These Crider family letters were provided by Scott Lee.

Some years ago a distant cousin of mine, who has since passed away,
gave me copies of some letters she owned.  They are mainly from my
3xgr grandmother, Cassiah "Cassie" Jane Ford Womelduff Crider, to
her son & my 2x great grandfather, James Henry Womelduff.  There
are about 15 letters.  They were written by or for Cassie who lived in
Crittenden county (with her 2nd husband Wm. Bennett Crider) to James
Henry who had relocated to Belle Rive, Jefferson county, Illinois.
There is one letter from 1888 but the remaineder are from 1890 to 92.
I have copies of the originals but they are difficult to read  (even the
originals are hard to read) so I carefully read them and typed them
up exactly as they are written.  They mention a number of people in
the Piney Fork community including births, deaths, marriages, etc.

Scott Lee

Oct 13th 1888

I will drop you all a few lines to let you know how we
found things when we got home. they were all well and doing
well I hope this may find you all well the connection are all
well so far as I know there were some deaths while we were
we reached Henderson at 2 Oclock wednesday morning started
from there at 6 O'clock and got to Marion at 5 A.M.
Ed was there with the Wagon and we just got in and came home
all safe and sound Sarah and her Children were here just
ready to start home but she stayed long enough for me to tell
how all the people was. I guess you all are still having times
about the election I dont want you to let Politics just carry
you away.
There was a big march in Marion the 8th of the Democrats the
Republicans will march the 23 of this month.
There will be a Show in Marion the 16 Old John Robinson will
exhibit on that day

I will close Ma's letter and write a few lines for my self 
from your Mother C.J. Crider 
to J H Womelduff and family

_	_	_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _	_	_

Aggie Cora and Lota I thank you all very much for the
presents that you sent. Tell Nora and Josie that I send my
best wishes to them.
I would like to see you all but do not know when I will.
Ma has been bragging on all you girls since she came home and
says Willie is a good little boy but I guess she is mistaken
about that.
Miss Timmie Wheeler is teaching our school I havent went any
I will now try to finish my letter it has been raining some
today and looks terrible gloomy this evening we are all
expecting to go to the show tomorrow I wish you girls were
here to go with us.
I will close for this time
Writ soon from Dellie Jane 
to her little neices and nephew
Aggie Cora Lota and Wallie Womelduff 
When this you see remember me 
Though many miles apart we be

this letter will be old when you get it the morning we went 
to the show we were in such a hurry to get off that we forgot
the letter have some more news Jack has a 11 lb girl at his

[Note: Aggie Cora and Lota were children of Henry and Rose]


(Postmarked: Blackford, Ky. March 25, 1890 and Belle Rive, Ill. March 26, 1890. )

Marion Crittenden Co. Ky., March the 22nd 1890

Mr. J H Womelduff and family. Dear Bro, this leaves us all 
moderately well We have been setting up all this week with 
Vernon Craynes little boy whome we beried to day at old 
Piney Fork cemetery. He died last night at 7 1/2 oclock with 
something like a grip or spinal complaint the old Dr Travis 
said he did not understand the disease. Old uncle John R. Boyd 
was beried to day also. I did not learn what was the matter 
old age I suppose. Two of Frank Roberts children died yesterday 
with hooping cough, there is a great deal sickness of one kind 
and another in this country the good Lord has protected me and 
mine thus far for which I feel very grateful to Him and when 
this letter reaches you I hope it will find you all in good health 
and prospering boath religiously and financialy Well Jim sence 
I reseaved your last letter and affidavids I have heard that 
Dan Hughey was ded please tell me in your next letter what was 
the matter with him Amison Crider wants to no. He is in bad 
health and he thinks he is labouring under the same disease 
that Dan was so please give the particulars of his case 
Well Jim now concerning the pension claim you said you wanted my 
honest opinion in the matter. I would not jest with you about 
it that would do me no good or you either. So I think as soon as the 
case is called it will be fully decided in our favor I have furnished 
an abundance of proof on every point called for and from as good 
men and women as Crittenden County can afford such as Squire Bugg 
and wife Well I will give you all the names of parties who made
good affidavids in the case

Hsse J.P. Bugg and wife	Long Bill Fralick
George Hillyard	   		Jack Alexander
Dan Vinson				Amison Crider
Watt Vinson				Dan and John R. Hughey
Squire Bugg made the best affidavid I ever heard, though they 
are all good Dr. Travis made out. an affidavid and a good one. 
But like the milk cow he kicked it all over at the last by 
saying pa died of phneurnonid I burnt it up and have proved that 
Bill Johnson was his doctor and that pa died from the affects of 
measles setling on his lungs and kidneys. the have all the 
testamony in the case they want. I am looking for vouchee, vouchee, 
vouchee right SSSS H B Fox 
Good By Jim
[Note: Pa being Tilath P. Womelduff, all related to Civil War Pension,]


Marion Crittenden County Ky 
May the 15 1890

Dear Bro and family this leaves us all well Hopeing it may find
you all well nothing strange to rite you at present everything
is bac!:ward this spring here nobody is done planting corn yet
some havent planted eny I am not done yet I have planted four
or five acres it is ready for the plow now my oats looks fine
I have 7 or 8 acres in oats. I want to plant about 8 acres more
corn if I can. I have the care of 3 churches and can not raise
tobacco. I refused the call of piney creek last meeting also the
church at Caldwell Spring I cant give all my time to churches
and farm for my living to and churches dont pay there pastars
enough to live on unless he is all the time fighting from the
pulpit for money. Which thing I will not do our neighborhood
is not getting along eny too well religously We have a good
Sunday School at piney creek. But I think piney fork is on the
back ground some way
Well I sent your Willim the Marion monitor the other day. Ma
paid for it for one year it is not much paper I like the press
much better aside from all politics. Well I think our pension
claim has been granted. I wrote to Gelston, our attourney When
I sent the last papers to rite me when he thought the case would
be decided. He wrote that as soon as official acttion could be
had he would further advise. Sence that time he has ast for proof
of date of Alberts and Sarahs births which proof I am going
to town this evening to send him. Squire Bugg has taken this
morning the affidavids of aunt Nancy Crider and Farrah Crayne
who were present when they were boath born I think in 2 weeks
we will get the final answer and as soon as I do I will rite you
all about it. if you cannot come before you must make your
arrangements to come in Sept the association meets with piney
creek church then. Well we have a nice garden plenty of young
aples peaches over lOO young chickens and all things considered
getting along pretty well (Bless the Lord) We are nobodys survants
but the Lords Well Jim I beleave there is a certain spere for
every man that leads to Honor and success and that no man will
prosper until he gets in the stream in which he belongs I
have bin wonderfully Blest, Boath Spiritualy and temporaly in
the last 3 years past For which I feel like joining Dr Watt in
saying) praise God from whome all
Blessings flow
praise Him all cretures
here Below
Next Sunday I will preach the funeral sermon of Bro Randy Clark.
Deceased a young Bro. who professed Religion in one of my
meetings last fall Whome it was my lot to Baptise Wish you
could be with us
Write Soon
yours Fraturnly

Eld H B Fox to James H W and family
[Note: H. B. Fox is brother-in-law of James Henry who married Sarah L. Womelduff.]


June l9th 1890 Marion Ky

I will answer your letter which came to hand a few days ago
was glad to get a letter from you all again. We are all well 
at this date we are having hot sultry weather here now are 
needing rain pretty bad the corn crop looks well yet. Oats 
will be a failure wheat is just tolerable good there is not 
being much tobacco set in this county this season. You spoke 
about your garden being late my garden is late this time I 
havent had but one mess beans and Sarah sent them to me She 
is coming down to see us Saturday week She hasent been here 
since last September. 
Henry says he had the matter fixed up about your paper. I dont 
know whats the reason you havent got it. there has been 
some few deaths here lately. Mr. Bill Fralics wife died last week 
and Will Fralics child died. I think they died with the flux. 
I reckon some of you will come out to the camp meeting they 
are aiming to have a Lady Preacher this time would like for 
some of you to come if you can
Well Della I have a heap of young chickens and will save 
them till fall if you all will come out and help me kill and 
eat. I guess you will get all the news of interest when you get 
your paper. Hale Walker spoke about seeing you Jim when he was 
out there he said you was all well I believe that was about all 
he told us.
Well that is all I know to write at present 
hoping to hear from you all soon 
I remain as ever 
your Mother 
until Death


(Addressed to: Mr. J H Womelduff Belle Rive ill 
Postmarked: Marion Ky Aug 4 1890 
Belle Rive, Ill Aug 5 189O) 
Marion Ry July 31st 1890

I will try to answer your rnost welcome letter which I received
a few days ago was glad to hear from you all. We are all well
at this date we are having hot dry weather here now. We got
a letter fror., John Jacobs a few days ago and he says there wont
be hardly any crop raised in Kan. he said he sowed about 60
acres of small grain and dont think he will make to bread
him. hot winds have done the damage there. I guess John will
want to come back to old Kaintuck about this fall and Jim Scott
also. but Scott said when he left that he never amed to come
back here.
I dont know very much of interest to write as I guess you get
all the news of interest in the "Moniter" there is some sickness
in this community now and some few deaths a Mrs Stembridge of
this neighborhood died of consumption last week she left a
husband and 3 little children.
Well Jim I wish you would come on to the camp-meeting I would
like to see you all once more. if you dont come to the meeting
come when you can I would be awful glad to see you all any time
you would come. tell John R and Polly to write and tell us how
they are getting along.
from your Mother

Dear brother and sister:
I will write you a few lines as you dont ever write to me. but
I hope you havent forgotten your sister I would like to see
you all but dont know when I will. unless you come out to seems
Sarah and the children came down about two weeks ago and stayed
a day with us. Well I dont know what else to write that is of
any interest. Jim I guess you will think this is a starving
letter but is the best I could do now.
so I will close by asking you to write soon.
from your sister Dellie

Jim come out next Sunday and see your sister as I think I will 
get off that day. come and I promise you that you get as much 
custard as you can eat and cake too. 
so good bye.

direct your letters to me here after in my new name.

Jim son ef the rent is comirg to you on the old plas com 
and get it com to the meeting if you can if not come as soon 
as you can good by son and 
[John R. and Mary "Polly" Crider Hughey]


(Addressed to: J. H. Womelduff 
Postmarked: Marion Ky Oct 28, 1890) 
Marion, Ky Oct 26 1890 

Dear son and family

I will now try to answer your letter which I received some
time ago would have answered sooner but my letter writer has
left me now and I havent got anyone to write for me now but
Dellie will write this time for me we are all tolerable well
at this date hope you are all the same there is some sickness
in this neighborhood now though no dangerous cases as yet
I was glad to hear that Dr Ball and John R and Polly was
There has been a heap of rain here this fall people are most
done harvesting their tobbacco and are now preparing to sew
fruit of all kind is scarce here this fall.
I had to quit with my indelible pencil and try the pen.
There will be a right smart of corn made this season old corn
is selling at 45 cents per bushel pork is worth 5 cts per lb.
and everything else in proportion Jim as you didnt get to come
to the camp meeting I want you to come when you can would
be glad to see you come any time.
We had some good preaching during the meeting there was a
Lady preached for us. I like her mighty well though some dident
like her atall, but I think them that dident like her was just
a little prejudiced Rev George Hughey was also with us at the
meeting and did some good preaching.
the Sanctified host held a meeting at Will Dale in last month.
it went on about two weeks and I think there was a good many
others are doing bad Etty Parfitt (as we call her) and her man
are parted Vetus has been to see his Aunt Emeline I dont know
whether he has been to see his new married aunt or not. I guess
you had heard about the widow Arpy Cannon and Joe Crayne being
She has got six children at home and he has seven. Will be a
very small family only 15 in all.
I will close for this time write soon.

Written by your sister for her mother 
my best friend

Well brother and family I wilL say a few words for myself. 
I would like to see you all very much but dont know when I 
will. I am living at my own home now with a pie or Custard I meant. 
I go to see my mammy sometimes though but havent stayed 
all night with her since I left there and it will soon be 3 
months since I left there so no more at present. Write to me 
all of you. The old man Bennett said he would send the rent 
money by Vety perhaps you will get it before you do this letter. 
good bye

brother & sister


(Addressed to: J.H. Womelduff, Jefferson Co, Belle Rive, Ills 
Postmarked: Marion, Ky Dec 22, 1890 
Belle Rive, Ill Dec 23 1890) 

																																	Dec 21st 1890

Well Jim I will try to answer your letter which I received
yesterday and the deed also you say you dont understand the
deed I will try to explain it to you hope you will understand
it this time. You said you didot know how Bennett could coming
1/2 of the whole amount when he just had 1/2 of 2/3 as 1/2 of two thirds
is $200.00 which was his part but of course $200.00 is not 1/2
of the whole amount but Dave Woods told me before we made the
deed that if I should die before the place was sold that half
of it would fall to Bennetts heirs as you know that $133 1/3
is Dellies part and Bennett give her his part which was $200.00
that makes her $3331/3 and Bennett has no interest in the land
now atall.
I have the notes for it all but that $200.00 which Bennett
give Della and she has it. I aim to pay you all your part when
it is payed to me and if I dont live to collect it the notes
goes to the children. Well as I have explained the matter to
you as best I could I will close by saying that we are all well
at this date and hope Leota is well by this time and that all
the rest of you are well and doing well
so good by
from your mother C.J. Crider to J.H.W.

I will send the deed to you again for your consideration and 
to sign if you understand it.

I will not send the deed with the letter but want you to 
answer right away and let me know whether you understand this 
or not if you do I will send the deed right away

																														Feb 1st 1891 

Dear Son

in answer to your letter a week or two ago I will write. I 
was so glad to get it. You spoke of the deed being changed, in 
what way do you want it changed. I aim to do as nigh right as 
I know how. I want to please you all if I can. We havnt got 
Henry out yet he says he will wade in blood up to his knees before 
he will give possession. He had ten days notice and he would not 
get out, and then they gave him 20 days more he still said he 
would not get out unless he was put out by a jury. Last Friday 
the jury met at Henrys with two lawyers and a judge and they all 
thought it best for him to give possession but he still refuses 
and wants an appeal and says he will stay till June, and spend 
the whole thing in law, before he will give possession, Henry 
has sard a heap of hard things. He says he is going to write to 
you and have you help him in it. He said there was not a meaner 
woman out of hell than I am. I am sorry for Sarah and the 
children. Sarah seems to think hard of you for not writing to 
I was at Aunt Katherine Love's burying last Sunday. Mr. 
Frank Wilson died last Friday.

There is quite an excitement over mad dogs and stock in 
this neighborhood. A G Crider one dog, 3 hogs and 3 sheep and 
has a mad cow. Well Jim have you ever seen Vetus since he went 
home from here. This leaves us all well at present. Write soon

From your Mother Jane C

henrey sayez if i will pay jury one hunderd dolerz he will get 
out do you think that would be right or let him spend it in law

Jim I wish I could see you and talk with you about many 
thinges if I ever get anything for the land I want you three 
children to have my part one as much as the other I dont ame 
to make any diference in the devide do you tak the moneter yet 
can you reed this


(Addressed to: J. H. Womelduff, Jefferson Co, Belle Rive Ills 
Postmarked: Marion Ky June 10 1891) Belle Rive Ill June 11 1891

Marion Ky June 9th 1891

Well Jim I will try to answer your letter which I received
yesterday it was taken out of the office by the widow Crider by
mistake. I was glad to hear that you were all well but sorry to
hear of John R being sick and of Sarah having a cancer on her
face. We are all well at this date. Bennett talks like he would
go out there to see John R and Polly when court brakes if he
goes you may look for me too. but I dont much believe he will
go. Crops look very well we have had enough of rain so far to
do very well
You wanted to know how old Dellies boy is he was born the
25th of April. he isent nanmed yet tell Willie to send him a
There was a soldiers march at Piney Fork the 30th of may but
i dident go.
Aunt Cynthia Turley is very low dont think she will ever get
well. You wanted to know who was living on the old place.
Prince Pickens is living there now and I heard some one say
that it looks entirely different now to what it did.
Frank Heill is in this country now. dont know what his business
is .
Amason Crider is in bad health he cant speak above a whisper
but is up and about most all the time. Tell Aunt Polly that
Bennett will write to her before long he is attending court
I hardly know what to say about putting that business in the
care of Mr. Taylor I expect he would do the best he could.
but it is so far off and I cant write to do any good.
I was thinking about getting Rufus Morgan or Mr Moore one to
attend to it but just dont know what to do for the best. for
I cant get around to see about anything myself.
Well I will bring my letter to a close as I know nothing else
to write of importance.
write soon,
from your mother

C. J. Crider to J.H.W.


(Addressed : Mr J.H. Womelduff Belle Rive Jefferson Co Ills 
Postmarked: Marion Ky July 29 1891 Belle Rive Ill July 30 1891) 

July the 23 1891

Son Dawter and famley 
we receved your leter sometime ago and have neglected writing 
we ar all well the connection is all well except sarah is in 
bad helth ther hav bin severll dethes heare this sumer ant 
sinthey turley is ded the meeting will soon be heare i would 
be glad you could com and take a hand with my in the meeting 
wee are having plenty of rane crops look fine how is unkle John 
r and how is sarah canser i will send you the leter i receved 
from gelston you can heare whot he says about the penson and 
let me no whot you think about it

from C J Crider 
to J H Womelduff and famely
Plese send gelston leter back


(Addressed to : J.H. Womelduff Jefferson Co Belle Rive Ills 
Postmarked: Marion Ky Sept 14 1891 
Belle Rive Ill Sep 15 1891)

Marion Ky Sep 10 1891

I will write you a few lines to let you know that we are all well
the connection are all well I believe. There is some sickness
though amongst the people in this part of the country. Amerson
Crider is very low with consumption is not expected to live
We are having a right smart of rain here this fall. Corn will
be hard to gather on accourt of it being blown down so bad and
it has rotted some already.
Martin Hemper who came from Knsas last fall is going to start
back in a short tirne he formely lived here and went to Kan,
come back and is going again.
Write and tell me what you think about that letter I sent. I
mean that pension letter that I got from Gelston. I believe I
have written all I now thats of any interest but will say that
I want you all to come and see us.
I will close for this time. Write soon dont delay writing as
long as I have.
from your mother


Oct 22 and 1891.

I will write you a few lines to let you know that we are tolerable 
well I havent heard a word from you since the camp meeting. have 
written to you but got no answer. would be glad to hear from 
you all again and would be gladder to see you all. Come to see 
us this fall from your mother 
C.J. Crider


(Addressed: Mr James Womelduff Belle Rive Jefferson Co Ills 
Postmarked: Marion Ky Feh 5 1892 
Belle Rive Ill Feb 6 1892) 
																														Feb 4th 1892 
Dear Son

I received your letter some time ago but could not reply 
on account of sickness. I commenced having the chills in Oct 
had them about two months and took the grip Bennet has the 
Grip too and is poorly yet. The rest of the kin are all well 
as far as I know. There has been a good deal of sickness through 
this country this winter but is better than it was I suppose 
you have heard of Amerson Crider's death he died this last fall. 
Old Aunt Elvira Boyd is dead and Sec Hill and T Burke. And 
several others. We have had some very cold weather this winter. 
but it is warmer now. People are beginning to sow oats now. 
Bennet says tell you that Jas Turly still owes ninety dollars 
rent on the place but he can't get it

Well Jim I reckon I will close for this time. I am not well 
enough to think of much you must write as soon as you get this 
and let me hear from you all.

Your Mother 
Mrs. Jane Crider


(Addressed to: J. H. Womelduff Jefferson Co Belle Rive Ills 
Postmarked: Marion Ky Apring 2 1892 
Belle Rive Ill April 4 1892) 
Marion Ky April 1st 1892 
Dear brother

I will try to write you a few lines let you know how we 
are all getting along. We are all well I was at ma's last monday. 
She said for me to write you how they are getting along. Ma 
is up and about but she isent able to do very much yet. She 
has been sick all winter has been bed fast a good deal of the 
time. There has been some sicknees in this part of the country 
and some deaths also. 
Old uncle John K. McNeely died last sunday of heart disease. 
You spoke of I.N. Hughey and wife visiting in this state. Ma 
said they never saw them at all. You asked if the Monitor had 
been payed for this year. Ma never told me whether or not perhaps 
she will tell you when she writes you. 
Henry and Sarah are living at Piney Creek right close to Church 
so I have heard. Henry built him a house on the side of the 
road next to Marsh Craynes, dont know whether he bought land 
from Marsh or not. I reckon he is still trying to preach but 
I would guess try was all. I havent saw Rufus Ford in two or 
three years and the last I heard from him he was in town his 
face red and eyes too I wouldent have thought that of Rufus. 
Jas Turley owes some rent but I dont know how much it is but 
little or much, like you say I need my part and would like to 
have it. I dont know anything about circumstances. Whether he 
has got any stock or not.
Jim I wish you all would come to see us all once more I would 
be so glad to see you all again you have two children I have 
never Łeen. Tell Agnes and Cora and Leota and Willie and the baby 
howdy for my baby is 11 months old can neither walk nor talk but 
he is mean and rowdy. He hasent got but just a little hair on 
his head and its as white as cotten. His name is Ellis Ray 
Custard tell me your baby's name. I think Della might write me 
a line or two I think I wrote to her last.

Well I will quit for this time write soon.

Give best respects to all 
from your sister 
Della J. Custard 
to J. H. Womelduff and family

(Addressed: James H Womelduff Belle Rive Jefferson County Illinois 
Postmarked: Marion, Ky June 8 1892 
Belle Rive Ill June 9 1892)

			Marion Ky June the 7

Dear son and famley it is with plesure that I try to ancer youre 
leter I receved last evening I was so glad to hear you wos all 
well and are well as comen I am not much well my self som dayes 
I feel very wel and som dayes I cant hardley go atole the conection 
is all well as coman Sary has bin under the tretement of a docter 
all winter and spring she keepes up the most of the time osker 
has bin helthey for three monthes he first had the grip and 
melar fever and rumety he is mending sloly now he can git up 
som now he has no use of his feet and legs some thinkes that 
osker will be a cripel I am in hopes he will get all write agane 
henrey has bought a litle pece of land at piney creek and has 
put a cuple of rumes up and is living thare Deley and her famley 
is all well I havent seene Deley in too monthes she lives a mile 
and a quarter from me Jack sayes he sent you a leter last summer 
by vety porfet and has hin looking for a leter from you Jack 
is working hem self to deth Abe and ed had to come back to 
bab & bab has too hired handes and is at all expences and after 
all there stock and gives them half that is made on the place 
Prince Pickens is living on the old home place peple are behind 
with thare cropes on a count of so much rane the peple arnt don 
planting corn and seting tobaco

Jim com in the foll Presbetrey L will be at Piney in 
october Pleze com i can tel you many thinges that I wont writ 
well Deley I would lik to see you and the children i have a good 
garden considern the cold wet wether i have lotes of young 
chickenes tel youre mother i havent forgoten here would to see 
here excuze bad writing and did arbey make a good chois or not

i must close fore this time from C J Crider to James henrey 
Womelduff and famley

[Note: This letter is in Cassie J. Crider's own handwritting.]