dear Ruth                 July 10, 1951
How are you all by now?  We are up but both are feeling no go good  Dad
wasnt able to work Mon.  he is looking bad he is loosing weight he has
lost about 30 lbs this summer.

Ventnor was wounded again in Korea the 30th of June he was wounded the 
24th of april  neither one too searous.

Ans soon I worry all day and Dream at night about you.

                              Love Mom.  

These letters are from Christobel Walker who lived in Princeton with her brother James L. Walker, his wife, Margaret and their daughter, Sara. They were written to Christobel's mother in Marion, Sarah Olivia Walker.

From: Christobel Walker
      Princeton, Kentucky

To:   Mrs. S. O. Walker
      Tribune, Kentucky

Dearest Mother                  May 18, 1932  Wed. Nite
     How are you this time?  I'm a little tired tonite-staying home getting
caught up with my work.  I'm glad the dress was alright, alike I imagine you
will be expecting a ______ dress every time you get a package.  But this one
was a little different and can be worn anywhere.
     I saw Winfred the other day and he said he would bring us down some
sunday, and ___ but was I glad to hear that.  Joe was up here yesterday 
afternoon.  Came in and talked to me a long time.  Think Chester came too but 
I didn't see him.  Also Aline Hill came in the other day with Mary Young.
Think she was visiting her.
     The graduating exercises are in progress this week.  They had the Junior-
Senior Banquet at Henrietta Hotel Monday nite.  Both Margaret and Minnie Lee
went.  Think Mr & Mrs Ligon are coming tomorrow to be here commencement night.
Then Minnie Lee will go back with them.
     Ruth Butler was up at Aunt Pearls yesterday and she brought her in to 
see me.  Of course I was busy as could be at the time, as is always the case,
and hardly got to say a word to her.  Said she saw Wilma a few Sundays ago
at Piney.
     Think Aunt Odies folks had a pretty bad scare not long ago-a man got in 
the house demanding money-but they didn't have any at the time.  Think I'll
go up to see her before long.
     I'm sending you a snap shot that was made out at Elizabeths one Sunday
not long ago.  I had been sitting there waiting for the sun to come out for 
about 10 minutes so that accounts partly for the expression.
     How are granny, Aunt Ada and Uncle Tom?  Is Aunt Adas health any better?
When have you heard from Edna?  Wonder when she's coming home?  I believe Joe
& some of the folks I've seen lately told me that Wilma and Collie had been
down to see you.  Guess you were mighty glad & Wilma too.  Sure hope I get
to come down that way one of these times soon.


From: Christobel Walker
      Century Metalcraft Corporation
      4300 Euclid Bldg.
      Cleveland, Ohio

To:   Mrs. S. O. Walker
      Route #5
      Marion, Kentucky

Dearest Mother:                Dec. 24, 1940 Tuesday Morning
My last day at work and I expect to leave here right after noon.  Today is
the day!  Will be married this evening at 7:30 by a Methodist minister in

Needless to say I have been in a constant whirl getting ready for this day
and Christmas too - at the same time training someone to take my place here
at the office.

We expect to leave Cleveland Friday sometime and should get to Jims some time
late Saturday afternoon or night.  Of course we cant make very good time in a
new car, or not until we get some mileage.  I do hope I can get to see some 
of you and perhaps Margaret or Jim will come down and get you, that way we
could visit all at once since we won't have any too much time and will 
probably be awfully tired after driving from Cleveland and that not half way
on the journey.

Bought my wedding announcements yesterday and they will be sent to Mississippi
(to Fred) before we can address them.  Your name is shown as Mrs. Edwin 
Walker - you know that is correct for wedding announcements, etc., even tho
you are a widow.  Elise will go with me tonight to stand up with me.  Pinky
will have some friend of his.  We are just wearing regular daytime clothes
-My dress is ashes-of roses wool crepe and Elise has a medium blue dress she
is wearing.  We will both have shoulder corsages.  My dress has been worn 
several times before and I really wanted a new one to be married in but 
couldn't find anything I liked except a black crepe.  So, I decided to be 
married in the older and have the black for going-away.

Do hope I get to see you, or all of you, if possible.  Will write as soon as
I get settled in Mississippi.
                                Love to all,

Forgot to mention that I received the Christmas presents and want to thank
both of you.  I needed just such gifts this year but do you know I forget
it is Christmas with so much on my mind.

Newspaper announcement of Christobel Walker & Fred Pincombe's wedding that 
was in the envelope with the letter.  Dec. 1940.


     The flag of the United States provided the background on Christmas Eve, 
December 24th, when First Lieutenant Fred Pincombe, of the 145th Infantry and
Miss Christobel Walker were married.  The ceremony was performed by Dr. Delo
C. Grover, in his home, 318 Front St., Berea.

     Attendants were Sgt. Arthur L. Goldsmith, Berea, also of the 145th 
Infantry, and Mrs. Elsie Q. Ligon, of Cleveland, a girlhood friend of the 
bride.  The bride and her attendant wore street ensembles.  The men were in 
     Lieut. Pincombe has a ten-day Christmas leave, and he and his bride
leave today for a trip to her home in Princeton.  They will then drive to
Hattiesburg, Miss.  Mrs. Pincombe was employed in Cleveland as secretary at
the Century Metalcraft Corporation.  Lieut. Pincombe in civilian life is a
salesman for the Lang Motor Sales, Berea.

     Lieut. and Mrs. Pincombe made their wedding trip in a new Oldsmobile.
In Hattiesburg their address will be Ross Hall, Tucson Avenue, Hattiesburg.

     The above article is taken from the Berea News, of Berea, Ohio.  Mrs.
Pincombe is a former Princeton girl, having made her home here with her 
brother, James L. Walker, and Mrs. Walker for several years.  She graduated
from Butler High with the class of '30, and later was connected with the 
Koltinsky Grocery and Cedar Bluff Quarry as bookkeeper.

     Mr. and Mrs. Pincombe were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. 
Walker last week-end.