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NOTE: Directions given here are meant to point researcher in a near-to location and they are not a perfect locator.
The exception to this statement are the GPS (Global Positioning Systems) locations.
(CCC 1981) = Crittenden County Cemeteries Vol. I printed 1981 by Crittenden County Homemakers
(CCC 1982) = Crittenden County Cemeteries Vol. II printed 1982 by Crittenden County Homemakers
(CCC 2002) = Crittenden County Cemeteries Vol. I Rev. printed 2002 by the Crittenden Co. Genealogical Soc.
(CCC 2003) = Crittenden County Cemeteries Vol. II Rev. printed 2003 by the Crittenden Co. Genealogical Soc.
(CCC 2005) = Crittenden County Cemeteries Vol. III Rev. printed 2005 by the Crittenden Co. Genealogical Soc.
(CCC 2006) = Crittenden County Cemeteries Vol. IV Rev. printed 2006 by the Crittenden Co. Genealogical Soc.
(CCC 2006) = Crittenden County Cemeteries Vol. V Rev. printed 2006 by the Crittenden Co. Genealogical Soc.

Better location descriptions are in the Crittenden Co. Cemetery books, than below, because of space constraints.
Reseachers are asked to check in the Cemetery books for better addresses/directions.
All five Crittenden Co., Ky. cemetery books have numerous other small, deserted and destroyed cemeteries listed in the front and/or back pages.

All items and directions subject to corrections. By listing cemeteries from different sources, there could be some duplications on this listing.
Some of these cemeteries now exist only on paper or in folks memories. Some have been destroyed by "progress", others by neglect, nature or pure greed. Some are one or two stones, some have sandstone rocks only for markers
Anyone with additional cemetery names, locations, or GPS are requested to submit them to me at Email

Submitted by Kenneth E. Gilkey, December, 2004

Allen-Phillips Hwy. 120, on Towery Rd.(CCC 2003)    
Andrews Monument left side Hwy 506 1 mi from Piney Fork Ch.. (CCC 2002)    
Asbridge orig. GreenleeFam.Cem. on Lack Loop Rd. off Brown Mines Rd. 37.217N -88.181W
Babb on Enon Church Rd.-- off Hunt Rd. 37.392N -87.885W
Baker on Baker Cem. Rd. -- off Hunt Rd. (destroyed by loggers) 37.318N -88.031W
Baker Church Hwy. 365 between Marion & Sturgis (CCC 1982)    
Beard Beard Mines Road in woods (CCC 1981)    
Belle's Mines off hwy. 365 to Belles Mine Rd. approx 3/4 mi (CCC 1982)    
Belt Family 7015 US 60 W Midway, Ky.    
Bettis 838 E. from Lola, William Barley Farm (CCC 1981).    
Binkley on orig. Sisco Chapel Road off SR 2132 (CCC 2002)    
Black-Newcom off hwy 365, close to Union Co. line, on Kimball property    
Blackburn Church Blackburn Church Rd. (CCC 2003)    
Boyd on Croft Farm 1 mi. N. of Barnett Church (CCC 1981)    
Brantley btwnCrowellCem.Rd. & CaveSpg. Ch.Rd.on BarthelCrowell farm    
Brasher-Eberle at Frances-BrushyLaneRd.-Mrs. Glen Campbell farm(CCC2002)    
Brightman Hwy 60 E. near Crittenden-Union Co. line    
Brown Siloam Church-Hardin Knob Road (CCC 1981)    
Brown-Wring also called Childress & Millikan Cem-off View Rd.(CCC2002)    
Bugg (destroyed) off Hwy. 506 nr.Caldwell-Crittenden line(CCC2002)    
Burklow near Frances, Ky. Larry & Margaret Parish Farm (CCC 2002)    
Cain off of Rudolph Chandler Road, on Chandler farm    
Caldwell Spring Caldwell Springs Church, Hwy. 855 S. Frances, Ky. 37.184N -88.129W
Calvary Church Hwy 297 N. abt. 1/4 mi. from White's Chapel (CCC 1981)    
Campbell off Hwy 70 -- off View Rd. 37.235N -88.090W
Canada Nunn Switch Rd. -- Mark Williams' property (CCC 2003)    
Cardin Harris Rd.- btwn Reiter View Rd. & View Rd.(CCC 2002)    
Cardin Slave across Rd. from Cardin Cem. (CCC 2002)    
Champion Sheridan - Hurricane Rd. on Tom Hill Farm (CCC 1981)    
Chapel Hill on Chapel Hill Rd. (CCC 2002)    
Clement (Fred) 3 mi. W of Crayne on Crayne-View Rd. (CCC 2002)    
Clement (Isham) 0.9 mi SE of View(CCC 1981)(CCC 2002)    
Coleman (H.R.D.) NW of View on Melba Penn property (CCC 2002)    
Corum Jessie Grimes Farm near Tyner's Chapel (CCC 2002)    
Cook turn off 91 at Hebron Church, on V. E. Cook farm (CCC 1981)    
Crayne approx. 2 mi. from Crayne, Ky. on Crayne Cemetery Rd. 37.276N -88.066W
Crider (Daniel) Hwy. 506 V.W. Alexander farm (CCC 2002)    
Crider (Jacob) Allen Crider Rd. to dead-end, near Piney Creek (CCC 2002)    
Crider Slave SE of Dycusburg on the Tom Green farm (CCC 2002)    
Cresdon US 60 at Salem near the county line    
Croft near Carrsville on Croft farm (CCC 1981)    
Croft near Lola on Phin Croft farm (CCC 1981)    
Crooked Creek off Hwy. 91 (CCC 1981)    
Crowell Manley Rd. to Crowell Cemetery Rd. 37.411N -87.962W
Cruce approx. 1 mi. N. of Crayne, Ky. on Hwy 641 37.284N -88.082W
Dean, Joe Fords Ferry Road, behind the Joe Dean home    
Deer Creek Hwy. 297 1 mi. past Sheridan (CCC 1981)    
Dickey (destroyed) Hwy. 120 left side, 2.4 mi. E of Marion, Ky.
(CCC 2003) See Notes
Dodds old Ford's Ferry Rd. on U.S. Graves farm (CCC 1981)    
Donakey HardinKnobFireTowerRd acrossfromAndyMaynards(CCC1981)    
Duffy (destroyed) off Hwy 61 to Weldon Rd. (CCC 2002)    
Duncan Hwy. 365 to Duncan Cemetery Rd. 37.459N -88.026W
Dunn Spring Hwy. 91 to Hwy. 387 -- in field 300 ft. E. 37.436N -88.131W
Duval 1 1/2 mi. off Hwy. 60 on Sem Loop Rd. 37.393N -88.049W
Duvall 6 mi. NW of Marion, Ky. on Wm. "Billy" Duvall (CCC 1982)    
Duvall off Paddy's Bluff Rd. (CCC 2002)    
Duvall (Old) abt. 1.5 mi. SE of Dycusburg on Riley Owen farm (CCC 2002)    
Duvall # 1 Hwy. 902, abt. 2 1/2 mi. E. of Dycusburg    
Dycusburg 300 ft. off Hwy 295 on Hwy. 70 37.162N -88.178W
Elder off Chapel Hill Rd. -- West Vaco now owns the land (CCC 2002)    
Ellington nr MilfordBridgeon DeerCr-Crittenden-Livingston line(CCC1981)    
Farley Cave Spring Church Rd. - on Dallas Little farm (CCC 2003)    
Farmer Crittenden Springs Rd. on Bob Frazer farm (CCC 1981)    
Farris NW of Barnett Church (CCC 1981)    
Flanary-Armstrong near Glendale Baptist Church (CCC 1981)    
Flanary (Ed) on Mill Creek on Sam Gugenheim property    
Flanary Farm (no directions) (CCC 1981)    
Ford on Tolu-Carrsville Rd. Hwy. 135 on D. E. Brazell farm    
Ford Family on Fords Ferry Rd. near the Joe Dean farm (CCC 1981)    
Ford (William) S. of Hwy 120 2 1/2 mi. S of Tradewater River (CCC 2003)    
Frances Presbyterian Frances Presbyterian Church, Frances, Ky.    
Franklin Farm farm in 1981 owned by Thomas Griffith (CCC 1981)    
Freedom Hwy. 91 N by Church (CCC 1981)    
Glenn-Martin 4240 SR 902 on Vernon Travis farm behind house (CCC 2002)    
Graveyard Knob (destroyed) Cave Spring Rd. (CCC 2003)    
Green's Chapel Belles Mine Church-Green Chapel Rd. 37.483N -88.043W
Grimes Intersection Hwy. 855-Wring Rd., E. of 855 (CCC 2002)    
Grissom old Cave-In-Rock Rd., on HarryGassfarm near house(CCC1981)    
Hamilton-Stalion Glendale Church Rd., past church on Barkely farm (CCC 1981)    
Hard Hwy 855 N. of Frances 1.2 mi on Darell Penn's farm (CCC 2002)    
Hardin off Barnett Rd. 800 ft. E. of Deer Creek 37.393N -88.311W
Haynes near Hurricane Ch. on D.H. Boyd farm (CCC 1981)    
Hill btwn.LoneStar&PineyCreekRds.onTaftRushing farm(CCC2002) 37.268N -88.031W
Hill (James) SR70-Spring St-DycusburgRd nrDavidBrennan home(CCC1981)    
Holder New Cem. created 2000, Seven Ridge Rd. (CCC 2002)    
Hood ShadyGrove Rd to HoodsCemRd(also calledHarrington orTalley) 37.353N -87.850W
Howard 4 mi from Waddell Cem, nr. Susie Becker Mines (CCC 2002)    
Hurricane Sheridan Rd-Hurricane Rd intersection, 1000 ft. due W 37.409N -88.203W
Jackson Slave on Ms. Press Tabor farm on left side of farm (CCC 2002)    
James Family Marion, Shady Grove Rd. nr. David Brennan home(CCC 1981)    
Johnson Hwy 120-Wolf Creek Rd intersection, 300 ft SSE 37.400N -87.871W
Johnson Hwy 297N on Harry Shaffer farm (CCC 1981).    
Johnson in Livingston Co.line, nr. NewUnionChurch (CCC1981)    
Joyce Slave 1/2 mi from Hwy 120-139 Y (CCC 2003)    
Kemp off Hwy 120 abt 2 mi from Deanwood (CCC 2003)    
Kilpatrick off Cave SpringCh.Rd. past Richard Brantleys house(CCC 2003) 37.279N -87.96W
King 2 1/4 mi NNE of Repton, off Fishtrap Rd.--1200 ft S. 37.399N -87.988W
Koon Hwy 70--S on Hwy 855 1 3/4 mi, -500 ft off hwy on right 37.196N -88.148W
Lamb 1 miN of Matoon on Hwy 365apprx.5 mi. at end of DrivewayRd. 37.488N -88.030W
Lewis Harris Rd. off Rieters Rd---Robert Jones property (CCC 2002)    
Lewis in Marion, Ky.-Conway Dr. & N. Weldon St. (CCC 1981)    
Love Sof Sheridan1 1/2 mi on297toHaroldRobertsonRd toLoveCemRd 37.344N -88.181W
Love-Guess (destroyed) opp. Coon's Point, in Tolu, Ky. (CCC 1981)    
Malcom Blooming Rose School Rd, old Rob Curnell farm (CCC 1981)    
Mapleview City Cem. Marion, Ky. 37.335N -88.089W
Martin hwy132W at Fishtrap,1 1/4 mi fromTradewaterRiver (CCC2003)    
Matthews 1 1/4 mi SSE of Frances onShewcraft Rd. Hwy 855-300 ft due W 37.208N -88.135W
McKinley-Phillips 60E 8mi from Marion-Nunn Switch Rd. nr.Nunn Switch (CCC2003)    
McKinney near Waddell Cem. on Threlkeld Bluff (CCC 2002)    
McMican on right side of Crooked Creek (CCC 1981)    
McWaters 855 S ofFrances across fromCaldwell Spgs Fire Dept(CCC2002)    
Mexico Mexico Baptist Church, Mexico, Ky. (CCC 2002)    
Miles (Charles J.) Hwy 641 S behind Belt's Excavating Shop (CCC 2002)    
Miles-Barnett near Tolu, Ky. on old Miles-Barnett land (CCC 1981)    
Moore in field across road from old rock quarry (CCC 1981)    
Mount Pleasant on Critenden Springs Rd. (CCC 1981)    
Mount Pleasant (colored) off of Bells Mines Road on Kimball property    
Mount Zion (black)on Mount Zion Road apprx 1 mi. from Livingston Co. line 37.298N -88.218W
Mount Zion # 2 off 645N on Mt. Zion Cemetery Rd.    
Nunn on Baker Church Rd., on Stross Newcom's farm (CCC 1982)    
Nunn (Samuel) or Hughes Hwy 60, on end of Hughes Road, 1000 ft. due N. 37.461N -88.967W
Oak Grove Hwy 132 to Oak Grove Church Road 37.419N -87.903W
Old Marion Moore Ave., Marion, Ky. 37.328N -88.083W
Olive Branch off Hwy 120 to Olive Branch Rd. near Tribune (CCC 2003) 37.361N -87.961W
Oliver Hwy. 855 N of Frances, Ky. on Larry Parish farm (CCC 2002)    
Oliver (John W.) Hwy 855 S of Frances, Ky. on Haskell Travis farm (CCC 2002)    
Orr Hwy 120 btwn Johnson Cem. & Shady Grove Y (CCC 1982)    
Owen nr. intsct. Hwy 855 & Brown Mines Rd.--600 ft due N. of intsct.    
Paris Hwy 506 to Weldon Rd. to Paris Cem. Rd. 37.293N -88.040W
Paris # 2 Hwy 297, Glendale Rd. abt. 1/4 mi. on Ryan place (CCC 1981)    
Paris (Dick) 1/2 mi. SW of Plesant Hill Ch. on Floyd Turley farm (CCC 2003)    
Pentecostal Hwy. 641 off Shady Lane 37.321N -88.08W
Perkins nr.Frances onRaymond Riley farm in back of house (CCC 2002)    
Pickens on Hwy 654, 1/4 mi N of Tribune Rd. on Brushy Fork Creek 37.363N -87.994W
Pickering (destroyed) off of Pickering Hill Road    
Pilot Knob Fords Ferry Road to Pilot Knob Cem. Rd. 37.368N -88.067W
Piney Creek Hwy 1077 at Piney Creek Church    
Piney Fork Hwy. 506, at Piney Fork Church    
Pleasant Grove 723 N. from Salem. Cemetery beside Church (CCC 1981)    
Pleasant Hill at Pleasant Hill Church on Pleasant Hill Cem. Rd.(CCC 2003)    
Prow Fishtrap Rd. -- on L.H. Brantley farm (CCC 2003)    
Rankin Terry Farm Hwy. 91 on Zack Terry farm (CCC 1981)    
Redd Claylick Creek Rd. 0.7 mi. from Brown Mines Rd. (CCC 2002)    
Repton Fishtrap Rd. to Repton Cem. Rd. 37.386N -88.012W
Robin Walker Children on Earl Hurst Road (CCC 2003)    
Rosebud Hwy 60 E 10+ mi. from Marion at Rosebud Ch. (CCC 2003)    
Rushing Family 200 ft. NNE off Emery Stevens Rd. (CCC 2002 37.272N -88.045W
Rushing (Old) Hwy 91 3 mi S of Crayne, George Shire property (CCC 2002)    
Rutherford off S.R. 365, close to Union Co. line, on Kimball property    
Samuel or King Fishtrap Rd. behind home of Mark Williams (CCC 2003)    
Shady Grove on Hwy 139 at Shady Grove    
Shanks Cave-In-Rock Rd. on Cook farm (CCC 1981)    
Shewmaker near Ruby Shewmaker farm(CCC 1981)    
Sisco Chapel Sisco Chapel Cem. Rd. off Hwy 2132    
Sliger Beard Mines Rd. on Bob Underdown farm (CCC 1981)    
Soloman Millikan orig. Millikan hmplc.not far fromBrown-WringCem. (CCC2002)    
Stallion (Josiah H.) Hurricane Ch.-Irma-Glendale Rd.-John A.Hamilton's(CCC 1981)    
Stephenson Marion Rd.,1.5 mi N of Frances-300 ft. E of Hwy(CCC 2002) 37.234N -88.129W
Stovall & Wilson Hwy 297 N near Siloam on Gerald Orr farm(CCC 1981)    
Sugar Grove Hwy 120, 7 mi to Sugar Grove Ch. Rd. (CCC 2003)    
Sullivant at ft of Hardin Knob on Vernon Stallins property (CCC 1981)    
Sulphur Springs 641 5 mi S of Marion to Sulphur Springs Cem. Rd. (CCC 2002) 37.243N -88.104W
Sweeny US 60 at bottom of Moore Hill, turn off on gravel rd. (CCC 1981)    
Taylor off Belleville Rd., old Pricy Wood farm (CCC 2003)    
Threlkeld due W of Barnett Ch. on Keith Easley property (CCC 1981)    
Tosh Tosh Cem. Rd. off Nunn Switch Rd. (CCC 2003) 37.402N -87.958W
Towery (Aaron) 2 mi NE of jct. 120 & 132 -- 120 near 13 mi marker (CCC 2003)    
Towery (Buck) 132 abt .5 mi N of jct. w/120-RebeccaVinson farm (CCC2003)    
Travis (John) Travis Cemetery Rd. off Copperas Spring Rd. (CCC 2003)    
Travis-Wilson See Wilson- Travis--Hwy 506 to Alexander Creek Rd. 37.304N -87.995W
Tyners Chapel Hwy 855 at Tyners Chapel Methodist Church    
Underdown Underdown Cemetery Road 37.417N -88.147W
Union on Levias Rd., off US 60 W beside Union Church (CCC 2002)    
Waddell at end of Kirk Bluff Rd. off the Salem-View Rd. 37.262N -88.170W
Walker Hwy 91 N near Cave-In-Rock Ferry on Easly farm (CCC 1981)    
Walker 1/4 mi N of intsct Hwy 365 & Rudolph Chandler Road 37.467N -88.026W
Wallace Hwy 135 -- 1/4 mi on Franklin Branch Creek 37.428N -88.258W
Watson Hwy 838E from Lola abt 2 mi on NewUnionCh.Rd. (CCC1981)    
Watson Flanary Hwy 91 S across road from Dunn Spgs Ch. Rd. (CCC 1981)    
Weston on Bluff overlooking the Ohio River at Weston, Ky. (CCC 1982)    
Wheeler Hwy 120 to Wheeler Cem.Rd. 1/2 way between Marion & Frances 37.331N -88.013W
Wheeler (James) Just-A-Mere Rd. 1 mi S (orig Isaac Wheeler Cem)(CCC 2003)    
Wheeler (John) SE of intsect of Hwy 506 and Coleman Rd. 37.303N -88.042W
Whites Chapel Hwy 297 N 3 mi from Sheridan    
Whitt (Sarah) Whitt Hill, in front of Presbyterian Ch. Frances, Ky. (CCC 2002)    
Williams Hwy120 to Wolf Creek Rd, 1 mi S on WolfCreekRd (SR 1917) 37.386N -87.871W
Willingham NEW Cem. at 396 Guess Rd. Frances, Ky.(CCC 2002)    
Wilson-Travis See Travis-Wilson--Hwy 506 to Alexander Creek Rd. 37.304N -87.995W
Wilson (James) Cave Springs Church Rd. on Monument Ridge (CCC 2003)    
Wilson (Jeremiah) off Bells Mines Road, on Westvaco property    
Winders gravel rd near intsct. of Hwy 91 & Tolu Rd. (CCC 1981)    
Winders-Underdown same as above (CCC 1981)    
Wofford Hwy 91 S on Watson Flanary farm    
Yancey at Dycusburg, Ky.    
Yakey on Bob Cook farm (CCC 1981)    

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